Run Free Dear Jeffie


Click to visit and send your sympathy

Click to visit and send your sympathy


It isn’t fair that this is the post that I am doing today. Many of you already know, but for those of you who do not, our dear friend Jeffie from the Talking Dogs blog at For Love of A Dog, had to leave us much too soon.

I should be posting about a happy occasion in reference to Jeffie. A Gotcha Day, a Birthday, his Mom’s pawesome jewelry or something fun. Not a post about Jeffie leaving us much too soon.

Times like these are the hardest part of blogging. Often, the dogs, cats and other animals that we read about every day, become more a part of our lives than their humans. We laugh at their mischief,  gaze in awe at their Wordless Wednesday posts, rejoice in their milestones, and vow that we will try some new product that they are endorsing. This is how it should be.

Jeffie’s Mom, Sue,  has been a close and trusted friend of mine for a number of years now. When I read the horrific news on Facebook late Monday afternoon, I grabbed my head with both hands and shrieked…“NOOOOOOOOOO!!” Jeffie had suddenly become ill just a few days earlier. His Mom’s updates gave me hope that if any dog could fight through this, it would be Jeffie. When I read the words that Jeffie had left us, I was praying that what I read was not true. I began sobbing as if Jeffie had been my dog. In a way he was my dog and the dog of every person who ever read his blog. That’s how blogging is. The dogs, cats and misc. critters that we visit every day become ours, they are our friends, our family. It hurts to lose a beloved family member. It hurts, BIG TIME.

When I was going to post the above photo of Jeffie I put it in a photo editor thinking that I would make enhancements. I visited two of my favorite editing sites and decided there was nothing that was appropriate. Then it dawned on me, this photo needed no enhancement. This photo is Jeffie, the strikingly handsome dog that I loved as if he were my own. This photo reflects the pure beauty of the wonderful specimen that he was, it is only missing his trademark happy Jeffie grin.

I guess that is appropriate, I don’t feel much like smiling at all. My heart hurts for Sue and her husband and Sue’s other fur babies.

I am glad I chose not to edit this photo, this is Jeffie, he needed no enhancements. He was a stunningly handsome specimen with a heart of gold.

There are no words that can accurately convey just how much he will be missed, and the deep, profound hurt and sadness we feel for Sue and her family.

Run free Jeffie, we are deeply grateful to have had you as our friend.

With much love and our deepest sympathy,

Dakota, Cody and Caren



Happy Birthday Rudy!!!

Today a special pal of ours is turning 5!!!

It’s Rudy’s birthday!!!!

Click on the photo to bark out a Happy Birthday!!!
Click on the photo to bark out a Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday to my kitty brother!!!

I know it’s not every day that a dog is happy to live with a cat, but I am.

dakota and cody friendsedited

I love my brother!

I love to follow him around and sniff his butt.

I love to play with him.

cody and dakota playing

(sorry about the above photo, but it is old !)

I love that he wakes up the entire house first thing in the morning.

I love that his internal food clock works better than mine!

I love how he keeps me company

I love how we ponder life’s mysteries.

cody and dakota conversing2edited

He may be a cat, but he is my BEST FRIEND!


Cody is having a great WORLD-WIDE  GIVE-AWAY on his blog today!

Thanks to


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you could win this! 


cody birthday give away 1



happy birthday cody

Winner of Personalized Paw Print Dog Lover Necklace (#BlogPaws Jewelry!) from For Love of a Dog!

Happy Wednesday everybody!!

This is one EXCITING DAY!

Today I am announcing the WINNER OF THE:

Personalized Paw Print Dog Lover Necklace (#BlogPaws Jewelry!) from For Love of a Dog!

for love of a dog dakota give away necklace 3

To visit For Love Of A Dog click on photo!



If you are not the lucky winner, guess what?

There will be another give-away




But…we have ONE WINNER

(as chosen by





catfromhell april 2013

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Nellie’s comment was: 

On April 1, 2013 at 12:11 pm catfromhell said: 

Wowzers! Those is so beautiful ME would wears the too! Me LOVES the colors and the paw prints and the charms!!! Super! Me has to goes and look at her jewelry!
Mes Follwed the blog, liked on Facebook! Mes would LOVES to wins!

Nellie happens to live with doggies too!

Enjoy your necklace!!





Necklace measures 18″ or with extender chain, 21″. 
The REGULAR PRICE of this necklace would be $85 but Sue has put the necklace ON SALE for my readers for at least 2 weeks! The sale price is $50 which is a bargain for meticulously handcrafted, personalized, original jewelry that you CANNOT find anywhere else!  If you would like to order the necklace NOW, just click here

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


Enter to win! Personalized Paw Print Dog Lover Necklace (#BlogPaws Jewelry!) from For Love of a Dog!

Didn’t I tell all of you that I had a GREAT give-away up my sleeve? And….this is NOT an April Fool’s joke, it’s the real deal! You can enter to win a “Personalized Paw Print Dog Lover Necklace” (BlogPaws Jewelry) from:

for love of a dog logo with jewelry sues

This all came about a few weeks ago when Sue Kottwitz,  (the owner/creator of For Love Of A Dog Jewelry) and I were communicating back and forth via email, and Sue had the idea of making jewelry that would not only be ideal for those of us attending the BlogPaws Conference in May, but would also be suitable for those who are not members of BlogPaws (or bloggers), but would still love to purchase (or win!!) the necklace for themselves!

I thought that was a fantastic idea!

When I went to the BlogPaws conference  in 2011,  I brought way too much jewelry to “represent” both my dog AND my cat!   blogs. Packing was a nightmare, I had so many chains around my neck that I looked like “Mr.T!!

Well Sue came up with the PERFECT solution for that problem!

 Sue sent me a necklace that covered ALL of my “bases!”

 Here is a photo of my necklace!

for love of a dog MY official blogging necklace

The colors are perfect, and my dog, cat blogs,  AND BlogPaws are all “represented” on one necklace! That means, I will ONLY need to wear this necklace for the entire conference and I will just bring a pair of earrings with me. One packing challenge solved!

Being the incredibly kind, caring and giving person that Sue is, she offered to have a give-away on not just one of my blogs but BOTH of them! (The give-away on Cat Chat will be held on April 8th!)

for love of a dog dakota give away necklace 1 for love of a dog dakota give away necklace 2 for love of a dog dakota give away necklace 3

From For Love Of A Dog:

Dog Blogger Lampwork Necklace

This hand crafted necklace is a special tribute to the annual Blog Paws Conference event.  Sweet artisan lampwork black and white paw print beads and black agate gemstone beads are hand wire wrapped with silver jeweler’s wire.
The centerpiece consists of 3 separate hand stamped detachable charms.
  1. Silver paw print proclaiming BLOG PAWS accented with a ruby-red crystal rondel.
  2. Silver dog bone proclaiming BLOGGER, also accented with a ruby-red crystal rondel.
  3. Puffy red hand-made lampwork glass heart
Charms attach/detach with tiny lobster claw findings for easy on and off.  Wear charms solo or in any combination you desire.
Necklace measures 18″ or with extender chain, 21″. 
The REGULAR PRICE of this necklace would be $85 but Sue has put the necklace ON SALE for my readers for at least 2 weeks! The sale price is $50 which is a bargain for meticulously handcrafted, personalized, original jewelry that you CANNOT find anywhere else!  If you would like to order the necklace NOW, just click here
You can also ENTER TO WIN!
Note:  Winner may choose different personalization for the hand stamped paw and/or dog bone charms/  PLUS the winner may also substitute any of the charms on this necklace for the cat lampwork bead and/or dog bone lampwork bead that is on MY necklace as shown in the first photo.
The GIVE-AWAY is open to those living in the U.S. and/or CANADA!
The give-away starts NOW and will close on MONDAY, APRIL 8TH AT 5PM EST. The winner will be chosen by and will be announced on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10TH!
MANDATORY:Leave a comment telling me WHAT IT IS YOU LOVE about this necklace!
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Good Luck!
In full disclosure: 

As I mentioned on the last blog post where I featured For Love Of A Dog jewelry, I have BOUGHT a number of  pieces of Sue’s jewelry, and I couldn’t be happier. When I  mention the superb quality, value, creativity, uniqueness,  and appearance of Sue’s jewelry, I am saying that as a CUSTOMER, NOT as a person given an item for free to review. I BOUGHT Sue’s jewelry long before I ever won a bracelet, from her blog, and before I was sent my necklace for the purpose of a review/give-away.
All opinions are my own!


Thankful Thursday: For Love Of A Dog

Throughout the nearly four years I have blogged, I have seen many products and met, albeit in many cases” virtually”, many different people.

There are  products and people who come and go, and there are some you just know will be around forever. Some products thrive and remain popular due to their superior quality and the meticulous care that goes into making them, and there are some people who sparkle and shine both inside AND out, just like their products.

One of these people and her products, is Sue Kottwitz from For Love Of A Dog.

for love of a dog logo without jewelry sues

Click photo to visit Sue’s website and blog!

I have featured Sue a few times  on Dakota’s blog, and I am tickled to feature her again!  This  time I was the  lucky recipient of a gorgeous bracelet of Sue’s that came from a give-away that Sue had in honor of her cherished  mother’s birthday. (Sue’s mother passed earlier in February of 2013. What an incredible woman she had to have been to have raised a daughter who has a heart bursting with goodness, as Sue does.) 

Here  are photos of what I won:


From For Love Of A Dog: “This is a one of kind piece of dog lover jewelry that I created specially for this celebration.

The focal is a hand crafted purple porcelain dog bone with DOG MOM hand inscribed.  The dog bone is surrounded by a variety of chubby artisan lampwork beads in shades of purple and lavender.  Pale lavender core with purple raised dots, a looping scroll design, and a drum rondelle.”


From For Love Of A Dog: “The clasp is a silver heart with paw print lobster claw.  To finish things just right, I added an artisan lampwork heart that is nicely fat and scarlet red.   This bracelet is a $75 value!”

I wish you could see this bracelet in person, it is even more exquisite than it is in the photos. Here are some photos that I took:

Sue's creations are always packaged with love, and focus on presentation

Sue’s creations are always packaged with love, and focus on presentation


I squealed with delight when I opened my PRIZE!! It is something I will cherish forever!

I squealed with delight when I opened my PRIZE!!

Did you notice the beautiful presentation of the package?  A couple of years ago, I ordered pieces from Sue and some jewelry from another place, the jewelry all arrived at the same time. I felt bad for the “other” person, because her jewelry was wrapped in a haphazard manner, and then there was Sue’s? Who do YOU think I still purchase jewelry from?

The bracelet is simply GORGEOUS and as I mentioned before this is not the only piece of Sue’s jewelry that I own. I also bought some pieces myself, here is my beloved Sheltie necklace that I BOUGHT!

Yep I bought this breed specific necklace (along with some cat items but THIS is  a DOG blog!) I wore this necklace to BlogPaws 2011!

Yep I bought this breed specific necklace (along with some cat items but THIS is a DOG blog!) I wore this necklace to BlogPaws 2011!

Are you drooling by now? I thought so! It wouldn’t be fair of me to show you these wonderful items and not tell you that we have an upcoming GIVE-AWAY that will be on Dakota’s blog THIS MONDAY APRIL 1st (and THAT is no joke!) You will have to come back Monday to see what you can enter to win if you live in the U.S. AND CANADA! (it is TOTALLY different than what is featured here today!)

In the meantime you can follow Sue every which way possible and count the minutes til you can enter on MONDAY!