Book:Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge (True Animal Rescue Stories) by Mark Feldstein

Don’t let the title of this book deter you from reading it. I must confess that when I first saw the title, my gut reaction was, “Oh no, a book that is going to make me sad, do I REALLY want to read this?” Then, when I read the first chapter, (which I will admit DID upset me) entitled Hoarder I still had my doubts.

I am glad I continued on. 


turned out to refer to a situation that is close to my heart. I live in a suburb of Detroit, and Rambo and the City discusses the sad (and SADLY TRUE), fact that there are an estimated 50,000 dogs left behind in the city of Detroit due to financial woes that had befallen many in the city for at least the past ten plus years.

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One of the dogs that had been left by his owners due to financial hell was Rambo, a Pit Bull Terrier Mix. The chapter tells of how The Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR), a non-profit, no-kill center works tirelessly to help save dogs like Rambo. Thankfully, Rambo had been given a family for his final three months of life.


From Mark Feldstein:I had planned to help you justify your purchase of this book and inspire you to join the fight by sharing the vast number of animals that are euthanized every day, the irresponsibility of those who abuse or mistreat animals, and the lack of strong laws and regulations.

Instead, I will let these inspiring rescue stories speak for themselves.

Click to visit the website

Click to visit the website

Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge Brings Together

Heartbreaking and Heartwarming True Animal Rescue Stories,

Helps Support Ongoing Efforts to Give Animals A Second Chance

FROM THE PUBLISHER: In preparation for the book, Feldstein contacted shelters and sanctuaries from across the country and found animal rescuers hungry to have their stories told. Most of the people he spoke to expressed that animal rescue is not a vocation or choice: rather, it’s their passion. As one rescuer explained, “I do it for the times when an abused horse nuzzles my shoulder, for the times a cat has been burned climbs right into my lap, for the times a dog from a hoarding case licks my chin. I do it for the times when I see people connect with chickens and tell me I’ll never eat meat again. I do it for the times when all the animals are laying happily in the sunshine, feeling safe and loved.”

During his research, Feldstein also learned that many of these non-profits struggle to get by on very little funding from the public. He decided to help by raising funds in the only way he could conceive: through writing and sharing their stories, with over a third of the profit to be donated to animal rescues.

Now you see just part of why I continued reading and why YOU will too.

All of the animals mentioned above (and MORE) are written about in this book. Some of the stories ARE tear-jerkers, some are funny, some will disgust you, but MOST will WARM YOUR HEART.

“Sharing the individual tales of animal rescue from varied points of view, including the good and the bad, the sad and the more humorous sides of the stories featured in this book takes the reader beyond the nameless and faceless statistics and gives a voice to creatures, big and small, who can’t tell their own stories of hardship, tragedy and survival.”

Because I have a Sheltie,

a couple of MY favorite stories were:


Bella, a dirty and neglected Shetland Sheepdog is matched with an older gentleman who was grieving the passing of his beloved Sheltie, (ready for this?) who ALSO had been named Bella.



I won’t reveal all of the details of this chapter but it touched me enormously.


Sheltie dogs are brought to shelters for all different reasons. Some are abandoned, some lost and some for no known reason except maybe an owner simply no longer wants the responsibility. By far, though, the worst reason is when it is due to a severe injury. 

More often than not, these types of injuries are caused by being hit by a car. Seldom does the driver involved in the accident deliver the animal. Usually, they pretend to be ignorant of hitting the innocent animal and continue driving. More often, it’s a witness to the accident, or the person discovering the aftermath.

This is exactly what happened to Charlie. The gorgeous little Sheltie was hit by a car and two girls found him by the side of the road in a great deal of pain. He was breathing very slowly. They gently picked him up and took him to the nearest animal shelter.






FROM THE PUBLISHER: Feldstein is already working on Volume Two. He hopes that his book will increase public awareness of animal abuse and motivate volunteerism, donations, fostering and pet adoptions by subtly educating and entertaining through real-life stories that illustrate the extent of the problem of animal abuse and neglect across the nation-sharing what underfunded non-profit, no-kill shelters see every day-and also revealing the quiet joy and the hope at the heart of every rescue.


Don’t let the title deter you from reading this much-needed book. You will find Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge to be as enlightening and heartwarming and NECESSARY, as  I did.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Mark Feldstein, the stepson of the late Al Feldstein (co-creator and former leading editor of Mad Magazine, 1956-1985) carries on his dad’s legacy as a rescuer who saved hundreds of animals in the span of 20 years. In “Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge,” the younger Feldstein collects narratives from no-kill, non-profit shelters and sanctuaries that have changed not only the lives of rescued animals but also the lives of their beloved rescuers and adoptive “forever” families. You can read more about Mark on his website





In full disclosure:I was not compensated for this review. I was sent a copy of Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge, in exchange for my honest review.