Merry Christmas to ALL!

Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy Christmas!!!!

Hi my furiends!!! It’s Dakota! Mom and I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

We also wanted to share cards with you that we received via email. (These cards feature dogs only, dogs that live with cats, and other animals.) If you want to see more cats they are on Cody’s blog today! If you sent us a card via email and we missed adding it here, please let us know!!

Mom and I are hoping that tomorrow we can post our snail mail cards!

Mom and I are deeply touched that we received so many lovely email cards! Thank you dear friends for visiting us, we know that everyone is so busy, but it means the world to us when you stop by and give us a “bark out.”

Have a beautiful Christmas and in case you didn’t receive our card via email you can snag it here!

And…because Mom absolutely ADORES Jimmy Fallon, enjoy!!


My Mom is a Grinch

Hi every woofie , it’s Dakota and while animals and people around the world are filled with joy, my sensitive Sheltie soul has been SHATTERED!


I’ll tell you why! For the past few weeks I have been watching my kitty brother receive holiday card after holiday card,  he has so many that I don’t have enough paws to count them all. EVERYWHERE I TURN THERE ARE CATS STARING ME IN THE FACE…..SO MANY THAT HE HAD TO MAKE A VIDEO TO FEATURE THEM, and his video doesn’t count the ones that came via snail mail!



Me? I have enough to count on LESS THAN TWO PAWS!!  Why? Because my thoughtless Mom added our address to my kitty brother’s card exchange list but COMPLETELY FORGOT to add mine to the WOOFIE LIST!! Don’t get me wrong! I am GRATEFUL for the woofies out there that thought of me in spite of my Mom’s inexcusable mistake…(I received cards from Easy, Sheltie Times, Dex at Fidose of Reality, Eva the Sheltie’s Mom, Ace,  and a woofie or two was sent to our family), but that is it. It’s NO ONE’S FAULT BUT MY MOM’S! You can see most of the cards for both Cody and I below, but there ARE some that didn’t make it into the collage.

Dakota holiday 2015

If you have a Mom that was a rude Grinch and  didn’t put YOUR name  on a holiday card list, please feel free to grab our card below……….Oh and you are WELCOME to photoshop it to cut my kitty brother and my Mom  OUT  of the photo!

Card created by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry. Click on the card to visit her blog...but let me warn features MOSTLY KITTIES!

Card created by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry. Click on the card to visit her blog…but let me warn you…it features MOSTLY KITTIES!


So, anyway, hoping you all have a more thoughtful Mom than I have, and I hope that Santa is EXTRA good to ALL of you! Thank you for visiting me when I know you have much better things to do!!!

Barks and licks and love,


Merry Christmas to all of our friends!

“Twas the night before Christmas…”

The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas graphic produced by Pet365 and Dogorama. Click here to view the original post.

Pets And The Holidays, From Trupanion

Pets and the Holidays
Pets and the Holidays graphic created by Trupanion.