Happy Birthday Rudy!!!

Today a special pal of ours is turning 5!!!

It’s Rudy’s birthday!!!!

Click on the photo to bark out a Happy Birthday!!!
Click on the photo to bark out a Happy Birthday!!!


Not Just #Puppy Love: #Dog Parties for All Occasions (Guest Blog)

As we get ready to leave our home, they look at us with their big eyes and wait patiently for us to return. Whether we were gone for 5 minutes to the mailbox or for 9 hours at work, we come home to the same excitement – Tail wagging and the clippity sound of their paws as they prance around waiting for ear rubs. Now if this type of joy doesn’t deserve a party, I simply don’t know what does! WhenPoochComesToShove.com offers dog party themes for all occasions to help you honor your furbaby with the celebration they can really bark about.

Custom dog party themes #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PoochPawty

Dog parties can be held for any occasion, whether it is celebrating a new addition to the family with a puppy shower, welcoming a pooch into their forever-home with an adoption shower, honoring a pup who has been a member of the family with a bruffday party or hosting a unique corporate event with a dog party picnic.

Types of Puppy Parties #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PoochPawty

1. Puppy Showers

Everyone wants to go to a puppy shower! Nothing brings more giggles than puppy kisses with little wet noses and the sweet puppy breath that follows. You can introduce your new furbaby to your friends and family with a custom puppy shower from WhenPoochComesToShove.com. Create unique puppy party invitations with your event details, then go crazy planning a perfectly coordinated puppy shower.

2. Adoption Shower

You have found the perfect pooch for you and your family; and after the adoption papers are signed, you are ready to welcome him into his new forever home. Once the dust settles and he is comfortable in his new space, it is definitely time to introduce him to the rest of your world. Host an adoption shower for everyone who has been waiting oh-so patiently to meet the newest member of the family. You can also celebrate the anniversary of a dog coming into your life with an dog adoption anniversary party.

Custom dog party themes #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PoochPawty

3. Birthday Party

Bruffday parties are exceptionally special since they honor your furbaby with a dog birthday party – complete with treats, toys and custom dog birthday party hats. Start with a yummy dog-friendly cake, then take your pick from a variety of custom dog birthday decorations to really get everyone ready to pawty. Your pup has been a loyal companion since he trotted into your life and you can bet he will enjoy this celebration as much as you do!

How to host a dog birthday party #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PoochPawty

4. Company Events

Another great way to celebrate our love of dogs is to incorporate dog parties into other events. Corporate events, such as summer parties, are even more fun when you can show off your furry friend to coworkers. Our pups are natural ice breakers and will get a crowd mingling in record time. Dog party games will get everyone participating your corporate event – no one can resist a game of Luck Dog Musical Chairs!

Puppy Party Ideas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PoochPawty

WhenPoochComesToShove.com offers everything you need to make your dog party you-nique so no matter which type of puppy party you are hosting, you are bound to have a barking-good time.

Company Dog Party Ideas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PoochPawty


 In full disclosure: I was NOT compensated for featuring “When Pooch Comes To Shove” on Dakota’s blog. I actually met Lindsey in the BlogPaws Community and was totally smitten with what she does, and her website, and asked if she would be interested in appearing on our blog as a guest blogger. At the time, I was planning a little doggie pawty for Dakota and a few of his pals for a Nutrish blog post which will appear on Monday, December 30th. I told her I wished I had met her BEFORE I had already made purchases for Dakota’s party, but I am DEFINITELY going to use her website in the future!