Dog Art:Self Pawtrait Challenge

We were so excited when we saw the blog post from Louis Dog Armstrong, the Director of Arts and Entertainment for Blogville and the brilliant woofie behind the blog, Louisdog’s Life about the Self Pawtrait challenge!! Loving art the way Mom and I do, we KNEW we just had to pawticipate!  Here is our entry!

Mom and I created my self pawtrait by taking a photo, and then we popped over to Dreamscope (one of our favorite photo “painting” apps! After painting, we headed over to Ribbet to add some additional elements and a frame. We hope you like it! Mom and I are also posting this on Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop!!!

(No worries, woofies are allowed to enter too!!!)

“Feelin’ Groovy!”

Thank you dear furiends for your care and concern when I was at the Vet for my dental a few days ago!  It warms my Sheltie heart!

Do you believe that Mom had the NERVE to take a photo of me afterwards when I was still  in the “Land of Psychedelic Shelties?” She did the SAME thing last year! I think she started some sort of sick new tradition at my expense!  Well, I wouldn’t let her put up the original photo, my nose was all swollen and my eyes didn’t have their normal Sheltie sparkle. I made Mom touch up the photo in Dreamscope to better depict how I TRULY was feeling! Here you go!


Now this isn’t so bad!

The Vet and Vet Tech said I was a super good boy and took everything in stride! They said I am “sweet!!” Well, OF COURSE I am!! “Dr.Smiley”, my usual Vet, didn’t do the dental because he doesn’t clean teeth, one of his equally “smiley” associates did, and she was WONDERFUL!! They all took such good care of me!  I am completely back to my barking self! Thank you all for your kind words to Mom while she was a nervous wreck! You are all “sweet” too!!

Barks and licks and love,



A Blog You Should Follow!

While making my blog rounds, it is always a special treat to run across something (or someone) who is super special, and that is exactly what happened last week when we were reading One Spoiled Cat, a blog that our dear friend Sammy and his loving and gifted Mom Pam, work tirelessly on.

There was an incredible drawing of Sammy that was done  by Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen who is currently working on doing “One Drawing Daily”.  To quote Thomas “I have been drawing and painting and learning every day since the 9th September 2014.” 

With every drawing, Thomas writes about how it was done, the medium used, etc.

Thomas put a call out that if you would like a sketch done, just leave him a comment on his blog, telling him so. Boy oh boy is he ever quick! I left a comment about both of my boys, and I do subscribe to Thomas’s blog, but didn’t know he had done a sketch of Dakota til Pam left a message on our blog.

Here is the incredible sketch he did of my Dakota!!! Thomas captured the sensitivity in Dakota’s eyes just by using a ballpoint pen! Click on Dakota’s photo to read about how it was done and to follow Thomas’s blog and to see all of the other amazing drawings that he has done for many of us! Thank you so much Thomas! I LOVE IT!!!

Dakota sketch


Be sure to “Like” One Drawing Daily on Facebook too!

Words on Wednesday: Pet Portraits:Paws For A Cause

Hi every furry and happy Wednesday!

One of the many things that Mom and I love about blogging is that we have met so many talented people (and doggies and kitties and piggies and ferrets, etc., etc.) along the way.

One of these talented people is the Mom of Reilly and Denny from the blog The Cowspot Dogs  If you don’t know Reilly and Denny, please be sure to visit them. They are Shelties like me!

Reilly and Denny’s Mom is a talented painter, and she surprised Mom and I by painting a beautiful pawtrait of me! When the mail person arrived at my house I barked more than usual because I sniffed out that there was something special coming my way!

Here is what I opened first:

cowspot card

This is an adorable card that Reilly and Denny’s Mom sent to Mom and I. We love it!

Now, here is the BEST part!

““The painting has a life of its own”  ― Jackson Pollock

cowspot painting

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” 
― Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray

Isn’t the painting just pawtastic!? Mom and I pawticularly LOVE how my eyes were captured. I liked it so much I had to take a closer look:

cowspot painting dakota looking at it


Mom and I are THRILLED with my pawtrait! We think that Reilly and Denny’s Mom is super talented! Wouldn’t a painting of your pet make a PAWTASTIC gift? It would be a great surprise for a birthday, retirement, the holidays, or “just because!”

You can see more PAWTASTIC paintings on Reilly and Denny’s Mom’s special page on their blog  called Paws for A Cause. Here is some info that I think you will love, directly from Reilly and Denny’s Mom!

Six years ago I became “Mom” to a wonderful furbaby by name of Reilly. We started a dog blog to chronicle his growing up and the adventures he went on.  boys7 Two years ago we added another furbaby to our family Denny. Through our ‘dog blogging’ we came to know the lives of so many online buddies.  We laugh with them, worry about them if they are sick and cry when they pass away. What started as a way to let furbaby parents know we were thinking about them through the act of sending a simple card – became a way for us to help all kinds of animals in need. Thus I created “Paws For A Cause”  A percentage of the items I make and sell is donated to variety of causes.

Mom and I think it would be great if pet people would order a painting from Reilly and Denny’s Mom! Just think of all of the animals that you will help! To get pricing info and other information just visit Paws For A Cause!

Barks and licks and love,


The “Soul of the Dog”–Dakota’s eyes captured by Artist, Sheila Wedegis

click on my eyes to visit Sheila's blog!

click on my eyes to visit Sheila’s blog!

Isn’t this just unbelievable?

Mom and I think that Sheila captured my eyes beautifully. So beautifully that Mom has bought this painting and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Some of you might be familiar with the art of Sheila Wedegis, but for those who aren’t,  this painting is part of a 30 day challenge that artist Sheila Wedegis is taking part in called


“The eyes are the windows to the soul” 

so it was no wonder that Sheila chose to paint dog’s eyes for her challenge.

Mom and I are just in love with this painting!

If you would like to submit a photo of your dog,  visit Sheila’s blog here and I linked to her in various other areas of this post.

You can also visit her on Facebook by clicking here

Thank you so much Sheila! You are sooo talented!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”


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