“Furever” My Girl on Valentine’s Day!

Hi all! I have been missing a certain Sheltie for quite some time now and I thought that today, Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to remind her of just how much I love her.


Those of you who have been regularly reading my blog through the years, know that I share a special love with a certain Sheltie named “Eva”. She used to blog regularly, but now, with life being so busy, she hasn’t had a chance. That hasn’t affected the love I feel for her. I just don’t get to see her as often as I would like.

The photo above was created a few years ago by  Eva’s human sister Rosie, the talented photographer behind Eva’s blog, and the human who created Phang Photos .

Mom found this old video on my blog that was also a dedication to Eva and since she has been on my mind so strongly, I wanted to share it with all of you.

Even though Eva and I are far apart and have never met in pawson, we have a love for each other that will live furever. My wish for all of you today, is that you are lucky enough to have the same! Whether it be cats, dogs, gerbils, humans, whatever, may you have some ONE or some FURRY, who will love you FUREVER AND EVER even if they are  OCEANS away!!

I am still true to you precious Eva!

I don’t ask other woofies out for any events,

My Sheltie heart belongs to YOU,

Barks and licks and love,



Semi-Wordless Wednesday-My Heart Belongs To Another

Who WOULDN’T love this beauty?

Photo compliments of Phang Photos http://phangphotos.weebly.com/index.html

Please visit Eva here

and when you do,

please send my love,

Barks and licks,

and all of my love my princess, Dakota

Leap Year-Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Did you know that according to Irish legend, women are permitted to propose to men on a LEAP YEAR?


photo courtesy of Eva the Sheltie-Phang Photos




Since I am now 5 yrs old

I can wait patiently

but not another 4 years

til the next Leap Year!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Happy Holidays From Us, To YOU!!!

Mom, my brother Cody and I would like  to take a moment to wish ALL OF YOU the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!  We hope that whatever you celebrate, you have your loved ones around you,  lots of toys to play with, good food to eat and good health to last you a lifetime!!

We are grateful for each and every one of you and we look forward to more fun times with you in 2012!!!

Barks, licks, love and HOLIDAY CHEER!!!!

Dakota, my brother Cody  and “Mom”

We are particularly grateful to Rosie, the beautiful, brilliant, talented and loving daughter of Priscilla from one of our favorite blogs:


(please click on the above link to check out their blog)

for creating our GORGEOUS

holiday card!!!

If you would like to enlist the graphic design services

of Rosie, you may find her HERE

FROM ROSIE: My name is Rosie and I am a freelance designer and a learning photographer. I started creating photo montages of my sheltie, Eva, during my free time as a hobby. I then went on to creating more banners for my good friends, and now it has turned into a small business.

I am self-taught and still learning, but I hope you enjoy my designs and please contact me if you are interested in having one.

Photo Montages are for everybody! Although most of my clients are breeders to advertise their kennels and successful dogs, I also create montages for pet owners and dogs that have gone to the rainbow bridge. Photo montages are very useful when advertising a litter, a stud dog, or a great win!

I have created many banners and website headers with all happy clients. I hope you will be one of them!

Thank you Rosie!!! We love YOU!!!!!!!

Caren, Dakota and Cody