Dog Horoscopes For Libra and Scorpio-October 2014

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Like their human counterparts, dogs’ behaviors and experiences are influenced by the stars and can be analyzed with a proper astrology forecast; and October is looking to be quite the month for all signs of the zodiac. Mercury is in retrograde, a sun and moon eclipse will occur, and a lot of other planetary movements will make this one for the books.

Fortunately, Psychic Source consulted top pet psychics to help provide more insight with what is to come. Seeing as October is the month of Libra and Scorpio, we will focus on pups born under these signs.

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Libra Dogs

The most important thing to a Libra dog is to be around others – human or animal. They want to relate and make friends with everyone, partially because they desperately crave attention. None of this typically comes from a bad place, however. These pups want nothing more than for everyone to be happy and harmonious. (That is the air sign in them!) Yet, some of this desire can lead to a nervous nature. If their usual routine is upset and they don’t get what they need, it can lead to misbehavior. (From Dakota’:Hmmm…my Mom is a Libra, does this count for HUMANS too!? BOL!)

Libra dogs would do best in a household with other animals and/or when at least one person is always around. Be sure to socialize these pooches because a walk in the dog park is a dream date for them. If you do everything right, you have a loyal and very loving companion by your side for life.

What’s in store for Libra Dogs in October?

The dramatic planetary alignments of October provide a very uncertain month for these pooches. Venus will be in Libra, and it will make these attention seeking pups even more in need of love and affection; the energy of Venus will also make them much better at getting what they want. However, the Moon eclipse and the Great Trine formed between Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus provide a variety of possibilities for what could be.

Luckily, the latter formation has a better chance to be a positive influence. Nonetheless, this influx of contradicting energy can cause stress for these poor pups. Be sure to give them the attention they desire and provide as much love as possible. With your help, the tides could turn in their favor!

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Scorpio Dogs

Unlike the Libra dog, Scorpios are much more of the loner of the pack. They are very independent and like to do things their way – which often makes them very stubborn and difficult to train. Their personal world is where they like to stay and trying to force them to adhere to our requirements might make them upset.

On the contrary, once a Scorpio dog learns to trust you, it is a loyal bond for life. Deep down all they want is a home, however that doesn’t mean they still won’t retreat into their own personal world from time to time. Owners of Scorpio dogs should take care to keep a close eye in outdoor adventures otherwise you might find your pup running off.

What’s in store for Scorpio Dogs in October?

Venus will have quite the opposite effect on Scorpio dogs in October. It will be in their 12th house, which means it suggests isolation and misinterpretations of situations at the worst — or nothing positive nor negative at best. Your loner pup may pull away from you more, even if his or her place in your house has been established. It’s important you do everything you can to show your pooch that you care – get their favorite treats, play with their favorite toy, or ideally bring them on a hike or other long adventure.

Fortunately, closer to the end of the month, a Sun eclipse will occur and will brighten the effect Venus is providing. This will lead to a burst in energy and attitude.

The theme for both signs this month is a lot of uncertainty, as well as both positive and negative extremes. If you’d like to get a bit more in-depth with your dog, you can also always can call a phone psychic or chat with an online psychic from Psychic Source!


From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment 








Dog Horoscopes for Leo and Cancer Pooches – August 2014

Last month, Psychic Source consulted top pet psychics to shed (pardon the pun) their astrological insights on dogs born in the month of July. This month, August places the focus on dogs born under the two zodiac signs that crop up this month: Leo and Virgo.

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Want to gain a better understanding of your Leo or Virgo canine companion? Read on to learn more about your pet’s cosmic predisposition, as well as what’s in store for them this month!

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Leo Dogs


Leo dogs are alpha dogs. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. They can be a handful, but with the right owner, Leo dogs blossom into warm, loyal, affectionate family members with a deep trust of humanity. If you can harness their energy by offering them a stimulating environment and a regular training schedule, a Leo dog is one of the most rewarding companions you’ll ever know.


What’s in store for Leo Dogs in August?


As we head into the dog days of summer, your Leo dog is interested in living it up. The sun and Mercury are in retrograde for Leo, which means that the pleasure drive is in overdrive. Leo dogs are never shy about demanding attention, adventures, and treats, but you can expect their already vibrant appetite for life to be even more voracious this month. Pile on the belly rubs and take advantage of this zestful interlude to introduce a few new challenges into your pup’s daily routine. Go for a long hike in a novel location, and maybe even work on a couple of fun new tricks. Just remember to have a pocketful of tasty snacks around to keep your dog’s motivation up. Strong-willed Leos do better with short, engaging sessions instead of grueling marathons.


On the 12th, Venus will enter your dog’s sign, fueling a need for social engagement: time to hit the dog park! As they race around with their friends and burn off excess energy, make sure to call them back at regular intervals to offer cold water: Leo’s don’t always know when enough is enough, and dehydration is a serious issue. To keep things balanced, schedule some chilled one-on-one time to ground and strengthen your bond together.

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Virgo Dogs


Virgo dogs are the cuddly babies of the dog world. No matter how old they may be, there’s always a hint of eternal puppy hiding behind those ears. Virgos are sensitive, comfort-loving creatures, who love soft beds, a constant stream of delicious treats, and endless snuggles on your lap, whether they weigh 10 or 100 lbs. Habit and routine are vital for the Virgo dog, and they depend on you to make sense of their world. Missing a scheduled walk or play session can be devastating, so it’s very important to always keep your “promises”. Virgo dogs live to make you happy, so they thrive on constant training long after they’ve passed their puppy good citizenship test.


What’s in store for Virgo Dogs in August?


This August, your Virgo dog may require even more TLC than usual. Mercury is working on a deep level, which can enhance sensitivities but also offers a special opportunity for growth. Especially if your Virgo is a rescue dog, this may be an important month for healing: long quiet walks, peaceful swimming sessions at the beach, and gentle doggy massage sessions will nurture their hearts and strengthen their trust. Until the 12th, Venus is active in their sign, which means they’ll be looking for extra affection, and more eager than ever to please. Take advantage of the long summer evenings to schedule some quality time to work with your Virgo dog. Mix training with loads of praise and be generous with treats: you might find your relationship climbing to a whole new level, and your pooch could surprise you by learning things you never thought possible.


At the end of the month the Sun will be powerful in Virgo, warming and encouraging your dog’s social and physical expression. It’s a great time to introduce new activities and ramp up the level of exercise in your Virgo dog’s life. Consider joining a flyball, frisbee, or agility club, and watch your dog soar.


Hungry for more? Want to find out what else may be going through your pooch’s mind this August? Chat with a phone psychic or pet psychic from Psychic Source for a more personalized horoscope!

From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment