It never gets easier.

benny cody and dakota

I love blogging, I truly do, but there are times like this one where it becomes an activity that I hate. There are too many dogs and cats crossing the Rainbow Bridge lately and the void we feel without them is simply devastating.

Bloggers spend much of their time flitting from blog to blog, laughing, learning, ooohing and ahhhing over photos and enjoying reading about adventures shared.  When asked, most of us couldn’t tell you the names of the bloggers behind the blogs, but ask us the names of their pets? Now THOSE NAMES we know!

The pets that we read about touch us in ways that we aren’t even cognizant of at the time, it is only when they are no longer with us that we begin to truly understand how much they meant to us.

Benny and Lily from Two French Bulldogs

Benny and Lily from Two French Bulldogs

Benny’s Mom, human, whatever you want to call her, had a way with oh-so-few words and through some fabulous photos, of sharing the feisty personalities of her beloved “Frenchies.” Through her dry wit and keen insight and understanding of her babies (Benny and Lily), she made us feel as if they were ours.

When they hurt, we hurt. Oh are we hurting.

Benny fought a brave fight with cancer, but he could only fight so much.

Benny from Two French Bulldogs

Benny from Two French Bulldogs

We guess God really needed an Angel.

Benny, Lily and “Mom” we love you, we hurt with you, and we DEEPLY THANK YOU for the joy you brought (and hopefully will still bring through sweet Lily) each and every time we visited your blog.

Benny, you were one insanely special little guy,

We will NEVER forget you and will ALWAYS miss you,

With much love and our deepest sympathy,

Dakota, Cody and Caren