Security Sheltie At Your Service!

Hi all! Boy has it ever been a wild week here at my den!

I have been working my tail off 24-7 to ensure the safety of my pack!

You see we have new neighbors in our condo/apartment building, and not just in one unit, we have them in TWO! The new neighbors are in the unit directly across the hall, and there is yet ANOTHER NEW NEIGHBOR located in the unit that is also across the hall, but  to the right!

There were all sorts of strange smells and sounds that I found to be quite disconcerting!

I had to take my post at the door to make sure that they weren’t evil, and to be assured that they would NOT invade my territory!

dakota by door 1As you can see, I take my job quite seriously!

I never leave my post!

If you look at the photo closely, you will see a number of things:

  •  I am NOT taking my eyes off of the door
  • the metal at the bottom of the door has been bent and torn from when two crazed woofies used to live across the hall. They would drive me crazy and charge at my door multiple times per day! No worries, they have since been removed from the premises (they moved to ANOTHER location!)
  •  If you look at the wood by the side of the door you will notice that the thin strip is a mess! (It also has been replaced numerous times) due to the previously mentioned perpetrators!

Now that the former criminals have moved out, and new people are in the process of moving in, I won’t rest until I am sure that all is ok!

Meet Dakota Sheltie, Super 24-Hour Security!

dakota police dogThey won’t get past me!!!

A dog’s work is NEVER done!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota