Dog Horoscopes:Scorpio and Sagittarius 2014

We can breathe a collective sigh of relief after getting through October. Mercury is no longer in retrograde in November, so we can expect a far less trying month than last. Not only does this bode well for us, but it also provides some relief for our furry canine friends. (Dakota and I sure are happy to read this! October was one BRUTAL month!)

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Psychic Source contacted some talented pet psychics to provide plenty of astrological insights that can help piece together what is in store for our furry housemates. November is the month of Scorpio and Sagittarius, so we will focus on these two sun signs today.

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Scorpio Dogs

If you have a Scorpio dog by your side, you have a companion for life. These pups may appear to be distant at first, but as they grow more comfortable in your home, their devotion will surpass that of many. Deep down, all they want is a steady place to call home with a family unit that loves them.

Once you’ve gained their trust, you will often be surprised at how well they can read you. If you’re feeling off after a long day at work, these pups are most likely to sense it and be there ready to cuddle while you decompress. They know how you’re feeling because of their natural curiosity and need to know what’s going on; don’t be shocked if they wander off on their own investigative adventure, only to show back up hours later as if nothing happened.

What’s in store for Scorpio Dogs in November?

Venus will treat these pups well in November. The planet well be positioned to provide positive and affectionate energy to these typically more passive creatures – you won’t be seeing much of the loner tendencies they often exhibit. They’ll be very interested in anything that comes their way. If we see our first snowfall this month, they will be the first to rush out and run through all of the white powder.

As the month goes on, the positive energy will continue. However, Venus will eventually situate with Jupiter and Uranus – this alignment will focus the joyful energy on more earthly pleasures rather than just an overall feeling of harmony. It would be a good time to stock up on their favorite treats, favorite type of toy, or their favorite type of dog food; this is the time they’ll appreciate it most.

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Sagittarius Dogs

The happy-go-lucky energy displayed by Scorpio dogs this month is the norm for Sagittarius pooches. They have boundless energy and are always ready to play or go on an outdoor adventure. Whether it’s chasing their tail, playing a game of fetch, or just running around outside – this pup has plenty of pent-up energy to burn.

With that being said, Sagittarius dogs need to feel like they are “free” at times. Going to a fenced in area (or not fenced in if your dog is trained and you’re confident he/she won’t run away) and just letting them run around is a liberating and positive experience for this pooch. Just be careful; while they’re off running around, they’re far more prone to accidents and tend to get injured more frequently. Just keep extra close watch on them to help prevent your Sagittarius dog’s abundance of energy from getting the best of him.

What’s in store for Sagittarius Dogs in November?

Unfortunately, Sagittarius dogs aren’t getting as much love from the planets as Scorpio canines – at least in the first part of November. Mercury and Venus will be positioned so that their ability to express sentiment will be hindered. Many signals will get misconstrued and it will leave them frustrated, sad, and lonely. It’s important to be patient with these pups during this time, and be sure to carve out extra time to spend time with them. Whether it be walks in the park, cuddles on the couch, or simply just hanging outside with them – the extra effort won’t go unnoticed.

Fortunately, the tension will be lifted in the second part of November and these pooches will be more able to embrace their normal happy, exuberant feelings. If you can get through the first part of the month, the rest will go very smoothly.

While the cloud of the Mercury retrograde has lifted, there are still always some uncertainties from the planets’ influences. Luckily, you can gain additional insights into what is in store for your furry friend and call a phone psychic or chat with an online psychic from Psychic Source!

From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment