Book Feature: What to Expect When Adopting A Dog: A Guide to Successful Dog Aoption For Every Family by Diane Rose-Solomon

FROM DAKOTA’S DEN: I agreed to review What to Expect When Adopting A Dog by Diane Rose-Solomon, months ago.  Diane was kind enough to approach me because I had reviewed another book of hers,  I agreed because I have met Diane in person and love her, I admire her writing, and I admire her commitment to the well-being/welfare of animals. But…. I was feeling more and more like a hypocrite. Why? I DID NOT ADOPT MY DOG. I got my dog from a responsible breeder. 

I pride myself on being transparent and a trusted source for book reviews and product reviews on my blog. Since I did not adopt Dakota, I have chosen to post about this book as a “book feature” (as opposed to a “book review”), because I think it is a marvelous guide and a MUST HAVE FOR ALL PET OWNERS. I will share information about the book, but I can’t offer any insight about dog adoption since I did not adopt Dakota. How could I honestly do anything else? Many of YOU out there have far more knowledge about dog adoption than I do, Diane and YOU are the experts on dog adoption. I am not. That being said, when you read about this book, I believe you will agree it is a must-have for anyone who is contemplating dog adoption, or for pet parents who have questions, or for anyone integrating a dog into their home.

“I’m so impressed and truly excited about this book. It’s a much-needed resource for shelters, rescues, bloggers, and anyone interested in or considering a “new” pet in their home. There is a wealth of information and Diane Rose-Solomon’s insight into pet adoption and successful homing of a new dog into your family, is outstanding. “ From Yvonne DiVita, Co-Founder of BlogPaws, Woman of the Year, Women in the Pet Industry Network.


Diane is a Certified Humane Education Specialist and has gathered a national network of colleagues who are top pet professionals. Through her volunteerism with rescue or­ganizations, she’s met many prospective pet owners asking questions and voicing concerns about pet adoption.

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog offers expert advice from rescue specialists, veterinarians, dog parents, and pet business own­ers with links to the best, most relevant articles from pet profession­als, making this book a one-stop shop for all dog-related questions, before, during, and after adoption. The book answers questions like:

  • Whether dog adoption is right for you
  • How to pre­pare your home for a new member
  • Integrating the dog into your home, family, lifestyle
  • Advanced dog parenting
  • How to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group
Plus Diane has over 100 links to expert resources for more in-depth research. The book is a small but mighty tool to help pet owners through many situations with love and compassion.

In five modules, Diane leads the reader through all the steps they should take to decide on a dog, go through the adoption process, bring the new pet home, as well as life­long care. And, with the shorter lives of animals, she delivers a heart­felt chapter on saying goodbye to a pet. The book educates a prospective pet parent on what to expect and how to add the joy of dog parenting.

What to Expect When Adopting A Dog is broken down into the following modules:
Module 1:Taking the First Steps
  • Asking yourself “Am I Ready?” which includes “do I have the time/energy?”, “do I have the resources?”
  • Part II: Beginning the Search, considering things such as age, size of dog, breed, temperament.
Module 2: Ok, You’re Ready, What Now?
  • Part I: Where Do I Go to Adopt a Dog?
  • Part II:What to Expect at the Shelter/Rescue Organization
  • Part III: Dog Adoption vs. Dog Breeders
Module 3: Preparing Your Home
  • Part I: Items You Will Need, which includes items explained, optional items.
  • Part II: What You Will Need to Do includes “to-do” explained.
Module 4:Integrating Your Dog Into Your Home
  • Part I: Getting Acquainted, including tips for introducing dog to dog, dog to cat, housebreaking
  • Part II:Kids Roles, Expectations and Safety
  • Part III: Safety For Your Dog, such as weather extremes, holidays
  • Part IV:Training, Exercise and Socialization
Module 5:Advanced Dog Parenting
  • Part I:Living Your New Life
  • Part II:Advanced Training and Special Certifications
  • Part III:Specialty Health and Wellness
  • Part IV:Exceptional Dogs including special needs dogs, dogs with physical challenges, emotional challenges and senior dogs.
IN SUMMATION:While I did not adopt Dakota, there are COUNTLESS things that I can and SHOULD still be learning to help Dakota be the best dog that he can be and to help me provide valuable information on my blog. Dakota is a senior dog now, and Part IV of Module 5 is of particular interest to me. What to Expect When Adopting A Dog by Diane Rose-Solomon is a guide that should be a part of EVERY home where a dog resides, whether it has been adopted or not!
194 pages

Winner! Book: JJ Goes To Puppy Class by Diane Rose-Solomon

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Book: JJ Goes To Puppy Class by Diane Rose-Solomon, Enter to Win!

Back in April we had the pleasure of introducing you to the Mom’s Choice Award winning book:JJ The American Street Dog And How He Came To Live At Our House by Diane Rose-Solomon.

Today we are excited and honored,  to present to  you Diane’s second book of the FIVE book “JJ” series:



JJ Goes To Puppy Class is a beautifully illustrated story that helps pet loving families teach their children about patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love,  just some of the important values parents and educators endeavor to impart in school age children.

In the first book, JJ The American Street Dog, we enjoyed watching six-year-old Maya and her family, learn about animal rescue as a result of adopting a dog found on the street. In JJ Goes to Puppy Class Maya and her family enroll JJ in positive obedience training so he can learn what is expected of him inside and outside of the home. The training methods described in the book encourage Maya to be gentle and comforting towards JJ in his new environment.  A perfect way to set an example for a five to nine-year-old reader.  JJ exhibits all the typical puppy behavior: accidents in the house, pulling on the leash, unwanted chewing, etc. and trainer Lyssa teaches Maya and her family how to work with JJ on each behavior in a humane and patient manner.

Children will love the illustrations by Lisette Rotman,  as well as the mischievous JJ!  Particularly beneficial to children and their parents,  is how  while teaching JJ to correct some unwanted behavior, Maya’s mother creates analogies between JJ’s behavior and things that Maya learned as a child such as:

explaining that JJ has to learn the correct place to go to the bathroom, just as Maya had to be potty-trained.

JJ has to learn not to run into the street just like Maya had to learn to hold her mother’s hand before crossing the street when she was younger.

A favorite of mine that is addressed in JJ Goes to Puppy Class is teaching children that you do not run up to and immediately pet a strange dog. Trainer  Lyssa says: Only pet dogs whose owners tell you it’s ok. You should approach the dog in a calm way that says “let’s be friends,” making sure not to look him in the eye. That can be scary for a dog.”  Now THAT is a lesson that many adults should learn as well!

In JJ Goes To Puppy Class there are also some tips to get people through the first few months of puppy hood such as:

  • Try to be home as much as possible
  • Crate train
  • Keep shoes, socks, toys, food that you do NOT want the puppy to gain access to, stored safely
  • And many more!

JJ Goes To Puppy Class would be a marvelous tool for parents to help teach children the importance of training a puppy (and/or adult dog), for a library reading group and for elementary school teachers. We give this a HUGE FOUR PAWS UP!!!  I wish I had this book when we first got Dakota when he was eight months old. While not a tiny puppy when he joined our family, the training tips provided in this highly educational book would have been a huge benefit to my husband and I. While it is a book geared towards children, adults can learn from it as well!

From Diane Rose-Solomon:Behavioral issues are one of the main reasons dogs are returned to shelters or breeders. Most of those dogs could be easily trained with patience…. remember, the puppy stage doesn’t last forever. It can be frustrating but it is also a very sweet time. This book is not a substitute for professional dog training. My intention is to introduce young children to the idea of patience during basic puppy training. While we use the term puppy class throughout the book, we also encourage obedience training for adult dogs.


Author Diane Rose-Solomon and her dogs!


About the author: Diane Rose-Solomon, a Certified Humane Education Specialist, rescued the real JJ 19 years ago.  Ms.Rose-Solomon lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children and two rescued dogs. Gonzo and Ninja. Visit her website

About the illustrator: Lisette Rotman is a graphic designer and artist living in New Jersey. She freelances for local start-ups and non-profit organizations. She loves her family’s rescued kitties and plans to sell her artwork to raise money and awareness for animal groups. Visit her website 

About Trainer Lyssa: She is a REAL person and a highly qualified obedience trainer in San Diego, CA. Lyssa only uses positive dog training methods grounded in the scientific principles of animal behavioral learning which taps into the dogs’ natural motivations (food, play, praise, etc.). Visit her website.

 ISBN: 978-0-9857690-2-4

Hard Cover $16.99:  32 illustrated pages: Trim: 8.5 x 8.5

SOP3 Publishing: Available online at and on Amazon.

A  percentage of book sale proceeds benefit animal rescue organizations.


Diane Rose-Solomon has kindly offered to give TWO LUCKY WINNERS FROM THE U.S. (we apologize to our International readers), a signed copy of JJ Goes To Puppy Class! Entering is easy! Simply enter on the Rafflecopter below! GOOD LUCK!!!

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In full disclosure: we received no compensation for this review/give-away. We received a copy of JJ Goes To Puppy Class in exchange for our honest review.