Happy 10th Gotcha Day Dakota!!

To my precious “Sheltie-Boy”,

It is so hard to believe that ten years ago today you joined our family. The years have flown by. There are so many moments that I wish I could have captured and treasured longer, but thankfully through the blog and photos, many of them have been preserved.

Dakota there are times you drove me insane when you were under two years old. You Chewed furniture, chewed door panels, destroyed toys, you chewed up my brand new cell phone, and when I had to house-train you  I thought I would never make it through!  But I did, and so did you! 

You have grown into the most loving, sensitive, hilariously funny, compassionate and brilliant dog that I could have ever hoped for. 

When my Angel Bobo passed and we adopted Cody first, while Cody helped to heal my aching heart, and while I adore Cody, it is YOU dear boy who is more like my Angel Bobo. I didn’t realize that til this year. Angel Bobo would kiss me if I cried, you do the same. Angel Bobo would never leave my side, you do the same. In the past year it seems that our bond has grown even deeper. You show a love and sensitivity for me and all of my moods that I would never have thought to be possible. Your beautiful jelly bean eyes speak volumes. You have matured into my “heart-dog.”

I want to thank you dear boy for the countless doggy kisses that you give me EVERY DAY, for the laughs, yes, even when you are on one of your crazy Sheltie barking jags, (and I wish you would stop), you ALWAYS make me smile. Thank you dearest Dakota for all you have contributed to our family in the past ten years, thank you  for loving me even when I am not feeling lovable. Thank you  for sharing your life with us. I pray we have many more years together.

Happy, Happy 10th Gotcha Day my precious “Dakota Boda”, my “heart-dog.” You are the Sheltie I waited my entire life for. I love you more than you could ever imagine…..today, tomorrow and forever………”Mom”



Happy “Gotcha Day” Dakota!!

Oh my!!!!! With my being sick since last Thursday, I NEARLY FORGOT that today is Dakota’s NINTH GOTCHA DAY! I was sitting here doing work, I looked to my side and saw my boy who “guards” me while I work. Because I don’t have time to come up with something new, I went through some old posts and found this one that I have edited with some different photos, some of the text originally appeared in 2013.




Dakota was the answer to my childhood dream

of having my own Sheltie

When I was 5, I met a Sheltie

that lived across the street who was named “Dandy”

that was it, I was hooked.

I used to only play with the kids that lived in that house

because of their Sheltie!!

At the time, I was obsessed with Lassie

and in my 5-year old mind

 the Sheltie that  I had fallen in love with,

was a mini “Lassie”

I later learned that Shelties

aren’t related to Collies at all

but are their own marvelous breed!





dakota quote challenge




This video was not made by me

but it features one of my favorite Phil Collins songs

and celebrates one of the most wonderful,

sensitive, silly, loving and crazy breeds

Eight Years Ago Today!!

Dakota 8th Gotcha Day

Happy 5th “Gotcha Day” Precious Dakota!

You came to us from up above,

a precious “Sheltie-boy” for us to love.

All licks and love and with a waggling tail,

with an abundance of energy

that wouldn’t  be curtailed.

You are the answer to our every dream,

a Sheltie of our own to love and preen.

You bark,

you prance,

you bark,

you dance,

we wouldn’t trade you for a zillion dollars!


Happy 5th “Gotcha Day” Precious Boy!

Love, “Mom and Dad”




It’s My “Gotcha Day!!!”

On October 19th, 2007 Mom and Dad  brought me to my new fur-ever home!!!

I was a birthday present for my Mom, ( Mom really wanted a new dryer and she got ME!).  Mom says she wouldn’t trade me for ALLLLL of the dryers in the WORLD!

Ironically, one of my many obsessions is helping my Mom when she does laundry, guess I am trying to make up for the fact that I wasn’t a dryer!

I love you Mom, Dad and Cody!!!

Thanks for bringing me “HOME!”


Our precious Dakota, you came to us as a culmination of a life-long wish of Mommy’s that she would one day have a Sheltie of her own.  Daddy spent months and months scouring ads, websites, online rescues, etc. for just the right Sheltie. As luck would have it, through your “sister” fate brought you to us!

You are our little security guard, clown, thief, wonderful doggie brother to Cody, and our  lovable licker! You are  crazy, brilliant, stunningly handsome,  mischievous, loving, sensitive, alert, conniving and comical.

We wouldn’t trade you for the world!!

We love you with ALL OF OUR HEARTS!

Mom, Dad and Cody