What a LUCKY Dog! I’m in “Doggitude:What Dogs REALLY Think–In 17 Sassy Syllables” by Carole Pivarnik

Hi my furiends! I am spinning with Sheltie delight to present a MOST SPECIAL BOOK to you today!!

The book is called:

Click on photo to purchase!

Click on photo to purchase!

It is a most exquisite book by Watercolor Artist and Author Carole Pivarnik who specializes in dog portraits and canine fine art.

“Our dogs love, worship and adore us (or so we hope) but what’s really going on in those canine minds when they’re giving us “the look” or staring off into space? Doggitude takes a light-hearted look at the irreverent inner dialogues of 36 endearing dogs, given voice in amusingly sassy haiku poems.”

Doggitude came to be after a successful Kickstarter campaign that Carole had begun approximately a year ago. Mom is upset that at the time she submitted my photo, she had never heard of Kickstarter, and is embarrassed that she didn’t get to donate for this project. Mom would love if Carole would let her know if she may donate either to HER or a cause that is dear to her.

I am honored to be one of the dogs who had the privilege of being painted by Carole. When my book arrived I couldn’t wait to get my paws on it to see my page!

doggitude and dakota

When Mom and I opened the book

we were blown away by the

Blue Ribbon  bookmark that says:

“Bark Well! Play Often! Wag Much!”

I was also touched that Carole had written a special note


doggitude inside book

My Mom was speechless when she saw

the beauty of my page:

doggitude my page


Isn’t that EXQUISITE?

The Haiku that Carole wrote for me

was just perfect too!

Mom had told Carole about my “thief-like” tendencies.

I will steal socks, shoes, newspapers, if it isn’t nailed down, it’s MINE!

Carole’s Haiku for me is below:

“Want it? Come get it!

Faster, faster, go, go, go!

Good luck catching me!

The other dogs featured in Doggitude are equally as stunning as my painting is. Carole’s talent is superb!

You can keep up with news about future Doggitude projects by visiting Carole’s Facebook page and clicking the like button.

Also, you MUST visit www.doggitude.com

Follow Carole on Twitter @Doggitude

Be sure to visit Carole’s art website as well! www.carolepivarnik.com

To purchase Doggitude visit: Amazon by clicking here

And Goodreads by clicking here

Thank you Carole for making me a part of a book that my Mom and I will cherish forever!

Barks and licks and love,


The “Soul of the Dog”–Dakota’s eyes captured by Artist, Sheila Wedegis

click on my eyes to visit Sheila's blog!

click on my eyes to visit Sheila’s blog!

Isn’t this just unbelievable?

Mom and I think that Sheila captured my eyes beautifully. So beautifully that Mom has bought this painting and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Some of you might be familiar with the art of Sheila Wedegis, but for those who aren’t,  this painting is part of a 30 day challenge that artist Sheila Wedegis is taking part in called


“The eyes are the windows to the soul” 

so it was no wonder that Sheila chose to paint dog’s eyes for her challenge.

Mom and I are just in love with this painting!

If you would like to submit a photo of your dog,  visit Sheila’s blog here and I linked to her in various other areas of this post.

You can also visit her on Facebook by clicking here

Thank you so much Sheila! You are sooo talented!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”