To All “Moms” Biological or Otherwise, YOU Matter! Happy Mother’s Day!

Quite often, some of the best Moms

are NOT biological, and 

they don’t have to be female.

Whomever or whatever it is

that you “mother” unconditionally,

YOU matter, YOU rock

We salute you and thank you!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

And to Dakota’s FIRST Mama…..

Remembering “Tula”, My First Mama

Hi and Happy Mother’s Day all !!

(Remember,  you don’t have to be biologically related to be a Mother. You don’t even have to have 2-legged humans to be a Mother, you just have to LOVE.)

Today, I wanted to share a special photo with you. When you see it, the doggy on the left was my doggy Mama. Her name was Tula. I am in the photo on the right.

dakota and tula

(Photo of Tula used with permission from S.Ellis)

My human Mama and I were on Facebook a few weeks ago and decided to visit my breeder’s page because we hadn’t visited her in quite some time.

We were heartbroken when we learned that my beautiful doggy Mama crossed the Bridge in early 2015. She was only 12 years old.

Mom messaged my breeder and told her how shocked and sad she was. Then she told me the heartbreaking news. I was overwhelmed with sadness. After a while though, I began thinking. My breeder said that my Mama was the most “intuitive” dog she had ever had and she is sorely missed.

My human Mama said I not only inherited my handsome looks from my gorgeous Mama, (I have her sensitive eyes), but my human Mama told me that I also inherited her intuitiveness and extreme sensitivity. That made me smile my usual Sheltie smile.

So today, I want to wish my REAL doggy Mama, Tula, a Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven and thank her for loving me first. I also want to thank my breeder for loving me til my human Mama came along. To my human Mama, I love you with all of my Sheltie heart.

dakota mothers day 2013

A Mother’s Day Selfie!

Dakota for Mothers Day selfie


To see more selfies

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“Yappy” Mother’s Day! 2013

dakota mothers day 2013


Our friend, Ann Adamus of the blog Zoolatry, summed it up best (she also made the graphic below):

“There are all kinds of Mothers … Foster Moms and Adopter Moms.  Auntie Moms, GrandMoms.  StepMoms and Other-Mothers.  Neighbor-Moms, Friend-Moms.  Sometimes even Dads are Moms!  At one time or another, nearly every creature on earth takes on the loving and caring role of being a mom.  This weekend, say  thanks, give a hug, share a kiss ~ with all the moms you know.  It’s their special day!”

Click on the photo to visit Ann's blog

Click on the photo to visit Ann’s blog

“Yappy” Mother’s Day All!

Barks and licks and love,


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Since my Mom was too lazy

to help me make a video,

here is one that she stole from YouTube

for me to use to wish everyone a