Winners of the Book: SIT! STAY! SPEAK! by Annie England Noblin

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Winner! Peanut The Pitbull by Thomas Andrew Athanasiou

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To be candid, it saddens me that more people did not enter, which in my opinion demonstrates exactly what this book is trying to fight, BREED DISCRIMINATION, specifically against Pitbulls.

This is not only an adorable and beautifully illustrated book that supports ALL DOGS in shelters, it is one that is obviously quite important. I am certain the winner will appreciate this marvelous book. Thank you to those willing to take the time to enter, and for caring about helping to  stop breed discrimination.

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Helping to End Breed Discrimination, Children’s Book:Peanut The Pitbull by Thomas Andrew Athanasiou, Enter To Win!

It is with immense joy that I am presenting a book to you today, that  helps educate both children and the adults who might be reading them this delightful story, to help put an end to breed discrimination. Specifically, breed discrimination against probably THE most discriminated against breeds, The Pitbull.

It is rare that I ever meet the author of any of the books that I review, but in reference to Peanut The Pitbull I had the honor and delight of meeting Thomas Andrew Athanasiou, (and his beautiful and personable wife, Sharon) at the Miami-Ft.Lauderdale Pet Expo that I attended last November.

While strolling from booth to booth there was one that stood out from the rest. The booth was PitbullShirt.Com and I was drawn to some of the most colorful, vibrant, cheerful and incredibly illustrated T-shirts featuring Pitbulls that I have ever seen.

Being the incredibly shy person that I am, (NOT!) I immediately struck up a conversation with Thomas  whose own “pedigree” includes having been a creative art director and illustrator for 25 years. He also is an accomplished painter specializing in pop-art-style pet portraits .  Thomas recently received the award for BEST FLORIDA COMIC STRIP at the Charles M. Schulz “Peanuts In Pop Culture” Exhibit in Hollywood, FL. in addition to another 1st Place BEST COMIC STRIP Award for his “Peanut The Pitbull” comic strip in the Organization/Business category. He is also the author of Peanut The Pitbull and is the creator of the incredible T-shirts that lured me to his booth.

The T-shirts are “pitbull-positive clothing” (they also have accessories). PITBULLSHIRT.COM was created to raise awareness about the plight of the pitbull, spread the message of rescue and adoption, and generate funds for pitbull rescue and advocacy non-profit organizations.


Click on the cover to visit the website to learn more!

Click on the cover to visit the website to learn more!

The book, Peanut The Pitbull was written by Thomas to do the same. It  is dedicated to all the people who rescue, adopt, foster and LOVE Pitbulls.

“Happiness Is A Pitbull Smile”-Thomas Andrew Athanasiou

Peanut The Pitbull is a story of a family, “Mom, Dad big sister Sara, and little brother Albert-that wanted a dog to love and care for.” They head out one day to their local animal shelter and adopt a pet who needs a new home.

The dog they chose was an adorable Pitbull puppy who they named “Peanut”. He was named after Sara and Albert’s Grandfather’s favorite dog he had growing up, who was a Pitbull named “Peanut.”

This positive and touching story, which contains a bevy of illustrations of Thomas’s prominently featured on EVERY page, follows Peanut as he discovers the joys of life, as only a puppy can,  until, an incident at a dog park that was NOT his fault takes place. The incident, written about in a way  that a child can completely understand, conveys how people can discriminate against a breed (and often people!), based solely on misinformation and stereotypes.

“I hope one day people learn about how great pitbulls are and stop discriminating”, Albert said. “Me too,” Sara agreed.

The best way for this to happen is to educate,” Mom said. “It just doesn’t make sense to discriminate against certain kinds of dogs, because every single dog is very different and special-every poodle, every chihuahua, and every pitbull.”

The story ends happily, as we can only hope that one day breed discrimination will also cease to exist, and have an ending as happy as this delightful, IMPORTANT, educational and deliciously charming story!



Thomas has allowed me to offer ONE of my readers who resides in the U.S. (my apologies to my international readers) the chance to win a copy of Peanut The Pitbull. You can enter on the Rafflecopter below, there is only ONE mandatory requirement that MUST be followed, if it is not  followed, the entry will be disqualified. GOOD LUCK!!!

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In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review/give-away. After meeting Thomas and Sharon I asked if I may review the book because I felt it would be of great interest to my readers. They kindly obliged!