Remembering Sugar the Golden Retriever with “Golden” Love

I was heartbroken when I saw on Instagram this  morning at about 1:30am, that one of the most beloved and long time blogging dogs, Sugar the Golden Retriever had left for the Bridge.

My heart shattered. Sugar and her Mom are two of the bloggers who I have known since I first began blogging in 2009. Sugar was a blogging icon.

Her smiling face graced her blog, Instagram, Twitter, everywhere and you could never look at her without smiling yourself.

I remember when I FINALLY met Sugar and her Mom, (and her Dad too!), it was a few years ago now, and I believe it was at Bark World. Sugar was just as sweet (maybe even more so) than those who haven’t met her would imagine her to be. Her Mom, Rosalyn, as well as her Dad, Ron are as well.

Look at her sweet face…it was the highlight of the conference for me, FINALLY meeting Sugar in person

Sugar was deeply loved by her family and all who visited her blog. She was given a most beautiful, loving caring, active and interesting life. A life that ANY dog would be lucky to live. Sugar was blessed to live such a life, and her Mom and Dad were blessed to have such an incredible dog. I am certain the loving care, (and probably a great gene pool!),  enabled her to live longer than most dogs could ever hope to live.

Sugar’s Mom took this photo of my shoes and Sugar’s shoes because we both had purple shoes on!!!

Some of my most favorite memories  of Sugar on her blog, were way before she became as well-known as she was when she passed. It was when Sugar’s family moved to Hawaii for a period of time. There were photos of Sugar on the beach romping and playing, jumping into frothy waves that crashed by the shore, sunsets, walks, it was a beautiful “golden” time. Those are my favorite memories of Sugar. It was just Sugar, no embellishing, just Sugar living a most “golden” life. Sugar loving nature. Loving her family. Loving the tasty treats her Mom would make for her with such great care. It was just Sugar and her Mom, nothing else, all surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii. Sugar was the epitome of the “Aloha Spirit.” Those posts exuded so much love and you could see just how happy Sugar was being in Hawaii, (who wouldn’t be??)

To Sugar’s Mom and Dad,  thank you so much for sharing your special girl with all of us. There is a huge hole in our hearts that will remain empty without sweet Sugar.

Her smile lit up the hearts of all who encountered her, either in person or on the blog.

Sugar was not only a Golden Retriever by breed, but she was GOLDEN in her heart, soul and presence.
We pray for strength for Sugar’s family during this most difficult time. We send you gentle (((hugs))), “golden” love and we are here if you need us. Love from all of us and our most heartfelt sympathy.

May Sugar romp eternally in the sunshine and waves, flashing her “golden” smile to all at the Bridge. May she be surrounded  by loving energy for all eternity. I have no doubt she will.

Mahalo to Sugar’s Mom for sharing her life with us, and to Sugar we say “Aloha”, until we meet again.

Caren, Dakota and Cody



Happy 15th Barkday Sugar!!! #Smile4Sugar


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Ok so Mom thought Sugar’s Barkday
was MONDAY, and we were not prepared
 So, we repeated this video, but you know what?
Click here to visit her!
Happy Happy 15th Sugar!
We love you!
Barks and licks and love,
Dakota and Mom
(and Cody too!!)

When I See Sugar Smile

One of the first dogs that I  met in the Blogosphere, (back when it was just Cody blogging, before Dakota ever had a blog), was Sugar, from the super pawtastic blog  Sugar The Golden Retriever. Not only was Sugar one of the first dogs I ever met online, she was one of the first dogs that I was blessed to meet in person!

This photo was taken of Sugar and I by her Mom, I think it was the first time I met Sugar in "pawson" and I can't remember if this was at Barkworld or BlogPaws. I am blessed to have had kisses from this gorgeous girl!

This photo was taken of Sugar and I by her Mom, I think it was the first time I met Sugar in “pawson” and I can’t remember if this was at Barkworld or BlogPaws. I am blessed to have had kisses from this gorgeous girl!

As sweet as you know Sugar is online, she is EQUALLY if not even MORE sweet when you are having a heartfelt discussion with her as I was having above.

I have had the pleasure, (as many of you have too), of following Sugar and her Mom for many years. Some of our favorite blog posts that Sugar and her Mom did were when they spent a year in Hawaii. The photographs of Sugar on the beach, and just enjoying Hawaii made me smile on a daily basis.

A blessing and a curse when you are a blogger,  you often  end up knowing the furbabies better than the people who write the blogs. We laugh at, and with these special babies, love them and hurt for them when they are hurt.

Sugar is known throughout the Blogosphere for sharing her infectious smile and positive nature and inspiring us daily, now it is OUR turn to send that love back a million times over to Sugar and her family! Friday, January 15th Sugar will be having surgery to remove a mass on her spleen.  If anyone can come through this with a SMILE on her face, it will be SUGAR!!!

We would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Sugar’s best buddy, Oz the Terrier for organizing this most thoughtful Blog Hop. Please join all of us as we send love and prayers to Sugar and her most pawesome Mom and Dad!! We LOVE YOU!!

sugar blog hop



Happy 14th Birthday Sugar! Happy to be a part of Sugar’s SMILE Pawty Blog Hop!!

Throughout our years of blogging, Dakota and I have derived great joy from following our dear pal Sugar The Golden Retriever’s many adventures!!!!

Her smile has brightened many of our days and her blog is one of a number of blogs on our “must read” list!


Today is Sugar’s 14th birthday and we are thrilled to participate in Sugar’s SMILE Pawty Blog Hop!!

In honor of Sugar’s special day, I chose one of my most “smiley” photos to wish Sugar a most happy birthday!

dakota sugars birthday


We love you Sugar!! Have a most pawesome day!!! 

This is a Blog Hop!!

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Smile through your tears and sorrow…#WorldSmileDay 2014

Even though we are still hurting and reeling with the loss of Dr.Lorie Huston, Dakota and I wanted to participate in the World Smile Day Blog Hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever. and  Dory’s Backyard and Oz the Terrier.

Even though I don’t feel much like smiling, who CAN’T  smile when they see this face?

“Smile” was uploaded and bought on itunes and was sung by Josh Groban

If the video clicks off in less than 47 seconds, please click replay….it is a little LONGER than that but the video is being glitchy!! 

Be sure to visit all of the blogs participating in World Smile Day on Sugar's Blog!

Be sure to visit all of the blogs participating in World Smile Day on Sugar’s Blog!

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Sugar you make us HAPPY!!!

We wish you the HAPPIEST



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Dakota, Cody

and Caren