National Kids & Pets Day: Know an Aspiring Veterinarian? The Vet Camp Scholarship Contest -Dr. Chris Carpenter DVM

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I was 11 years old when I told my mother that I wanted to become a veterinarian.   That doesn’t make me unique.   The majority of veterinarians practicing today made their career choice before they were 13 years of age.  Veterinary medicine is a calling that starts early in life.

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The challenge is that it is hard to explore your dream at such an early age.  

You want animal experience but so few organizations will let you volunteer until you are older.   You also yearn to see what an animal doctor does but many hospitals have policies that only allow older teens to shadow the veterinarian.   In time, you discover that there are a lot of age barriers to exploring your dream of becoming a veterinarian.  That is why I created Vet Set Go.

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Vet Set Go  is the first and only community dedicated to teen and tween aspiring veterinarians.  Our goal is simple, ENCOURAGE today’s future veterinarians to explore their dream and show them HOW the can do it today.   We provide lots of ideas and one of my favorites is veterinary camps.  

Veterinary camps didn’t exist when I was a future veterinarian. 

They are amazing programs that a small number of veterinary schools in North America provide for younger students.  While they vary slightly from school to school, campers typically spend 5 days exploring veterinary medicine and getting hands on experience with animals.  In fact, campers often do things that I didn’t do until I was in veterinary school – like gowning and gloving for surgery.   They are truly a future vet’s heaven.

Photo Courtesy of Vet Set Go

That is why we are so excited to be offering three scholarships for future veterinarians to attend this summer’s Auburn University’s Junior VET Camp .  All aspiring veterinarians need to do is share their story and send us a photo   The contest runs through May 4th, 2017.

Surveys have shown us that “veterinarian” is the number one career choice of tweens.  

So chances are good you know a future veterinarian or have one in your family.   Help them explore their dream today.  Share the Vet Set Go website and contest page  with the future veterinarian in your life.

#ThankAVeterinarian on Veterinarian Appreciation Day™

Hi my furiends!!! Today is a most SPECIAL DAY!!! Today is Veterinarian Appreciation Day!!!   I have always loved my Vet and Mom and Dad are super impressed at the way I am the PERFECT GENTLEMAN when I go there!

Cody and Dakota at Vet

Mom thinks the reason I am so good at the Vet comes from the fact that my breeder was a Veterinarian (well, she STILL is!), and Mom thinks I got used to being poked and prodded from puppy hood. Plus, she thinks I got used to the smells that are associated with being at the Vet.

Now I love our Vet because he is an exceptionally kind, caring, compassionate and honest person. Whenever I see him, he speaks to me and touches me in a way that shows nothing but love. I KNOW he loves me and has my best interest at heart, so I am pretty relaxed when I go there. In fact, my Vet says that I “take things in stride” when I go there! Many times since I am groomed at the Vet too, I get a shot on the same day and Mom and Dad aren’t even there when I get it because they know I am fine there and that I completely trust my Vet.

Mom, Dad, Cody and I are grateful to have “Dr.Smiley” as our Vet. There are MANY, MANY times that he has gone above and beyond, returning Mom’s frantic calls,  even when he was on vacation.

Veterinarians are dedicated, caring people and today is the perfect day to show them some love!

Veterinary Appreciation Day collage

If you aren’t as lucky to have a fabulous Veterinarian as we are, check out the  Four Tips To Find The Perfect Veterinarian . 

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Book Review and Give-Away:All Dogs Go to Kevin: Everything Three Dogs Taught Me (That I Didn’t Learn in Veterinary School) by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

It is a distinct honor to present to you today, a book, that the second I saw the cover, wait, let me correct that, the second I heard the book had been WRITTEN, I KNEW not only was I dying to read it, I KNEW it was going to be superb. Such is the case with:

All dogs go to kevin cover

FROM THE PUBLISHERALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN is a humorous and touching portrait of a veterinarian, her beloved dogs, and the lessons they impart to her along the way.

You can’t always count on people, but you can always count on your dog. No one knows that better than veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang, who with the help of three dogs, is buoyed through adolescence, veterinary school, and the early years of motherhood. Taffy, the fearsome Lhasa; Emmett, an amiable Golden; and Kekoa, the neurotic senior Labrador, are always by her side, offering lessons in empathy and understanding for all the oddballs and misfits who come through the vet clinic doors. Also beside her is Kevin, a human friend who lives with the joie de vivre most people only dream of having. But when tragedy strikes, Jessica is reminded that the animals we love give more than they take.

FROM DAKOTA’S DEN: For me, the heart of All Dogs Go to Kevin,  the essence of this touching memoir, can be found on the first page:

To the misfits, the miscreants, the

misunderstood, the freaks and geeks and socially

inept, and the dogs who love them.

 I have had the honor of meeting Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, aka, “Dr.V.” at numerous blogging/pet-oriented events, (the latest, encounter took place just a few days ago at an event in New York City). Call it serendipity, but the FIRST person  I saw when I entered the hotel lobby, was “Dr.V.”  Each time I have had the pleasure of seeing, (for purposes of this review), “Jessica”, I was  always in awe of her poise, her “model-good-looks”, and her smarts. Dr.Jessica Vogelsang is one brilliant, warm and witty, “tell-it-like-it-is” type of a woman, with a talent for writing  that many in her field, are not blessed to have.
I first became aware of Jessica’s writing prowess when I began following her blog: Pawcurious  and I would think, “this woman HAS it ALL, she is confident, gorgeous, brilliant, I bet there was never an awkward bone in her body.” You know, the kind of woman who lesser women love to hate. The kind of woman who the words “freak”, “geek”, “misunderstood” and “nerd” would NEVER be used to describe her. Boy did I think wrong.

In All Dogs Go to Kevin I got to meet a side of Jessica that I never knew existed. I got to meet the  self-described awkward child who preferred the company of books and her Grandfather to people. The child who had a vocabulary well beyond her years, who did NOT know at an early age that she would become a Veterinarian. In her pre-teen years she was terrorized by “Mouth Breather Dan.” She had  “no understanding of how to stick up for myself. I hid behind by Coke-bottle glasses and buried my nose in my dog-eared Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, willing him to just go away.”

For me, All Dogs Go to Kevin is a book of many layers. You know the feeling, you sit down to eat a delicious layer cake, each layer has a different and mouth-watering filling. You take a bite of the first layer, you savor it, you continue on, and each layer is more delicious than the one that came before. That is the effect that All Dogs Go to Kevin had on me.
Not only was Jessica a self-professed “misfit”, “geek” and “nerd”, but each of the three dogs that were in her life at different times, were also, in their own way, “misfits”, “geeks” and “nerds.”  Jessica’s three dogs; “Dog the First”:Taffy (who “pooped rainbows”),  “Dog the Second”: Emmett, the “miscreant” who was owner-surrendered and rescued by Jessica,  and who though she didn’t know it at the time, “was the best dog I would ever have.”  “Dog the Third”: Kekoa,  who had separation anxiety to beat the band, who pooped in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, who “went to Kevin”, (you will have to read the book for that explanation, I do not want to give anything away), all of these dogs had a significant influence on the person that Jessica is today.
One of the most significant “takes” for me from All Dogs Go to Kevin was that it humanized Veterinarians. My husband and I are blessed to have an unusually close and open relationship with our Vet. He has been an Angel in our lives numerous times, we view him as family. When I babble incessantly in his office or on the phone, he is always completely attentive. He has a conservative, non-alarmist approach with the care of our pets. It would never dawn on me that many of the mistakes and mishaps that have happened to me would EVER happen to him. In All Dogs Go to Kevin I learned how HARD it is to become a Vet, how mistreated and taken for granted they often are, how they DON’T have all of the answers, even with their own pets, and how HARD it is for THEM to let their own beloved pets  go. I learned how deeply they love their own pets and ours,  and the patience and dedication they have every day, even when presented with the most difficult of clients. As a client, we often forget that our Veterinarians are HUMAN, just like us. They weren’t born Vets, they worked hard to become one.
Dr.Jessica Vogelsang leaves us with this most poignant bit of advice when speaking of a special person in her life (and the individual’s name in the title, “Kevin”), and the pets that she has had, “I can honor them by striving just a little more to live like they did:with joy, unabashed and open, reminding myself and others that our flaws do not make us less, but ever more worthy of being loved, just the way we are.”

author photo credited to Paul Barnett

ABOUT DR.JESSICA VOGELSANG: she is a veterinarian, mother, and big-time dog person. She worked in small animal medicine before settling into her current practice providing in-home hospice care for dogs and cats. She is the founder of the website,  and her writing has been featured on Yahoo! and CNN, and in Ladies’ Home Journal, People, Outside magazine, and USA Today. Dr. Vogelsang lives in San Diego with her family.

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (July 14, 2015)
  • Editor: Emily Griffin
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1455554936
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455554935
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.2 x 9.6 inches
GIVE-AWAY! Dr.Vogelsang has generously offered one of our readers who is 18 and over and resides in the U.S. or Canada the chance to win a copy for themselves. Entering is easy, just enter on the rafflecopter below. There is ONE mandatory entry. Good luck!

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In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review/give-away and the fact that I know Dr.Jessica Vogelsang in no way influenced my positive review. I ALWAYS give my honest opinion.

Is it a crime to tamper with email?

Hi all! I was being a good Sheltie,

I was helping Mom read email and blogs.

When Mom got up from the computer to go

and do something in another room,

I found THIS….






Please call us today to schedule an appointment for Dakota
Dear Caren,Dakota is due for the following in April:

  • Heartworm/Lymes/Tick diseases test – due on 04/04/13

Thank you!
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click on logo to visit my vet, IF YOU DARE!

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dakota email tampering


Am I going to go to jail?

Barks and licks and love, 







Veterinary YouTube series posts two new stories, now features 21 vets in 13 states

Veterinarians On Call, the popular YouTube series celebrating the work of veterinarians around the U.S., released two new videos this month, a dog story and cat story, in advance of the Western Veterinary Conference. The series of video shorts now features 21 veterinarians from 13 states. Twenty-eight videos have been published to date, with another 12 in production.

One video released celebrates the perseverance of Dr. Linda Randall, an African-American veterinarian who established her own practice to serve pets and pet owners in northern Ohio, such as her 11-year-client Border Collie Leah and her owner Angie.


Veterinarians On Call has logged more than 565,000 views and attracted more than 850 subscribers on YouTube.

The series is presented by Zoetis™ (zō-EH-tis), an animal health company dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. The series was developed under the guidance of Clint Lewis, President of the U.S. for Zoetis, as part of the company’s Commitment to Veterinarians™ platform.
 Building on a 60-year history as the animal health business of Pfizer, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets veterinary vaccines and medicines, with a focus on both farm and companion animals.

Veterinarians On Call is produced by Essex Television, the Connecticut TV production company behind the popular, long-running Discovery Velocity network TV show Chasing Classic Cars.