Book Review:Fuzzy Logic by Susan C. Daffron and A Give-Away!

Back in 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting Author Susan C. Daffron at the BlogPaws Conference that May, and was thrilled when she afforded me the opportunity to review her book, Chez Stinky.   In 2014 we met again, at yet another BlogPaws Conference at a session that she and her husband, (James Byrd), helped lead that was called,  How to Get Published , with fellow presenter Penny Sansevieri. 

In late summer Susan emailed me asking if I would be interested in reviewing her latest book, Fuzzy Logic, (the second book in the Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy series), and after having enjoyed Chez Stinky as much as I did, I eagerly accepted!

A little background: In Chez Stinky, readers meet Kat Stevens who inherits her great aunt’s house along with many quirky dogs and cats. Fuzzy Logic continues Kat’s story and introduces Jan Carpenter, a librarian with a Labrador retriever named Rosa.


About Fuzzy Logic:

Librarian Jan Carpenter likes things just so. Nestled in her tidy little cottage on the outskirts of the small hamlet of Alpine Grove, she enjoys her quiet life with her friendly, rotund black lab, Rosa.

Jan’s orderly life is turned upside down when she attends her mother’s latest wedding in San Diego. (Number six…or maybe seven, but who’s counting?) There, Jan encounters Michael Lawson, the obnoxious neighbor kid from twenty years ago. He’s still irritating, but not as annoying as his dog who has a habit of eating…everything. The last thing Jan wants to do is risk heartache on a vacation fling with a smooth-talking serial dater, even if he is sinfully gorgeous and finds her unusual ability to remember obscure facts fascinating.

Amidst wardrobe destruction, canine digestive indiscretions, and episodes of extreme mortification, Jan’s desire to avoid drama may put the brakes on her fiery attraction to Michael. But maybe being cautious and responsible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

My Take:

Fuzzy Logic is another winner! What fun it is to curl up with a romantic comedy on a cold winter’s night,  with a cup of coffee, a cat and/or dog by your side, escaping into other people’s worlds.

Author Daffron is particularly skilled in creating  characters who are colorful, oftentimes quirky, and definitely interesting! I love that while reading Susan’s books the characters feel as if they are friends. I care about what they are experiencing, I care about what they think about, I care about  is going to happen to them. With the turning of each page, I am engaged and involved. 

Something I Love!

Being rather word-obsessed, with a penchant for delving into what is inferred rather than blatantly stated, I love that each character in Fuzzy Logic is experiencing and behaving in manners that convey that each is exhibiting their own “Fuzzy Logic!”

  • Jan-should she quiet her head or listen to her heart/passion in reference to Michael?
  • Michael-struggling with whether or not to have a bona-fide relationship or a “friend with benefits”
  • Jan’s Mom-should she divorce Michael’s Dad after just marrying him?
  • Michael’s Dad-what secret is he hiding that is keeping him emotionally distant?


Let’s Not Forget The Animals:

The annoyingly adorable Samoyed, “Swoosie”, who is the ultimate “chick magnet” and “if-it-isn’t-tied-down-I-will-eat-it” connoisseur. EVERYONE is dying to pet her because “she is THAT CUTE!” (Author note:Daffron’s own Samoyed, “Fiona”, is the original fuzzy white dog who was the inspiration for Swoosie)

The Rotund and slow-moving Black Lab, Rosa, (a dog after my own heart!), who loves everyone, is somewhat neurotic and is only thinking about her next meal!

It is evident when reading Fuzzy Logic, that Susan Daffron is an animal lover. Her ability to convey clearly what an animal is thinking, feeling and the description of physical movements/expressions,  that accompany these feelings. are characteristics that one who does not love animals, would ever be able to convey convincingly.

You MUST read this book!!

Fuzzy Logic is one of those books that when I reached the final page (there are 288), I was sorry to have it end!

If you love romance, comedy and DOGS, and have a few hours to spare on a nice cozy weekend, pick up a copy of Fuzzy Logic, (and  be sure to read Chez Stinky as well!)

To purchase Chez Stinky

(ISBN:  978-1-61038-019-5)

Available from the publisher, Logical Expressions, Inc. or

To purchase Fuzzy Logic

(ISBN:  978-1-61038-023-2)

Available from the publisher, Logical Expressions, Inc. or

Photo Courtesy of Susan's Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy of Susan’s Facebook Page


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Susan Daffron is the author of multiple fiction and nonfiction books, including several about pets and animal rescue. She lives in a small town in northern Idaho and shares her life with her husband, two dogs and a cat–the last three, all “rescues.”

When she’s not writing novels, Susan works as the president of Logical Expressions, Inc., a book and software publishing based company in Sandpoint, Idaho.

In addition to her books, Susan has written more than 70 national magazine articles, 200 newspaper articles, about 1,200 online articles, and an online software training course.

Susan is the president of the Small Publishers Artists and Writers Networkand was also the President and Founder of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals (NAPRP).

Learn more about Susan’s work:



ENTER TO WIN!!! Susan is offering two of my readers who reside in the U.S. the chance to win a copy of Fuzzy Logic!  (A $12.99 Value). Entering is easy! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below! Good Luck!

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Book Feature: The Story of Rex of White Way (The Blizzard King) by Jim Cheskawich

I am honored to feature this interesting and informative book about REX THE BLIZZARD KING. This book is packed with so much information that there is no way that a “review” would even begin to cover it all. I wrote to Jim and told him that I would introduce this book (and Rex) to all of you as a feature, and give you a snippet of what it is about.

Visit REX the Blizzard King Stories, LLC by clicking on the cover

Visit REX the Blizzard King Stories, LLC by clicking on the cover

FROM THE PUBLISHER: REX THE BLIZZARD KING was a noble, loving, hero dog, whose legacy carries on today.  A purebred Samoyed who lived from 1946-1957, he was involved in more than 30 rescues of humans. He was awarded a place of honor in the U.S. Postal Hall of Fame for his work as Lead Sled Dog on a U.S. mail run. became a favorite of John Wayne’s on the set of Island in the Sky, and famously “blazed the trail” to the stranded City of San Francisco passenger train struck at Yuba Gap near notorious Donner Pass in California in January 1952.


Researching Rex was never what I considered work but an enjoyable activity that

spanned nearly 9 years.  New material was constantly being uncovered.  Once we

got serious about the book, the draft was finished during the first few months

of 2012.  I never had a dry eye anytime I had to proof “one more time.”  One dog

really did live a life of service to mankind like Rex.

I could have said he was trained to parachute and that he lived to be an old

timer but that’s not how it happened and wouldn’t be historically accurate.  In

some ways, researching and pulling a story together based on real events is

easier than creating fiction but fiction allows you to tie up loose ends and

fill in the gaps.  With Rex, he gave us so much that was recorded in his heroic

life.  I wish all our dogs could live 30-40 years.  As I tell the students where

I sub, history doesn’t have to be dull but “it is what it is” based on events,

people, and the time frame involved.  Hope you enjoy “Rex” and learn some

history too in the process.

Jim Cheskawich 4/28/2013

Jim's dog Riley, winning nationals

JIM CHESKAWICH has served as Samoyed Club of America president and treasurer, and is currently the treasure of the SCA Education and Research Foundation. Jim has a Samoyed that is a descendant of Rex, his award winning Samoyed, Riley! Jim’s dog Riley, winning nationals.



Samoyeds lovingly called “Sams” or “Sammys” by their owners and fans, are enjoyed today for their beauty, companionship, intelligence, and working versatility.

As a working dog, Samoyeds are used to herd sheep, ducks, and cattle and can be found in sledding races and weight pulls held throughout the U.S. 

The heart and loyalty of the Samoyed make it an exceptional dog. 

ISBN (HARD COVER) 978-0-9883640-0-4

ISBN (PAPERBACK) 978-0-9883640-1-1





Published by Rex The Blizzard King Stories, LLC