A Barking Good Time!

We have been experiencing some wonderful and unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan and we try to take advantage of it every chance we get! I filmed this video a few weeks ago during our first warm spell, and I anticipate after the warm week we had last week, that there are many more fun times ahead!

Dakota loves to play fetch with his Dad and loves to bark to tell him when to throw the ball. I apologize that it is a little fuzzy, I was on the balcony of our second floor condo and had to “zoom”…….

May YOU have a BARKING GOOD TIME this weekend as well!

#VIDEO-Mama’s Home! #BlogPaws 2013

Hi guys!! It’s Dakota’s Mom and I wanted to show you the enthusiastic “welcome home” that I received from
Dakota when I returned home from the  BlogPaws  conference this past Sunday.

Dakota has a tradition of grabbing his red, white and blue ball when Lenny and I return home from anywhere! Whether we are gone 5 minutes, 5 hours or days, Dakota grabs that ball and I have to sing “Hooray for the red, white and blue!!”

I kept the camera running, in an attempt to  capture Dakota’s jubilation to have me back home. I wanted this to be real, raw and unedited! It sure is!  I  apologize for the poor video quality and my saying “Mama’s Home” a ridiculous number of times.  Please realize that I was pretty darned excited to see Dakota (and Cody) too!

Sheltie and Laughing Baby-Video

I found this and HAD to share!

Go ahead and laugh!

Have a great weekend all!!

Sheltie Puppy Vs. Toy-Wordless Wednesday