Dog Tongue Tuesday:My Cousin Max

Hi all it’s Dakota! Back in December of 2011 I pawed a blog post that featured my woofie cousins and some of my kitty cousins that live in Florida. I had no readers then, (since my blog had just started that April, not that I have THAT many more NOW BOL!!), so I wanted to share portions of that post, and a few photos.


This photo was  taken by my Aunt Nancy.  Mom touched it up in Picmonkey. Doesn’t it look cool? The kitty at the top is “Jennifer”, the middle kitty is “Rosie” and the doggy is  “Max” who was a puppy at the time this photo was taken. He is an English Springer Spaniel. Aunt Nancy also has a kitty named Oscar, (who is Cody’s doppleganger),  and another doggy that looks just like Max whose name is Molly!!!!

This photo is one of my all time favorites of me and Aunt Nancy. Can you tell I have a giant crush on her?

Me and my Aunt Nancy

Me and my Aunt Nancy


She’s so pretty you can see why I love her so!!

Anyway, Max’s sister Molly wasn’t feeling well recently, (she is doing MUCH better now), and when Mom was texting with Aunt Nancy last Sunday, Aunt Nancy sent Mom  this photo of my cousin Max. Not only has he TOTALLY grown up from when you last saw him (if you saw him, BOL in 2011), but he is the PERFECT model for “Tongue Tuesday”…………..

max tongue tuesday

My Cousin Max and His Giant Tongue!!

Don’t you agree?

You can see that good looks run in the family!

Have a great day all!

Barks and licks and love,


Wordless Wednesday

My cousin Max in Florida, photo taken by Mom