#ScoopThatPoop you don’t want me biting ya do ya?

Once again I am proud to be featuring the impawtance of “scooping that poop!” along with Sugar The Golden Retriever,  Oz the Terrier and now DOGSTER!!!!

I have mentioned that both my Mom AND my Dad not only scoop my poop but they will also scoop renegade piles of poop that we find around our apartment complex in parks, etc. We don’t want anyone to be sick from poop left lying around!

It is our pleasure to be a part of this great campaign!



dakota pick up your poop

Barking it up in “Hotlanta” at BarkWorld

Hi all! Long time no BARK!  It’s Dakota! Things have been rather chaotic around my den of late, hence my absence from the blog-o-sphere for the past few days. Never fear, I am back and barking!

Last month I was upset and yapping about how my Mom was going to BarkWorld and I was being left at home. I still say that was incredibly unfair since I am the HEAD BARKER in this pack, but I digress. To make up for that transgression Mom came home from BarkWorld with photos and a special treat that I am sure you will enjoy!

Mom left for BarkWorld on a gorgeous day!

BarkWorld 1 sky

She was thrilled that she had a smooth flight!

BarkWorld 2 landing in Atlanta


Mom arrives in “Hotlanta” ATLANTA!!! And oh yes my furiends we “DO give a D—N!!” BOL!

When Mom arrived at The Westin  Buckhead Atlanta, guess who was the first doggie that Mom saw?

BarkWorld 3 Carma Poodale


It was CARMA POODALE!!! Look at her and her pretty poodle-self! (If you click on her name you can visit her blog!) She even brought along her cute doggy sibling:

BarkWorld 4 Scooby


Of course Mom also got to chat and laugh with their beautiful and funny Mom:

BarkWorld 5 Bunny Carmas Mom


After chatting it up with them for a while, Mom checked into her room and unpacked. Here is the gorgeous view from her room:

BarkWorld 6 view from hotel room arriving

When Mom finished unpacking she headed off to one of her most favorite events from BarkWorld:Blogger Speed Dating! This was an event where bloggers got to pre-choose companies that they wanted to meet with from a list of attendees. Once they were at the event they were given 6 minutes to chat with a company before moving on to the next one.

On the way to Speed Dating, who did Mom run into but the GORGEOUS

BarkWorld 7 Sugar


Click on her name above to visit her blog!

caren and sugar the golden retriever taken by her mom

The above photo was taken by Sugar’s Mom

Mom was ecstatic because she had wanted to meet Sugar for quite some time and she FINALLY was able to do so! If it is possible, Sugar is even more “golden” in pawson! She was always happy and smiling and is one of the sweetest doggies in the world! I just wish that I could have met her!

The following morning was a special breakfast for cat people.

BarkWorld 10 Cat Breakfast Michael Christina Brian

In this photo is Michael and his wife Christina of the blog Peace, Love and Whiskers and Terry (the human father of Brian from Brian’s Home!!)   Mom had a meowvelous time chatting with them and even the Flat Pets got in on the act!

BarkWorld 13 Flat Cody and Brian

Here we have my Flat brother, Cody and Brian, from Brian’s Home

Mom attended this breakfast, because of course my brother Cody, had to weasel his way into the event. Since we both have blogs,Mom thought the least she could do was represent HIM as well!

Of course I had to get in on the act!

BarkWorld 12 Flat Cody and Dakota

This photo was taken during the presentation by Alyson Joyce who represented Mom’s sponsor for BarkWorld (Nutrish by Rachael Ray). Alyson’s program was Social Media 101 to 201: Getting Started & Maintaining. Cody and I sure learned A LOT in that session!


I know you want to see more doggies, so here you go! Feast your eyes on these cuties!

BarkWorld 8 Lucy

This is the lovely Lucy who is the baby of Mom’s furiend Jan T.

BarkWorld 9 Sophia Loren

SOPHIA LOREN (no silly, not the REAL ONE!

This is the DOGGY ONE! In her BarkWorld finery)

She also has a blog which you can visit

by clicking here

BarkWorld 17 WindiOne of Mom’s favorite doggies at the conference was this adorable teeny-tiny Sheltie named “Windi”. Windi is a miracle dog, Shelties are not born this small, her owner said that she wasn’t expected to live, but did and thankfully is thriving! Mom was just beaming every time she saw her! Isn’t she just the cutest?

Another highlight of the conference was keynote speaker Victoria Stilwell, speaking about her newest project:Positively Powerful. Mom has been a fan of Victoria’s from her days on the Animal Planet , Mom was just thrilled to be able to attend her session! Mom even got a photo taken with Victoria, who also signed her latest book that Mom bought!

BarkWorld 15 Victorial Stilwell and me

Please excuse how Mom looks, she certainly has seen better days!

But Victoria sure is pretty!

After Victoria’s presentation, Mom went to her room to relax for a bit before the highlight of the evening,  Block Parties that were sponsored by various brands!

Mom’s sponsor:


Had the COOLEST pawty of them all!!! The first 50 people who came to the pawty got to paint their own ceramic dog bowls!!!

BarkWorld 15 Sugars Mom painting bowl

Here is Sugar the Golden Retriever’s Mom painting a special bowl for Sugar!

BarkWorld 16 bowls ready for kiln

Once the bowls were painted

they were ready for the kiln!

When Mom receives hers 

she will photograph it 

BarkWorld 14 Nutrish food block pawty

Nutrish provided delish goodies for the pawty attendees

to share with their pooches!

Speaking of GOODIES!

Remember I promised you a coupon in my last post?




Mom even walked around and made a new furiend at another Block Pawty, unfortunately she doesn’t remember his name but he was as smitten with Mom as Mom was with him!

BarkWorld 18 St.Bernard pal

Now, when you go to Atlanta what is something that you MUST HAVE? You got it!

BarkWorld 20 peach cobbler



It was simply AMAZING

(or so my Mom said!)


Now how fitting is it that on Mom’s plane ride back to Detroit, look at

 WHO was sitting in front of her…

BarkWorld 19 Ace on plane

The most adorable dog named “Ace” was sitting in front of Mom on the plane ride back to Detroit!  The funny part was he had NOTHING to do with the conference. He and his “Mom” were flying to Detroit to visit family and he just happened to be on the plane. Mom thought that was one fitting way to end a weekend that was as HOT as “Hotlanta!!!”

BarkWorld 20 ace looking out window





Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.

Happy 12th Birthday to Sugar the Golden Retriever! Sending you “Golden” Smiles!!

Hi every furry!  Today is a special day indeed! Today is the birthday of one of our most favorite doggies:


Photo Courtesy of Sugar's  Golden Woofs Facebook page. Click on the photo to visit her blog and wish her a happy barkday!

Photo Courtesy of Sugar’s Golden Woofs Facebook page. Click on the photo to visit her blog and wish her a happy barkday!


Today isn’t just an ordinary “BARK DAY” it’s Sugar’s 12th Bark Day!!!

Cody and I started thinking about what we could give Sugar that has to do with the number 12 and we came up with the BEST idea!


sugar bark day

We wish you the happiest of barkdays Sugar! Thank you for your kindness, for your golden smiles, and for just being YOU!



Photo courtesy of Sugar's Golden Woofs Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Sugar’s Golden Woofs Facebook Page

We are honored to be sharing your special day!

Barks and licks and love,

Dakota and Cody

sugar 12th barkday badge

Book:”Sugar’s Furry Friend” by Author, Maria Rosalyn Acero: FREE on KINDLE, June 4th and June 5th only!

Hi everyone!

It’s Dakota and I have some pawsome news for you today!

When Mom was at BlogPaws, one of her most favorite things was getting to meet Sugar The Golden Retriever’s Mom, Rosalyn! It was ALMOST as good as meeting Sugar herself!

What? You don’t know Sugar? Who DOESN’T know Sugar!? Sugar is a beautiful Golden Retriever with a blog that is full of “golden moments” and love! You can visit Sugar’s blog here


When Mom met Rosalyn at BlogPaws, Rosalyn gave Mom a copy of a special book that she wrote in honor of “10 Golden years” she has spent with Sugar! Here it is!

sugar book cover 1 from rosalyn


Isn’t this just the BEST!!??

sugar book cover dakota sniffing sugar book cover dakota on floor with it

sugar book cover dakota reading inside

sugar book cover dakota looking up 2

sugar book cover dakota looking up so pretty


You can also purchase the book online

by clicking here

sugar book cover dakota paw on sugar

Dachsies With Moxie Tapestries, Quilts and More! A Guest Blog By Agnes Bullock

My name is Agnes Bullock and I have an Etsy shop called Dachsies With Moxie Tapestries, Quilts and More.  I opened the shop last fall, after I began making pet portrait quilts and place mats for friends on Blogville. I am a novice, self-taught quilter who lives in Ohio with my husband Geoffrey and our five dachshunds, Ginger, Chip, Thai, Tasha and Anna Rose.

I learned to sew over thirty years ago in Home Ec, but hated it!  When I was honorably discharged from the Army in 1988, I bought a Singer sewing machine and tried teaching myself to sew- not until I moved back to NY four years later, did I finally conquer craft sewing and made wreaths and trees for my family for Christmas, and dipped my hand into the world of quilting. I became frustrated with that and gave up sewing for twenty years.  Fast forward to the summer of 2011- thanks to the friends that I was beginning to make via the blogging world (which involved pets), I found myself compelled to purchase a couple of dachshund related quilting patterns, and then suddenly I had the idea to take the photo of a friend’s dachshund and make a quilt from the photo! My very first creation was of Frankie Furter, the Mayor of Blogville, a gorgeous black and tan long-haired mini dachshund.



Utilizing the first photo, I made an applique pattern with the help of Adobe Photoshop, cutting and fusing the pieces to the background of the quilt top, then embroidered each piece in place.  I then completed the piecing the quilt top, then added the backing and batting before quilting and binding. Frankie was made as a thank you gift to new friends who have become a source of strength and inspiration especially since my husband was laid off without notice in mid August of 2011.

My second pet portrait quilt was for another Blogville friend, whose beloved dachshund, Twix, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I again used a picture of Twix the Twixerrific, and cut and pieced away, completing the quilt and mailing it the same day as Frankie’s went out.  I simply wanted to help her Mom and Dad deal with the hurt of losing her so soon.

The response to Frankie’s quilt was huge- his Mom and Dad went crazy over it and she ordered a pet portrait of her daughter’s German Shepherd, Sarge!

Sarge was supposed to be a Christmas present, but was shipped off for Thanksgiving, and was loved by his peeps!  (I took pictures of every step of the way for Lana)

While I was working on Sarge, Lana was talking me into starting up a little cottage industry, making the pet portraits for Etsy- I was quite unsure, since I  am relatively new to quilting after a 20 year hiatus, and didn’t want to promise something that I could not deliver.  I also tried my hand at making place mats- one of our Blogville friends was loving the quilts and I wanted to surprise her and so the Miss Amber Da Weenie place mat line was born-


With the advent of the place mat line, I soon had my first order (not through Etsy- a direct commission)- Sarge’s Mom wanted a set of six place mats of Frankie for Christmas!  I found myself in the position of working on a gift for Lana, while working on another commission from Lana- who had ordered another quilt, this time with two portraits, of Frankie’s wives Ruby and Penny!!  On top of that, I was turning my hand to pillows to see if they would be feasible a  gift from me to Lana, a pillow of Ernie, Frankie’s puppy, and another of Frankie, which my dachsies insisted that I make!

I also participated in a couple of giveaways and auctions in Blogville, during November and December one for Pet Blogs United, and for Crossed Paws– both were of place mats that became Christmas presents! The Crossed Paws family also ordered a place mat for a friend in the United Kingdom-

I also received lots of encouragement from Blogville- Sugar the Golden retriever’s Mom created the banner for my Etsy shop and other friends gave me much-needed advice!

Right before Christmas, however, a tragedy struck our Blogville family- friends in Texas lost five of their pack to a terrible house fire just before Christmas.  These heroic animals, now called The Fearless Five, gave their lives warning their peeps and no one was lost.  Guero, Coco Chanel, Shelby, Lucky and Tiger perished saving their people, and will never be forgotten.  I had just received a large commission, from the White Dog Army, and I now found myself torn I wanted to make a queen sized memory quilt, but with the WDA order and Christmas didn’t think that I could handle the work load.  The Mom of the WDA, graciously allowed me to piece the top of the Fearless Five Memory Quilt.  Donations of fabric poured in from South America, the UK, Australia, Canada, and all over the United States.  A real quilter from NY, Cynthia Welch, volunteered her services and quilted and bound what became a king sized undertaking.


Accompanying the quilt were private commissions of love two pillows, a baby quilt, two bandanas for the surviving pack members, and two prayer shawls for the Mom and Grandmother of The Fearless Five pack.  All told, the quilt and these items reached our friends at the end of February.  Sixty people world-wide donated fabric to this undertaking without them, none of these gifts were possible.

Right after that, I started the White Dog Army commission- a large quilt, 70 X 55, with FIVE pet portraits!  My husband helped he is my right hand and he is in charge of fabric choice and pattern making without him, DWM would not be possible.  Sue received her birthday gift the weekend before and loved it.

Right now, I am working on three auction items a set of four place mats, a pillow and a quilt!  These will be shipping this month!

While I have not had any Etsy orders, I keep my hand in quilting and taking online quilting classes.  I make items for auctions and giveaways, and am hoping that my business starts to take off I can easily accommodate orders of up to three/four quilts a week plus 12 placemats per week. I am not limited to dog portraits cats, etc are welcome!  My current Etsy listings are linked below:





From Dakota’s Den: we were honored and excited to feature Agnes on Dakota’s blog. When we stumbled upon her and saw her work we were just overcome with how talented she is. We hope you enjoyed learning more about her as much as we did!


I learned about “World Smile Day” from my buddy Sugar who has a great blog called Sugar The Golden Retriever.

I wanted to pawticipate because I am a Sheltie and we have natural smiles!!!

My Mom calls it my “Sheltie Smile!”


“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Thanks Sugar for telling us about this day!

You can read more about “World Smile Day” right here!!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota