Thankful Thursday:Bark Day Follow-Up!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by on Dakota’s Barkday and left him such fabulous greetings! Both Dakota and I are deeply appreciative!

A few people asked me on Facebook how old Dakota is now. He just turned nine. Yes, I didn’t post that, I know it’s crazy, but it upsets me to think of how fast the time has gone. I just want to enjoy the here and now and not think about his age.

For Valentine’s Day this year my husband gave me this wall hanging that I love, it was featured in Dakota’s Bark Day collage but didn’t show up well, and I wanted you to enjoy it. For me, it sums up so much of the hundreds of things we love about our boy.

dakota 9th birthday sign from Lenny


Turning nine had some benefits in other ways too!! Dakota normally isn’t one who you can use props with in photos but I have been working with him more (thanks to Will for the tips I am learning that he has sprinkled on his blog), and we had such a breakthrough!!! If you look at the photos on Dakota’s bark day collage he is “smiling” in most of them, but then, enough was enough!

dakota 9th birthday collage not thrilled

Once that hat came off our buddy Easy would have been proud at the way that Dakota tried to destroy it!!! (We didn’t let him because we are hoping to turn the hat around and use it for Cody in April hehehe)

Dakota 9th birthday eating hat

In the end, it all turned out worthwhile, here is a photo of all of the items that Dakota received for his Bark Day! All of them (including the bag) were from Petco!

Dakota 9th birthday contents of bag

Yes, the bone above was marked down from Valentine’s Day (Shhh….don’t tell Dakota!) It seemed as if it would be super fattening so we only gave him one bite and threw the rest away…(he doesn’t know that either!)

We didn’t want his appetite to be spoiled for what was coming next! I had found a recipe on Pinterest for a “Pet-Friendly Woof Loaf” (I added mashed potatoes on top that were not listed in the recipe. I omitted milk from the potatoes which some dogs can’t tolerate, and only used a little bit of real butter. When serving to Dakota, I sliced it in thin slices so he wasn’t getting much potato at one time because potatoes also aren’t the best for dogs but won’t hurt them eaten in moderation.) ¬†and I made one for him and a human version for Dakota’s Dad and I. ¬†Dakota LOVED IT and is still eating it! (He gets one slice as his dinner).dakota 9th birthday meatloaf collage

Last but FAR from least, we would like to thank our friends that made cards, (or sent photos), to Dakota! I am often forgetful about doing that myself and I MUST get better at it! Here is a collage of the cards/photos that Dakota received. Thank you for helping to make his Bark Day extra special!!!

cards for dakota his thank you collage