Happy Autumn! (Wordless Wednesday)

dakota autumn 2015

#NutrishPetMoments Rachael Ray Nutrish Fur Real Pet Moments Contest! Win Nutrish for a year + $1,500!

Being a pet parent herself, Rachael Ray KNOWS what that entails! She will often share snippets on her show of some of the latest antics of her dog, Isaboo, ( Isaboo sometimes makes appearances on Rachael’s show too and in her mag and I always love seeing her!), and she LOVES hearing about the antics of our pets too!

As a result Rachael Ray Nutrish wants to celebrate those moments where you just know you’re a pet parent with the “Fur Real Pet Moments” meme contest. You know those moments, let’s say you bought them a toy, but all they cared about was the box or their favorite chew toy is your finger, or worse yet, a table leg!

Create your own meme using the generator provided on the Rachael Ray Nutrish “Fur Real Pet Moments” contest page. and enter!  (You must enter by September 20th, 2015 for a chance to win!) It’s super easy! All you do is choose one of your photos, and Nutrish makes the creation process a breeze,  by providing a number of fun captions for you to choose from! It is your chance  to show other pet parents they’re not alone! As you are going to do, I JUMPED on the chance to make mine!




When people who don’t blog look at photos of our pets and comment about how “cute” they are, they often aren’t aware of just how hard it can be to take those photos, especially when you have a pet who is camera-shy, or more than likely, is just annoyed by my constantly approaching him for photos.

I see other people with dogs who willingly pose for photos with glee (often including elaborate props) and I think, “Hmmm, it’s either ME or I just have a dog who derives great enjoyment out of seeing what lengths I will go to finally get a decent photo!”

Does any of that ring true for ANY of you?

Back in the day when Dakota was young and would tear up wood doors, eat cell phones, stuffed animals, paper and anything he could get his paws on, it was MUCH easier.

Dakota meme 1

After the “crime” was committed, all I had to do was grab the camera (more than likely, my phone, since that is always with me), and CLICK. Easy-peasy. Oh if it only were ALWAYS that easy!

Most of the time, when I need to take photos of Dakota for a blog post, what I get is what you see below. No amount of treat offering, or sweet coaxing will get him to come out from his “Den” which is conveniently located under our coffee table.

Dakota meme 3

I will make all sorts of intriguing “deals” with him about all of the great treats he will get if he cooperates. I will speak softly or with enthusiasm, but when Dakota is in his “no go” mood, NONE of that will work.

That is until…I am NOT taking a photo of him and do NOT want him in the photo AT ALL:

Dakota meme 4

Ok seriously, WHO could resist this giant Sheltie nose? Certainly not me and it enabled me to trick him and finally get a photo of him!

I often feel guilty following Dakota around with a camera. Maybe if I planned better I could just grab shots more at random, rather than waiting until I absolutely NEED THEM to try. What do you think?

I love my crazy Sheltie boy and if you have been following this blog since its inception in 2011, you KNOW that Dakota has been eating Rachael Ray Nutrish since 2008 (do the math, that’s WAY before he EVER blogged). I was drawn to the brand for a variety of reasons, just a few of them being:

  • For Rachael Ray food equals love — whether she’s cooking a meal for friends or working with pet nutrition experts to create delicious recipes for our family’s furry companions, I KNOW there is a great deal of love, time and thought being put into the recipes!
  • A portion of Rachael’s personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue to help animals in need.
  • Rachael’s Rescue was created for all of the forgotten pets — the ones that might not have someone who loves them as much as you love your pet.
  • Rachael’s personal proceeds from sales of Nutrish have gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for animals in need.
    • Every Rachael Ray Nutrish food and treat recipe is made with simple ingredients like real meat and wholesome veggies, so they’re naturally delicious.
    • Dakota meme 2 So when I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY  MUST HAVE A PHOTO, I just whip out my bag of Nutrish and voila!! I click away and end up with the most adorable Sheltie smile EVER!! This boy, whom I love with all of my heart, in spite of the fact that he often drives me crazy, LOVES his Nutrish and I LOVE serving it to him!!!

8 Photos of Happiness

It has been so much fun going around the blogosphere and seeing all of the posts that fellow bloggers have created showcasing their 8 Photos of Happiness.

The 8 Photos of Happiness tag was created by a blog called: Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet and the instructions to follow were posted on her blog post titled: 8 Photos of Happiness Tag.

The instructions are as follows:

Rules and explanation of this tag:

  • Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post—I was honored to be nominated by one of my blogging pals: My Kid Has Paws . 
  • Link the creator (Ariel’s little corner of the internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness—Here we go!!! For my photos, I am choosing a variety of photos that have appeared on Dakota’s blog since his blog first began in 2011. They are photos that make ME smile!! Ariel’s instructions say:
    • The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
    •        Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking!
    • Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers! (Because I hate to leave anyone out and possibly hurt their feelings, if you haven’t been tagged, feel free to join in!)

cody and dakota wordless wednesday

  • I love this photo and the one below it, because we are so blessed that Dakota and Cody have such an amazing friendship!!
  • Dakota and Cody Brotherly Love
  • Dakota and his “Mini-Me!!”
  • dakota mini me black and white

The next two photos depict something that Dakota does with me EVERY DAY!!

Dakota kissing me!

  • We have a MAJOR love affair going on!
  • Dakota and I march 2011
  • Dakota’s Aunt Nancy is one of the loves of his life!
  • Me and my Aunt Nancy

    Me and my Aunt Nancy

  • Who can resist this smile?
  • dakota incredible smile 2014
  • And THIS smile!!
  • dakota smiling NEW July 2013
  • Hope these photos made YOU smile!!!
  • Have a great day all!!!

Doe Eyes:Wordless Wednesday

dakota gorgeous side view for wordless wednesday feb 25

Sensitivity:Wordless Wednesday

dakota for black and white sunday march 1 2015


The mighty Lion and his “prey” Black and White Sunday

dakota plastic bone for black and white sunday Feb 15

You gotta love that WILD Manly Mane!!!!

Our thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

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