Change a Pet’s Life Day:These Dogs In Toledo, Spain Deserve a Chance

FROM DAKOTA’S DEN: Last week I was contacted via email asking if I would share this Indiegogo Campaign, and after watching the video, how could I NOT share? Today is Change A Pet’s Life Day and my hope is that these dogs will get the help that they so richly deserve.

FROM THE DOG HOUSE:The Dog House Project was born from the dream of creating a space dedicated to dogs and even other animals in a little pet-friendly city. This book includes a canine hotelresort  with pool , classrooms to teach a space to have abandoned animals partnerships at no cost to them a sensory garden where dogs can relax a work area where they carry out canine sports or other courses such as obedience, one social area for barbecues and charity events and several green areas with trees and orchards. All this fueled by renewable energy with solar panels and gardens on the roofs.

The pet has so many needs that are not met. It’s not all about chasing a tennis ball in the backyard. They need socializing, sniffing without scolding for fear of eating something on the street, playing, running loose without danger of being run over, swimming – if they like. At The Dog House we seek to give the dog a space where he can carry out these activities and others he likes.

If you are able to donate, you can do so here, if not, please share to help these sweet dogs.