PoopBuddy! “Eco Chic” and Vibrant Poop Bags! Perfect for the Scoop That Poop” Campaign! Give-Away!

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PoopBuddy Bag Assortment

Hi and happy Monday every furry! Today I am honored to be pawticipating in a MOST IMPORTANT  blog/hop/campaign that was started by my friend Sugar and is also being co-hosted by other furiends of mine ,  Gizmo  and Garth, and that is the:

“Scoop That Poop” Campaign

I know from listening to my Mom and Dad whine     discussing it, there is NOTHING WORSE than going for a walk to the park, our courtyard, ANYWHERE and coming across other people’s POOP! I am saying people, because we are DOGS, we don’t have the means to pick up our poop ourselves, or trust me, we would!

scoop that poop

Sometimes people don’t mean to leave the stinky poop there for others to pick up, it could often be due to not having a bag available at that moment because we doggies often surprise our people and take POOPS when they least suspect it!  As I mentioned in my earlier post, this has happened to my Mom and she has been forced to use leaves to pick up my poop! 

As you will see in this blog hop there are many ways to solve the POOP PICKING UP PROBLEM and today I would like to tell you about a FAVORITE of mine!

A month or so ago I featured a new subscription service called:

Click on the logo to visit their website!

Click on the logo to visit their website!


Which provides the coolest and most stylish POOP BAGS

that make it SUPER EASY TO:

dakota pick up your poop



At the time I wrote this post I had told you that when I was able to try out the bags, I would let you know what I thought! Well, here we go!

Here is what I received:

poop buddy what i received to try

Isn’t this just great!? I love how the poop bags are handily attached and they even provided a poop bag holder called a “Bag Buddy”! Look at the beautiful colors!!! And they give you soooo many bags!

I have to admit, Mom was confused and couldn’t figure out how to work the Bag Buddy, so our friend at POOPBUDDY HEADQUARTERS sent Mom these great photos of their resident doggy “Bogey” modeling how the poop bag holder should be used.

poop buddy dog with bag

poop bag holder 2

AND….she even took the time to give my Mom some paws-on instructions!


Bag Buddy is totally different from most poop bag holders. It’s easy though, just stick the top part of the bag (any way you like) through the opening and the “teeth” will hold it in place. No more carrying the poop bags–plus you can hook it right onto your leash. We love it because it’s a great, lightweight way to carry the bags without having to buy a bulky holder, plus it shows off the bags 😉

See? It’s Easy-Peasy!!

The PoopBuddy poop bags come in a vibrant assortment of colors and patterns:

PoopBuddy Bags



And are convenient and EASY to use! Well, for MOM they were, for Dad, he has a little trouble opening the bags. Mom just licks her thumb and index finger (kinda like the bags for produce at the grocery store) and she is able to open them with NO PROBLEM.  Dads can be a little different…but I digress…..

These spectacular bags give you NO REASON to NOT PICK UP YOUR POOP and with the convenient bag holder they are always “paw-cessible!!”

The PoopBuddy handy delivery service comes in  super affordable options :

  • a Monthly Supply–$10/month
  • 3 Month Supply–$9/month
  • 6 Month Supply—$8/month

and there is even a GIFT OPTION that you can send to your furiends or maybe send as a HINT to someone to PICK UP THEIR POOP!


When you sign up for PoopBuddy, every month you will receive a package of eco chic poop bags delivered to your door. With PoopBuddy bags, picking up after your dog is not only green but it adds fun to an otherwise stinky task.

Instead of driving to the pet store and looking through hundreds of pet products, we make it convenient to reduce your dog’s carbon footprint. No more forgetting to buy poop bags. No more forgetting to be green.


Now, on to the exciting part! My dear furiends at PoopBuddy are giving ONE LUCKY READER OF MY BLOG THAT LIVES IN THE U.S.  Their own SUMMER PACKAGE of the PoopBuddy  bags, along with the Bag Buddy! (18 and older only please)

THE GIVE-AWAY IS OPEN NOW and the winner will be  chosen by www.random.org and will be announced on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 28TH.


Leave a comment telling me WHO will be using

the PoopBuddy Poop Bags!





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Good luck and go on out



Barks and licks and love, Dakota



In Full Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive PLENTY of PoopBuddy bags as shown above which will enable my Mom and Dad to keep picking up my poop with ease!

Dog Poop Happens! Listen up for a Sneak Preview of a new subscription service!

Hi my furiends, it’s Dakota  and boy oh boy am I ever excited to bark some news out at you!

I was contacted the other day by a wonderful woman who sent me information about a new subscription service, and she asked if I would help her BARK out the news!   I told her I am ALWAYS up for a BARK about SOMETHING! Especially something that I think will have you or your human barking with joy!

Doggies, you know how when you take a walk with your human and you stop to use the facilities, it oftentimes is accompanied by all sorts of barking curse words from your human? Why? THEY FORGOT TO BRING A BAG TO PICK UP THE POOP!!!

dakota pick up your poop


That is the most frustrating thing for our humans! I am ashamed to say I have seen my Mom grab giant leaves (yes, you heard me correctly!) from bushes and use THOSE to pick up my poop because she was too lazy to go back upstairs to get a bag.

My Dad is guilty too. If he doesn’t have a bag, he will often LEAVE THE POOP until he makes a trip back outside!

Dakota and Daddy October

Well, you know how THAT goes! The ONE time that you don’t have a bag and you leave the poop, you get a crotchety neighbor with nothing to do but dial phones and report renegade poop (key Wicked Witch of the West music from the Wizard of Oz here)   she almost steps in aforementioned poop, and then, you get a note chastising you about proper poop disposal. YES! Dad DOES go back out and pick up the poop but sometimes not fast enough!

Did you know?

“Scientists have been able to trace dangerous bacteria in water back to dog waste. By offering people an affordable, fun and convenient way to keep a constant supply of waste bags, PoopBuddy aims to help reduce the spread of water pollution by the 72M strong dog owning community.”

Let’s not forget the current uproar about plastic bags being harmful to the environment. Soon, they might be a thing of the past. Imagine having eco-friendly, super-cool looking waste pick-up bags automatically mailed to your house! Your humans will be so happy that they will become never ending treat dispensers!

I want to give you a peek at a new product called:

Click on the logo to visit their website!

Click on the logo to visit their website!


An Eco-Chic Poop Bag Delivery Service

PoopBuddy Bag Assortment

“The service addresses the increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags and the want for fun and stylish dog accessories. PoopBuddy aims to motivate the 40% of dog owners who opt out of dog waste cleanup to form new habits.”

PoopBuddy Bags

Are these too cool or what? Remember, I told you this is just a “sneak peek.” PoopBuddy is shipping me a bag (I hope more than one bag but we will see!), so that I can tell you what I think of these,  and then I will give you more information about how the subscription service works.

If you can’t wait, you can always  visit their website give them a bark-out on Facebook  in the meantime!!

ABOUT PoopBuddy: Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, PoopBuddy is a subsidiary of OnePet.co. Founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurial-minded dog lovers who believe that people can love their pup, love their planet and look like a million bucks.

Stay tuned for my review of the product when it arrives, I received no compensation for this post. I will receive a PoopBuddy bag.

Barks and licks and love,