A Poopy Surprise!

Remember on Friday,  I showed you some photos and a video of the nice walk that I took when the weather warmed up a bit?

Well, the walk wasn’t without its mischief!!!

You see, I had already pooped over by our condo so Mom thought I was “poop-free!” She was worried at first when Dad said he couldn’t find a poop bag.  No worries!!! Dad  thought he didn’t have a poop bag, but sure enough, he DID!! ( Even if Dad hadn’t had one on this walk, Dad would have gone back to pick it up. We hate when people in our complex don’t pick up poop!! Mom and Dad are always conscientious about picking up my poop!!)

Hope your Monday isn’t POOPY!!

Barks and licks and love,



Mischief of the not-so-fun kind

Hi all! It’s Dakota and I wanted to give a bark out today for my kitty brother Cody. Some of you know he isn’t feeling well right now.

It started late last week when he wouldn’t eat.

That is a concept that I just don’t understand.

Before I knew it, Cody was being whisked away in his carrier to, of all places,  the VET!! That didn’t bother me at first, it bothered me when Mom and Dad came home. I ran to the door excited to greet my brother, when I went to sniff the carrier to give him a kiss, he wasn’t there.

This had never  happened before.

My sensitive Sheltie heart sunk. I looked for him everywhere. I slept by his carrier, hoping with all of my heart that when I woke up, Cody would be there.

dakota by codys carrier

This was mischief of the most unexpected and not-so-fun kind!

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Cody DID come home! I smothered him with my special Sheltie kisses that are designed to heal anything and everything.

Cody is still not feeling well, I guess I need to give him some more kisses and see if that helps.

For those of you woofies who don’t like, or, don’t UNDERSTAND cats. My brother is my BEST friend! We love each other, we plan mischief together, we wait for Mom and Dad to come home together.

Please say a prayer that my kitty brother will be ok.

I can’t imagine my life without him.

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Mischief Monday: Follow up on “Who let the dogs out?”…OR NOT

Hi every furry! If you are a regular reader of my blog there are a couple of things that you know:

1) I am one of a number of super cool “Ambassadogs” that like to tell other woofies and their pawrents all about the GOODNESS that is  Rachael Ray Nutrish !!!


2) When you saw this photo, I was obviously waiting for SOMETHING!

dakota nutrish park waiting 1

The peeps at Mission Control for Rachael Ray Nutrish gave all of us Ambassadogs a number of missions to fulfill, (should we choose to accept it) AND I PROUDLY DID!

My first mission was to go out into my community and BARK as loud as I could BARK, and that’s pretty darned LOUD to let other doggies know about Rachael Ray Nutrish!

I was excited to accept this mission! Originally I was going to go and visit a couple of shelters that Mom and I work closely with, but we found out we couldn’t go there...why? Well, that has nothin’ to do with this blog post so I’m not gonna tell ya! So there!

Mission Control at Rachael Ray Nutrish gave me these super cool bags to hand out to some super lucky woofies!

dakota nutrish park bags

So, my first plan of action was to visit our neighborhood dog park. Ready for this? NOT ONE DOG SHOWED UP. NOT ONE! Granted, Michigan can be kinda cold this time of year,  but it wasn’t THAT cold! So, thankfully we came up with a  Plan B. Head to another park that wasn’t exclusively a dog park:



I was becoming frustrated:





dakota nutrish park view dakota nutrish park still no dogs

Then, as luck would have it!

We met our FIRST WOOFIE!!!

 We met a dog that was a breed that Mom and I had never heard of, it is called a Lapinkoira which is a Finnish Herding dog.  Mom and I were excited to meet this beautiful dog who had the equally beautiful name of “Azit” which means “Mighty.” in Hebrew. The BIGGEST coincidence was that Azit’s Mommy is a BLOGGER! Mom couldn’t believe it! It also put Mom at ease when she flagged her down like a crazy woman because she had a DOG…but I digress…..She has a blog called Baby Bear Hugs  and Mom and I signed up to follow it!  You should too!

dakota nutrish park Azit first dog

The day was looking up! We found a dog! Soon we met another woofie who was a Yorkie named Cloie.…she was quite curious about the bag that we gave to her Mom. Cloie was a MAJOR HAM so we were able to get a number of photos of her!

dakota nutrish park cloie reading bagedited

dakota nutrish park yorkie cloie and his mom

dakota nutrish park yorkie cloie

We continued on and met another woofie named Butchi!  Butchi is a super lucky dog. His Mom told us that she found him DUMPED ON THE STREET 3 YEARS AGO. He had no chip, nothing. He is half Havanese and half Shi-Tzu and is so incredibly cute! He had an amazing personality too!

dakota nutrish park Butchi

One thing that Mom and I discovered, that we couldn’t believe while we were working on our mission, was that EVERYONE we met KNEW Rachael Ray (who doesn’t?) but NONE of them had ever heard of Rachael Ray Nutrish? WHAT?! Are you kidding me!?

nutrish family of products photo

They didn’t know that:

Rachael worked with a team of pet nutritionists to create a line of food and treats that are made with simple, natural and wholesome ingredients! They didn’t know that Rachael Ray Nutrish is a super premium food and treats for dogs! The food has NO BY-PRODUCTS, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES! They also didn’t know, but they will now, that PROCEEDS FROM THE SALES OF NUTRISH GO TO Rachael’s Rescue an organization that helps animals in need. 

That means that I have MORE WORK to be done! I must bark as loud as I can about the benefits and “delish”-iousness that is NUTRISH!

Mom. Dad and I never did run into any more woofies at the park, so we decided that desperate times called for desperate measures!

We had no choice but to walk all around our condo complex for what seemed like FUREVER  (and let me tell you, this time it WAS COLD!!) until we ran into one more woofie! His name was Bertie and he is a West Highland White Terrier who is 8 years old.

dakota nutrish park bertie adorable dakota nutrish park butt sniffing

The HUMILIATION that I had to endure with this guy made me REALLY stop and wonder if being an Ambassadog is all that it is cracked up to be! Geeze how embarrassing, this guy couldn’t get enough of my butt!

But, when I make a commitment I HONOR it, so  it was onward and upward! I continued my mission to try and find more doggies!

dakota nutrish park yellingedited

dakota nutrish park dad are we gonna find dogsedited

Well, I might just be in trouble with Mission Control, because I never did find any more woofies after we met Bertie,  but I DID have an amazing PHOTO SHOOT! BOL!!

dakota nutrish park smiling

dakota nutrish park gorgeous

Rest assured my work IS NOT done! I am a dog that LOVES my RACHAEL RAY NUTRISH and I won’t rest until I have BARKED IT OUT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD!! I have a SUPER FUN RACHAEL RAY NUTRISH pawty planned for LATE DECEMBER, wait til you see it! Oh and I will have something SUPER SPECIAL TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IN MID-DECEMBER that also involves NUTRISH and Mission Control! STAY TUNED! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!!!

But since you made it all the way to the end of this super LONG blog post, I have a SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOU!!!  CLICK HERE TO GET SOME RACHAEL RAY NUTRISH COUPONS FOR YOURSELF!!!

Barks and licks and love,


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.


Workin’ Hard At Creating Mischief On Labor Day!

Did you know that Shetland Sheepdogs are considered to be working dogs?   From Wikipedia: “They are vocal, excitable, energetic dogs who are always willing to please and work hard. They are partly derived from dogs used in the Shetland Isles for herding and protecting sheep.The breed was formally recognized by the Kennel Club in 1909.”

Well, I don’t have any sheep to herd or protect, and with this being Labor Day in America, I had to find SOMETHING to work hard at!  Does causing mischief qualify as hard work?


To those in the U.S., HAPPY LABOR DAY! To everyone else, HAPPY MISCHIEF MONDAY!!

Barks and licks and love,


Mischief Monday-Dinner!!!

Hi guys! Here is some “mischief” that goes on at our house EVERY DAY!!

My kitty brother, Cody, and I begin to “circle” my Dad beginning at about 3pm. Why? We are getting hungry! (We are “early bird special” diners in this house…chalk it up to having older-than-dirt pawrents!)

My Dad says this same thing every time he serves us dinner!

We apologize for the poor video quality, it was kinda dark in the room….

Watch closely at what my brother Cody does at the end!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Monday Mischief- Uh-Oh

Exhibit A

Just a normal basket of toys….right?


The toys are hiding an AWFUL secret

Does this face look like it would do….THIS????!!!!



Mommy is very upset with me. YES. I did do this. Not in one day mind you, but over  time. It isn’t ALL my fault. I am not a bad doggy I swear.

I can’t control myself when the two doggies who live across the hall come out. They run straight for my door. I have to protect my territory. I am on 24-hr security and NEVER get a break!

I must protect our home from intruders of the canine persuasion.

I “get it” but Mom doesn’t.

She says soon our wall and door will be gone and all of my efforts will be for naught.

In the meantime, does anybody in Southeastern Michigan know of someone who can come and FIX OUR DOOR….preferably with metal?

Barks, “wood/paint chip licks” and love, Dakota….aka……..KILLER