goDog® BedZzz™ Winner and an Important Update!!!

Dakota and I would like to thank EVERY ONE who entered our give-away for:

GoDog bed front view


Remember when I said that Dakota doesn’t sleep on ANY bed? Well, the  goDog® BedZzz™ was the FIRST BED TO CHANGE THAT!! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

GoDog bed dakota sleeping on it

Of course he slept on it AFTER I posted the review, but he SLEPT ON IT!!!



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Enjoy your bed!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Caren 


Keep Your Dog Dry With Luv & Emma♥s Super Absorbent Dry Pets! Enter To Win!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being contacted by the DMJ Group who are the creators of:

Click to visit their website!

Click to visit their website!

Asking if Dakota and I would be interested in trying their Dry Pets Plus, a super absorbent microfiber towel!

Photo Courtesy of the Luv & Emma's Website. Click the photo to visit and order!

Photo Courtesy of the Luv & Emma’s Website. Click the photo to visit and order!


I jumped at the chance! Living in Michigan we get our share of nasty weather!  Fall, Spring and Summer can bring torrential downpours and winter? Don’t ask!  Winter can begin in October and last straight through April in the Mitten State!

One of the challenges we face with our temperamental weather is keeping Dakota’s fur warm and dry when he returns from going outside to do his business!

For the almost eight years that Dakota has been with us, we have been using  OUR bathroom towels that would be either too large to hang ANYWHERE and inevitably would end up on the floor, or, they weren’t absorbent enough to sufficiently dry Dakota’s fur after a trip outside, often causing our Pergo floors to become wet as a result of wherever they had been thrown!

We live in an apartment/condo complex, which translates to our living space not being as large as it would be if we were in, say, a four bedroom house. The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”, is more than just a catchy adage, in order to not be tripping over things, in our home, it has to be a rule of thumb, er PAW.

Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Plus Solved Our Problem!!!

Photo Courtesy of Luv & Emma's

Photo Courtesy of Luv & Emma’s


 Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Plus Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel has a patented integrated stretchable opening that conveniently adjusts to hang on virtually any door handle or elsewhere!! NO more wet towels haphazardly thrown on the floor!! That’s better for our floors (and our space challenges), and MUCH more sanitary for Dakota!


What about Quality and Comfort? See For Yourself!


luv and emmas dry pets dakota standing

Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Plus was created “with practicality and convenience in mind.” My husband and I could NOT be happier with this product! When Dakota enters our living space, he sits waiting to be dried off and  our Dry Pets does the rest!

It is SUPER SOFT, completely ADORABLE to look at,  and this microfiber towel is superb quality! We washed ours for the first time after a couple of uses, and  it washes beautifully, maintains its performance and appearance and dries quickly! Whether it is drying after being used on Dakota or after having been washed, the Dry Pets dries FAST (unlike a bulky towel!)

It is also MUCH more absorbent than a normal towel!

Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Plus holds up to an amazing 32 ounces of water!!!

Luv and Emmas dry pets dakota back

  Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Plus is

approximately 36×23 inches

The regular Dry Pets is 21 X 17 inches

and holds 16 ounces of water!

Meet “Luv” and “Emma” the inspiration behind Dry Pets and Dry Pets Plus!!

About the DMJ Group from their website: The DMJ Group, Inc. was started in February 2008 by three entrepreneurial sisters.  Between the three of us, we have experience in sales and marketing as well as in finance in the service and manufacturing sectors.  Our product is named after two of the dogs in our family.  Luv is a six-year-old Collie who loves to run around the yard and play catch.  Emma is a twelve-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who loves to go on walks and bark at everyone she sees!  One day one of us was wishing there was a more convenient way to dry our dogs’ paws off when they came inside on a rainy or snowy day.  We were tired of using an old unsightly towel or using paper towels that ripped before you were done drying their paws.  We did some market research and couldn’t find a product that would meet this need.  This is why we created Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets & Dry Pets Plus.

luv and Emmas dry pets dakota good one

Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets and Dry Pets Plus Super Absorbent Microfiber Towels  are not just for small and large dogs!  They can be used on a variety of pets.  I bet they would work well on kitties too!!!!

Still looking for a gift for the pet lovers in your life for the holidays or anytime? Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets  and Dry Pets Plus Super Absorbent Microfiber Towels are a gift that would be most appreciated!   They are also sewn in the U.S.A and come in recyclable packaging. They are  an affordable price too!

Luv & Emmas products are also available through Amazon.com® at the following links:

Dry Pets

Dry Pets Plus

We LOVE our Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Plus and know that you will too!

Luv and Emmas dry pets dakota 1


YOU ARE IN LUCK! Our friends at Luv & Emmas are allowing us to do a give-away!!! That’s right! TWO of our readers who reside in the U.S.A will win either a Dry Pets or a Dry Pets Plus!  (An approx $12 to $16  value). Entering is easy! Just enter on the rafflecopter below. The lucky winners will be announced on December 23rd!!! Good Luck!!!!

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In full disclosure: I was sent a  Luv & EmmaDry Pets Plus in exchange for my honest review. I was also compensated for this review/give-away. Receiving compensation in no way affected my opinion of the Dry Pet Plus. I LOVE IT and my husband and Dakota do as well!

Enter to win a Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book by Elizabeth Parker!

A few months ago I was chatting on Facebook with my Author friend, Elizabeth Parker, (I have had the pleasure of  reviewing a number of her books, which you can find by clicking our Barking Book Review Page), when she asked me to please send her my address again, because she had a special surprise to send to me.

I LOVE SURPRISES!! When the mail arrived I was delighted to discover that Elizabeth had sent me one of her latest creations, The  “Purr” Baby’s Mementos Book (which was reviewed on Cody’s blog) . But…there was a DOUBLE SURPRISE! She also sent me a version for DOGS called the:

Fur Baby book cover

The Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book  is a “full-color, illustrated, one-of-a-kind, fill-in-the-blank memento book for your dog.”

Have you recently brought home a new adult dog or puppy or know someone who did?

OR do you want to record memories of a dog who has been a member of your family for years? The Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book  is the pawtastic place to keep them!

I don’t know about you, but for YEARS whenever a friend would bring a new HUMAN baby home, one of my favorite gifts to give the new arrival was a Baby Book. I discovered through the years, that was one item that was not only cherished and appreciated, but the parents had it for years, and it was an item that most people would never think of.

The Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book  is the “doggy version” of human baby books!

Photo courtesy of http://www.elizabethparkerbooks.com/  Click on the photo to visit!

Photo courtesy of http://www.elizabethparkerbooks.com/ Click on the photo to visit!

When you open the book there is a page that says “When You Became Our Baby” where you can insert a photo of your dog.

Immediately following is a beautiful poem dedicated to Dog Owners that was written by Elizabeth,  it is just beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes!

There are pages where you can make notes about:

  • Your dog’s adoption/arrival date
  • Breed of your dog
  • Height/weight
  • Biological parents (if known)
  • Veterinary info
  • The first tricks your dog learned
  • Words  your dog knows
  • Habits/Likes/Dislikes
  • First Toys
  • and sooo much more!

There is plenty of room for photographs and threaded between is a spot for you to paste an envelope with a piece of your dog’s  fur or their ID tag.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Parker Books, click on the photo to visit her website!

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Parker Books, click on the photo to visit her website!

With the holidays right around the corner, the Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book would be the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life! It also makes a great “anytime-of-the-year!” gift!

From Elizabeth Parker:This book is simply a means to record all memories of your pet, whether it is a baby, adult, senior or, has made their journey toward the rainbow bridge.  Another great feature is that it’s perfect for rescued animals as well!


All of the books are available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle and Lulu.com in hardcover. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these books will be donated to animal rescue.

ENTER TO WIN! Elizabeth is offering one of my readers who resides in the U.S. the chance to win a copy of  the Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book. (An approx $15 value. My apologies to our International readers). Please enter on the rafflecopter below and  GOOD LUCK!!

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AUTHOR ELIZABETH PARKER lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and two retrievers and the beautiful memories of her fur-babies. She writes under two genres of thrillers and dog-related books.

In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review/give-away. I was sent a copy of the Fur-Baby’s Keepsake Book  in exchange for my honest review.

Michigan Humane Holiday Greeting Cards Help Make Homeless Animals’ Wishes Come True!

One-of-a-kind cards feature adorable animals adopted from MHS


Help make wishes come true for homeless animals by sending out Michigan Humane Society (MHS) holiday cards, available in one warm and fuzzy style.  Each box includes  FIFTEEN,  5”x7” cards and 16 envelopes and costs $12.95 plus tax. Order cards from the MHS Online Store at www.ShopMichiganHumane.org or by calling (800) 866-9189, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. MHS holiday cards also can be purchased at the three MHS adoption centers: 7401 Chrysler Drive in Detroit; 3600 W. Auburn Road in Rochester Hills; 900 N. Newburgh Road in Westland; and at Petco in Sterling Heights at 13701 Lakeside Circle.

For the past 2 years I have ordered cards from Michigan Humane to send my warm holiday wishes and now they have become part of my holiday routine! In fact, I am ordering some for myself right now!

Click on the photo to order!

Click on the photo to order!

The holiday card features three adorable animals – a puppy named Olive and kittens Teacup and Saucerwho found new, loving homes through MHS. The inside greeting is “May your home and heart be filled with peace and happiness this holiday season”. The MHS logo on the back of each card will show your compassion for homeless animals.


Kelli Taylor of Purple Tree Photography, generously donated her time and talent to capture the cover image. Want to go behind the scenes of the holiday card photo shoot?  Visit www.michiganhumane.org/holidaycards.


In addition to ordering your MHS holiday cards, visit www.ShopMichiganHumane.org to check out the wide array of MHS apparel, MHS 2015 Pet Calendars and other gift items for people and pets. Your purchases will help MHS change animal lives this holiday season and beyond.


The Michigan Humane Society is the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in the state. MHS works to end companion animal homelessness, provide the highest quality service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values.

Fun New Book:Pastry for Poodles: Gourmet Recipes for Dogs & Dog Lovers by Chef Fifi Lefay has hit the shelves!

“There’s more to the kitchen than your food bowl”

Oui! Oui! Ma Cherie or Mon Cher! I am beyond excited to be one of a pack of dog bloggers who have had the pleasure of reading  Pastry for Poodles: Gourmet Recipes for Dogs & Dog Lovers by Chef Fifi Lefay! When Fifi’s Manager, John Morris, approached me asking if I would like a copy, being the “foodie” that I am, I JUMPED at the chance!

If you love food, (you don’t have to be an Iron Chef in the kitchen to enjoy this witty book, and I promise, Gordon Ramsay will NOT yell at you if you aren’t! He doesn’t even read this blog, but I digress…), and you love dogs, or KNOW someone who does, you MUST grab a copy (or two or three or four) to give as gifts!

Pastry for Poodles is the  first in a series of 8 “gourmet” cookbooks  (“Cookbooks from The Canine Cuisine Team”) written for dogs by dogs.  (Yes! I am planning on featuring all 8 books!), Specifically, by the celebrity dog chefs from The Chow TV Network. (Check out their website here!)


click to visit the website!

click to visit the website!

Each of the 8 books features a different breed of dog as author/chef and addresses a different world-class cuisine.  In Pastry for Poodles, various delectable French pastries are prepared  by Parisian Chef-Maitre Fifi LeFay.

Chef LeFay presents each recipe (which I hear you CAN prepare, but the recipes aren’t written for that purpose, they are meant to be FUN and might not even be edible!), in a delightfully funny (to humans! To dogs this is serious business!) manner. If Julia Child were alive today Chef-Maitre Fifi LeFay would give her a run for her money let me tell you! If you have a zany sense of humor like I do, this is right up your alley!

Thankfully Fifi believes in using ingredients that many of us have in our own kitchens and star ingredients are store-bought puff pastry, fillo dough and store-bought pie crust!

When I began reading the recipes I nearly fell on the floor laughing at the “doggy” spin that each and every recipe has. These recipe instructions, remember, are written for dogs, by dogs, so they contain instructions that only DOGS understand such as:

  • Pre-heat oven to PRETTY HOT
  • Take a short nap while crust thaws
  • Remember to wash your paws
  • Bake for 2 tummy-rubs or if you smell smoke
  • Bake until cookies start to turn brown and are soft to the paw
  • This recipe calls for lots of eggs, but don’t worry, eggs are good for our coats!
  • Water should be tongue-warm
  • When working with a pastry bag hold it upright with your mouth, remember it isn’t a play toy so watch those teeth!
  • If you need to wait for a long time for something in the oven take a long walk
Click to visit the website!

Click to visit the website!

In Pastry for Dogs you will find recipes such as:

  • Fresh Blueberry Tart with a Tease
  • Le Croissant
  • Le Napoleon (I really want to make these!)

Pastry for Poodles (and each of the ensuing books in the collection),  includes an author bio, foreword and afterword, six or more scrumptious recipes written from one dog to another, in dog units of measure and with a dog’s sensibility for what tastes good and how many friends to invite over, plus mouth-watering full-color photos of each “dish.” They are Presented with the utmost seriousness, of course, because these dogs are seriously into food!

Now, if your mouth is watering after reading the scrumptious recipe titles listed above, like mine is, (or should I say DROOLING?), grab these links to order! Have an office gift exchange where the item has to be under $25? Need a stocking stuffer, or a filler for one of the Eight Crazy Nights of Chanukah, or a just because gift to brighten a foodie/dog lover’s day?  Pastry for Poodles fits the “bill” perfectly! Dakota and I give it a unanimous FOUR PAWS UP!!

Here’s how to order!

Amazon paperback $9.99 (or less)

Amazon Kindle $2.99

Createspace eStore paperback only – $9.99


Oh and keep your eyes on this blog for my reviews of ALL of the books in the series!

I was not compensated for this review, I received a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion!











Surprise! We Have Our Custom Body Pillow Winner!!!

Oh my dog what a month June has been and thankfully it is almost over!

Many of you didn’t know that I was without email for nearly 10 days straight, if you blog, you KNOW how awful that can be. It had me ridiculously behind and blogging sporadically on BOTH blogs! As a result, I am late announcing the INCREDIBLY LUCKY WINNER of  our give-away of the Custom Body Pillow!!!   Thanks for your patience and I apologize for the delay!

If you aren’t the lucky winner, don’t worry! Our pal at Custom Body Pillows has offered a 25% DISCOUNT to readers of this blog! VISIT CUSTOM BODY PILLOWS  and all you have to do is enter  Dakota25 as the code when you check out! The discount should be in effect for a week!

And now…………we are proud to announce WHO the lucky winner is!

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I was tickled to death when her name was drawn, she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet! She has a wonderful blog called  THOUGHTS IN PROGRESS, where she reviews ALL KINDS OF BOOKS and so much MORE!!!!