We “took a licking but will keep on ticking!” Our 2013 WordPress Report

2013 was an interesting year for Dakota and I. We were chugging along well until we made the transition from FREE WordPress to PAID WordPress in July of 2013. We lost a TON of subscribers in the process who we are STILL trying to regain!!

We began this blog late in 2011 and DO NOT, (NOR WILL WE EVER) blog every day of the week. Don’t believe in it, don’t like it and won’t do it!  (We might have a fluke week in there somewhere where we blogged every day but trust us, it is NOT the norm!)

So, try not to laugh TOO hard when you look at our report from 2013…..it’s pretty darned funny!!

CLICK HERE to view, since we can’t get it to display on the blog



Who were they?

Your most commented on post in 2013 was Blogger Interrupted-Semi Wordless Wednesday

These were your 5 most active commenters:

Now, if we stay put in 2014  (not sure about that one yet either!) then maybe we can get some numbers back! Thanks so much to all who take the time to make us a part of their busy day!

Barks and licks and love,

Dakota and Caren

URGENT BARK OUT! If you followed me thru WordPress.com PLEASE Re-subscribe! “Wordy” Wednesday

You know the sayings “every dog has its day”

and it’s a “dog eat dog world?”

Many of you know that I have MOVED right?

Well my furiends, 249 subscribers who followed me through WordPress.com have been EATEN.  They cannot be moved according to this.

Thankfully, Mom and I have the list of all of those people and we are  frantically putting our paws to the keyboard in an attempt to contact EVERYONE who previously followed me through WordPress.com asking them to THROW ME A BONE AND


dakota new home

You don’t want to make a Sheltie cry do you?



Barks and licks and love, 

Dakota and my stressed-out-anxiety-ridden Mom too

Wait a minute, wait a minute! Is there a blog post in your box from me?

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dakota subscribe

Hi my furiends!

The welcome mat is out, I am shaking off the dust and settling down after my weekend move.

Now I have to be sure that all of my special peeps are with me too!

If you were an email subscriber to my previous blog, please let me know in the comments area if you are still receiving me via email!

You can also follow me via Bloglovin (see link above my photo and on side bar) and on whatever reader you prefer.

My new address is:


Barks and licks and love,



Welcome to my NEW HOME!!


Wow have I ever been up to mischief!!

I told you I was moving and guess what? I DID!!!! 

Mom and I were frustrated with the limitations that we had experienced with free WordPress. It was great when we first started my blog, but we were chomping at the bit leash, to take my blog to the next level. With the help of some magical elves working behind the scenes, (THANK YOU!!) Mom and I are  now the proud owners of our own self-hosted WordPress site: dakotasden.net  and we couldn’t be happier!!


dakota new home



Mom and I worked with an incredible woman, Christina Berry from:

Inspired Blogging Services


Mom and I were quite nervous because we thought the migration and re-design would be more than we could handle, but Christina made it a piece of kibble cake!

Christina is  efficient, provided Mom and I with information to make us comfortable, possesses amazing attention to detail, and was super fast! She answered every question that Mom and I had and exhibited the utmost patience and understanding.

She walked us through every step from picking out a new blog design, to the  tabs that we wanted, etc.

Christina gave my blog much-needed organization, (see new categories listed beneath my banner above), she even made me my OWN BUTTON! (See side of my blog), Cody has one here too! Speaking of Cody, rumor has it he is one JEALOUS cat! He has been blogging 2 years longer than I have, and he is on that rickety old blog of his, but I digress………

So, what do you think of my new home?

Mom and I are thrilled!

If you would like to contact Christina, here are some of the services that she provides:

 Social Media Management 
– Blog/Website Management 
– Email Management 
– Editing/Proofreading 
– Blogger to WordPress Migration
– Project Management 
– Newsletter Creation 
– Data Entry 
– Event Planning 
– Research


Visit Christina’s website by clicking here


Please bear with us while Mom and I adjust to some of the new and fun things that we can now do that we couldn’t do before! Basically, much is the same, but there are some new features that we both have to learn. For now, we are all PAWS, stumbling around and feeling our way.

We hope you like my new home and that you will continue to visit us! If you have already subscribed you should still be receiving my blog posts with no interruption. If you haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for? The new link is www.dakotasden.net

Thank you Christina!!

Thank you my furiends for being an impawtant part of my day!

Barks and oh-so-happy licks and love,


The #WordPress Family Award

Yes, Dakota and I are actually blogging about an award that we recently received, and you are correct that we don’t normally blog about awards any longer. While we  have always been  deeply appreciative that anyone would take the time to think that Dakota’s blog is “award-worthy”, many of the awards were just coming around repetitively and it was becoming cumbersome to post about them. Then, Dakota’s blog received the:


and not only were we deeply touched when we  read what this award was actually FOR,  but this award is so unique, not to mention we hadn’t received this one yet, that we  felt compelled to blog about it.

Dakota and I received this award not just once

but TWICE!!

We were shocked!

The first blog we received it from was:


coming home rescue

Click on the photo to visit the Coming Home Rescue Blog

and to be completely candid, neither Dakota nor I had heard of this blog until we received this lovely award.


Coming Home Rescue is an all volunteer, non-profit organization focused on helping homeless animals in shelters throughout New Jersey. 

It is estimated that approximately 38,000 animals were euthanized in the state of New Jersey last year alone.  Coming Home Rescue is dedicated to reducing that number by rescuing and rehoming as many dogs from these shelters as possible. 
We have saved over 500 dogs since starting in 2009.
After reading their “About” page, Dakota and I signed up to follow their blog. Anyone who has read Dakota’s blog for any length of time knows that while Dakota was purchased from a responsible breeder, animal rescue is a cause that we hold close to our hearts, and we feature blog posts that focus on  animal rescue many,  many  times throughout the year.
It touched us greatly that someone who we  didn’t even know read Dakota’s  blog,  felt moved  in some way by what we do, and were moved enough to present us with this award!  Dakota and I are deeply humbled and moved.
The second blog we received this special award from:
I "stole" this photo from her Facebook page. Hope she doesn't mind. To visit Peace Love & Whiskers on Facebook just click this photo!

I “stole” this photo from her Facebook page. Hope she doesn’t mind. To visit Peace Love & Whiskers on Facebook just click this photo!

This is a delightful blog that features some of the best animal and pet blogger interviews on the web! We are honored that we are going to be featured there (we think on Monday?)  If you haven’t visited this gem please click their name above and head on over!
What is the WordPress Family Award?
“This is an award to celebrate those other WordPress bloggers who inspire, help and encourage us – just like a family does.”
Dakota and I feel that to be viewed like “family” makes everything that we do worthwhile and this is truly one of the most wonderful awards that we have received thus far.
What are the requirements of this award?

1. Display the award logo on your blog  DONE!

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.  DONE!!

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love

Ok this part we  just can’t do. Many of the bloggers we  would like to give this award to have already received it, and as we always say, if we follow you, we consider you to be our “friend and our family” and we think the world of ALL OF YOU.

Thank you for touching our lives the way each and every one of you do.

Thanks for welcoming US into your world!

If you are reading this and are a WordPress blogger,

grab this award for yourself because, 

we love and think the world of ALL OF YOU!

Barks and licks and love, 

Dakota and “Mom”

Follow that DOG! (or CAT!)

Hi everyone it’s Dakota (and my brother Cody too!)

We LOVE  to follow blogs, it brightens our day! We love reading about your lives and  learning more about you, (it’s kinda like sniffin’ a butt to get to know another doggy, if ya get my drift), that’s why we follow 100s of them, but there are some that we can’t follow because we don’t follow RSS feeds and we don’t use a blog reader.

We mentioned this to one of the Queens of the Blog-o-sphere (Ann Adamus of the adorable blog Zoolatry ) and she helped us out by creating these great graphics for us to use to make our point! (She’s super nice AND talented like that!)

So here you go!

Graphic made by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry, visit her by clicking the photo

Graphic made by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry, visit her by clicking the photo

follow by email 2 See how easy that was?

Now….get crackin’!! I got my nose all ready to FOLLOW YOU!!!

Barks and licks and love, 

Dakota (and Cody too!)

You can chat with Cody on his blog  here