Dog Treats & Jingle Toys Encourages Pet Adoption-A Guest Blog By Aubree Sweeney



Adopting a pet is one of the most rewarding things you can do, not only for the pet but, for yourself. I can speak from experience when I say rescue pets positively impact our lives, in not only a physical, but also an emotional way.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if it wasn’t for Jake and She-Ra, my two rescue pets, I simply wouldn’t be me.

I'm A Rescue

When you adopt, you’re not just saving one pet. You’re making room for another at the shelter or rescue. That’s two lives and you have a new best friend.  Sounds like a great deal to me! For me, and many out there, adoption is and will always be the only choice.  Sadly, according to Best Friends Animal Society, less than 20% of pets in homes are rescues.  It’s high time for that to change.  The worst part is, despite countless campaigns, the general public is often times still misinformed about homeless pets.


The Top Two Reasons Why People Don’t Adopt


1. I’m only interested in a specific breed/purebred.

2. If the pet’s in a shelter there’s surely some sort of behavioral issue.


First, 10-15% of shelter pets are purebreds and to top that off, there are countless breed specific rescues. Northern Plains Boxer Rescue is one of my favorites. My boxer brother Cappy was adopted through them about two years ago.


As for number two: Really? It’s the homeless pets fault he or she is homeless? Pets in shelters, more often than not, are there because of circumstances out of their control; the family moves, owner health issues, divorce. In short, people problems.


After a short stint of feeling helpless over the plight of homeless pets, I decided I was going to do something about it.  Armed with a pen, She-Ra swatting at it, and Jake sleeping on my feet, I began writing about our day to day, silly memories and what not.  Swiftly, those scribblings turned into Dog Treats & Jingle Toys.

E1 Everyone

Dog Treats & Jingle Toys is a comedy web-series, which we believe will encourage pet adoption. The story follows a young woman who has recently adopted her first pet, a senior lab-mix from a shelter.  The show is not just amusing. It also introduces viewers to an adoptable pet at the end of each episode. Our mentality about the project is, if we can get one pet adopted we’ve succeeded.  As of today, the pets featured in episode one and two have both found their forever homes!

E2 Shelter


Enjoy Our First Episode!


Our third episode airs this Tuesday! 

In addition, we’re also running  “Share Your Pet’s Adoption Story” through our website.  We believe through sharing stories of the pawsitive inspiration pets bring to our world, we can encourage pet adoption and save lives. If you’re interested in sharing your pet’s story, you can submit via our Facebook Page, the contact form on our website, or email us directly.