Words on Wednesday: Pet Portraits:Paws For A Cause

Hi every furry and happy Wednesday!

One of the many things that Mom and I love about blogging is that we have met so many talented people (and doggies and kitties and piggies and ferrets, etc., etc.) along the way.

One of these talented people is the Mom of Reilly and Denny from the blog The Cowspot Dogs  If you don’t know Reilly and Denny, please be sure to visit them. They are Shelties like me!

Reilly and Denny’s Mom is a talented painter, and she surprised Mom and I by painting a beautiful pawtrait of me! When the mail person arrived at my house I barked more than usual because I sniffed out that there was something special coming my way!

Here is what I opened first:

cowspot card

This is an adorable card that Reilly and Denny’s Mom sent to Mom and I. We love it!

Now, here is the BEST part!

““The painting has a life of its own”  ― Jackson Pollock

cowspot painting

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” 
― Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray

Isn’t the painting just pawtastic!? Mom and I pawticularly LOVE how my eyes were captured. I liked it so much I had to take a closer look:

cowspot painting dakota looking at it


Mom and I are THRILLED with my pawtrait! We think that Reilly and Denny’s Mom is super talented! Wouldn’t a painting of your pet make a PAWTASTIC gift? It would be a great surprise for a birthday, retirement, the holidays, or “just because!”

You can see more PAWTASTIC paintings on Reilly and Denny’s Mom’s special page on their blog  called Paws for A Cause. Here is some info that I think you will love, directly from Reilly and Denny’s Mom!

Six years ago I became “Mom” to a wonderful furbaby by name of Reilly. We started a dog blog to chronicle his growing up and the adventures he went on.  boys7 Two years ago we added another furbaby to our family Denny. Through our ‘dog blogging’ we came to know the lives of so many online buddies.  We laugh with them, worry about them if they are sick and cry when they pass away. What started as a way to let furbaby parents know we were thinking about them through the act of sending a simple card – became a way for us to help all kinds of animals in need. Thus I created “Paws For A Cause”  A percentage of the items I make and sell is donated to variety of causes.

Mom and I think it would be great if pet people would order a painting from Reilly and Denny’s Mom! Just think of all of the animals that you will help! To get pricing info and other information just visit Paws For A Cause!

Barks and licks and love,