Foodie Friday: Cookbook: EVERYONE IS ITALIAN ON SUNDAY by Rachael Ray

rachael ray cook book dakota definitely use

All of those orange post-its are TONS of pages I have saved for recipes that I want to make.

Hi every furry and human!! Before I turn today’s post over to my Mom, I wanted you to know that YES, I am once again proud to be an Ambassadog for Rachael Ray Nutrish, (stay tuned, my duties will resume SOON and I have some exciting things up my paw that I will be sharing with you), but this post that Mom is writing today was not sponsored by Nutrish.  My furiends at  Nutrish DID surprise Mom with the cookbook last Fall, however, Mom was under NO OBLIGATION to share it with you. Mom is so ecstatic about  EVERYONE IS ITALIAN ON SUNDAY by Rachael Ray:

rachael ray cook book my cover  and because she is a “foodie” to beat the band, there is no way that she was not going to tell you about what in her opinion is, the FINEST, most COMPREHENSIVE, photographically beautiful, heartfelt  and “delish” cookbook that Rachael has penned thus far.

Why does Mom say this? Look below, the photo you will see is just a PARTIAL compilation of Mom’s cookbook collection written by  Rachael Ray.

rachael ray cook book collection mine

And now I will turn the post over to Mom!

Thanks Dakota! Dakota was correct that the above photo depicts only PART of my Rachael Ray cookbook collection. Also missing from the photo are the boxes upon boxes of magazines with Rachael’s recipes.

As I have stated many, many times on Dakota’s blog, authenticity is important to me. It is a pleasure to write about a person/brand that I have been following since many, many years before I ever began blogging.  I began my Rachael Ray cookbook collection so long ago, that I have no clue what year it was, but I recently found a slip from a book signing that I got up at 4:30 in the morning for, on a FREEZING December day back in 2007 (see slip in photo below), where I stood in line at 5:30 in the morning for at least an hour freezing my butt off,  to claim my wristband for Rachael’s book signing that took place that evening.

rachael ray cook book autograph

I nearly died when I was face-to-face with Rachael as she was signing my book for my husband and I. Normally talkative me was beyond tongue-tied. I could say NOTHING intelligible. So much so that the staff at Borders hurried me through the line like the scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie is pushed down the slide. My “quiet” husband, suddenly became animated and spoke with Rachael (and she responded!) as if they were the best of friends. Go figure….

So, when I tell you that EVERYONE IS ITALIAN ON SUNDAY is what I consider to be the pinnacle of Rachael’s cookbooks  thus far, I KNOW what I am talking about!


In Everyone Is Italian on Sunday, Rachael Ray brings you her long-awaited collection of Italian recipes. From traditional classics to her own twists on Italian-American cuisine, this new book is an essential guide of more than 500 recipes for anyone who wants to bring these favorite dishes into their own cucina.

The above description in NO WAY does this book justice. This hard-cover delight is nearly 400 pages. It is so visually stunning that I do not store mine away with my other cookbooks. I have it proudly displayed on my coffee table.

Inside you will find:

An Introduction

FROM RACHAEL RAY IN  EVERYONE IS ITALIAN ON SUNDAY: “For me, this book is the single most important work of my life. It represents decades of enjoying and working with food and the people I love most in this world.”

Recipes For:


Starters, Salads, and Small Bites


RIBOLLITA from page 72. PHOTO BY FRANCES JANISCH. From Rachael Ray: " What makes my ribollita a bit different from the rest is that I always toast my torn, stale bread until it is deep golden brown, very nutty, and fragrant. Also, I add a rind of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese to the stock or the soup itself. I puree half the beans to give the broth some weight."


Pizza, Calzones and Focaccia

Pasta, Gnocchi, Polenta, and their Sauces







Risotto and Grains


Pork and Lamb

Beef and Veal


rachael ray cook book devil chicken cooked


(My photo, I made this from the book!) The recipe is on page 289 “This is a crispy, spicy chicken that can be served hot, cold or at room temperature” It is FABULOUS!!

Rachael Ray Cook book image 1

CACCIATORE (Hunter-Style Chicken) from page 292 PHOTO BY: FRANCES JANISCH

 (This chicken is the next one that I am planning on making!)







Even Cody wanted to get in on the action!!

Even Cody wanted to get in on the action!!

FROM EVERYONE IS ITALIAN ON SUNDAY “anyone can be an Italian on Sundays, and any day can be made to feel like a Sunday. The magic of an Italian Sunday is in human connections. Food is the great communicator, connecting generations and helping build memories and friendships. It gathers us together and teaches us the importance of sharing not just food, but the best of ourselves.”

“Italian food makes us smile.”

“The meaning of being Italian on Sunday is to prepare food with love, to savor it, and to share it with others, sometimes loudly, always with gusto. Being Italian on Sunday is about bringing out your lust for life and passion for all things:food, storytelling, wine, music, and each other. Being Italian on Sunday is about emotion and finding beauty in every delicious moment of our lives.”

EVERYONE IS ITALIAN ON SUNDAY by Rachael Ray is no ordinary cookbook. There is so much information,  in the recipes themselves, and the tips and snippets that Rachael offers throughout the book,  that I encourage you to linger over it as you would a delicious meal. It’s THAT good!


Publisher: Atria Books

ISBN: 9781476766072


Seafood For Schnauzers By Barnacle Bill Barker Book 6 From The Canine Cuisine Team! Enter to Win!

Happy Foodie Friday Food Lovin’ Friends!

Today I am happy to present to you

Book Number 6

From the Canine Cuisine Team:

Click Cover to Visit The Website!

Click Cover to Visit The Website!

Unfortunately pals, I didn’t have time to cook anything this time around, but trust me, I will! If you love seafood like I do, you will give this 4-paws up!

If you missed our reviews of the other books in the series, here you go:

Pastry for Poodles-Chef Fifi LeFay
Barbeque for BulldogsChef Butch Waddles
Spaghetti for SheepdogsMona Lassie Buonarroti
Tex Mex for TerriersChef Terry Scraps
Kung Pao for Pekingese– by Suzie Snow Peas

From Real Dogs Cook:

Like most of the boys in the Barker family of New Bedford, young Billy answered the call of the sea almost before he could growl. And as much as he enjoys the pleasures of his home port (or any port, for that matter!), he gets an even bigger kick out of introducing fellow canines to the delights of the deep. “Face it,” he writes in his introduction, “we dogs don’t eat enough fish.”

And he’d like to change that. So come along on a cruise-n-catch, cruise-n-cook extravaganza you won’t soon forget! Here’s a few samples of the recipes you can create in any galley, or even in your own kitchen (if you’re a life-long landlubber):

“Salty Dog Supremes.” Sautéed Maryland crab cakes.

crab cakes

“Forrest Gump Lives!” Shrimp gumbo with oysters and crab.

shrimp gumbo

“Bring On The Hula Girls!” Teriyaki tuna with pineapple and toast.


Sound like an interesting voyage? Even if you’re afraid of the water (and we wouldn’t blame you for being a little skittish around lobsters), Barnacle Bill will welcome you aboard and set your sails a-right. You’ll learn soon enough, a brief guided tour out to sea will be well-rewarded!

TO PURCHASE: Join Bill for a voyage of discovery, and finish off with his renowned “New Bedford Sea Scallops Florentine.” You’ll love every storm-tossed minute!

$9.99 (or less) paperback — $2.99 Kindle

To order the paperback or Kindle version from Amazon, click here:

To order from the CreateSpace eStore (paperback only), click here:

ENTER TO WIN!!! Once again our generous friends at are offering FIVE of my readers who reside ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to enter to win a copy of Kung Pao for Pekingese !

ENTERING IS EASY!! Just leave a comment below telling me WHY you want to win! That’s it!! The give-away is open NOW and will end on Monday, July 27th at 5pm EST. Winners will be announced on or around Tuesday, July 28th. GOOD LUCK!!!

In full disclosure: I received no compensation for this book feature/give-away, I received a copy of Seafood for Schnauzers in exchange for my honest review.

Book Four of the Real Dogs Cook Series:Tex-Mex for Terriers (as pawed by Chef Terry Scraps) Enter to win!

Happy Friday Friends!

Today Dakota and I are pleased to share with you Book Number Four of the Real Dogs Cook Series:

Tex Mex for Terriers

Ok, I have to be candid here, I am not a fan of the Tex-Mex cuisine. Nope, I’m not, but I know that there are MANY of you who are! So, I am handling this review a little differently today.  I am not “reviewing” this book in the traditional sense, but instead, I present it to you as a “feature!!”  Why? I can’t give an unbiased opinion if I don’t like the cuisine that is featured, that’s why!
Tex-Mex for Terriers IS just as clever as the three books that Dakota and I have reviewed which preceded it.
Pastry for Poodles-Chef Fifi LeFay
Barbeque for BulldogsChef Butch Waddles
Spaghetti for SheepdogsMona Lassie Buonarroti
I  promise you that I have plans to actually COOK something from at least one of the recipes from the rest of the books in this series that I will be sharing with you over the next few months, so stay tuned! In the meantime, gather round and please allow me to share with you Tex-Mex for Terriers!

From Real Dogs Cook:

Want to heat things up in your kitchen? Invite Texas born-and-bred Chef Terry Scraps over for dinner tonight! Crank up some serious Tejano music, put on your best white shirt, and by all means, open up some windows!

Here’s a sampling of what’s on the menu, but a word of warning: You’d better have plenty of cold beer on hand when you try them. We actually ran out– more than once– when we were testing these delightful recipes! Imagine how tasty these offerings will be:

tex mex enchilads

“El Paso Enchiladas Verdes.”

tex mex fish stick
“San Diego or San Antonio?
Fantastic Fish-Stick Fajitas.”

tex mex tamales

“Terry’s ‘Easy-Does-It’ Tamales.”

And if you’ve never had a skirt-spinning dance party in your living room before, another word of warning: Move the furniture outside! Or better yet, move the whole party outside! And invite the neighbors! Fiesta!



Five lucky readers located ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD will win a paperback copy of Tex-Mex for Terriers! Entering is super easy! Just leave me a comment below and tell me WHY you are a fan of the Tex-Mex cuisine, maybe your opinion will sway me!
The give-away is open now and will end on Thursday, June 25th at 5pm EST. The five lucky winners will be announced on or around June 27th.

Good luck!!!


“Real Dogs Cook” Book Give-Away! “Spaghetti for Sheepdogs” by John Morris

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will know that I have been featuring the clever culinary cookbook creations of author John Morris, which can be found on the website,  Real Dogs Cook!

The first book I featured was Pastry for Poodles, then we had Barbeque for Bulldogs and today I am happy to bring you Spaghetti for Sheepdogs, as told  by Mona Lassie Buonarroti!

Click to visit the website!

Click to visit the website!

Dakota was particularly excited with this book in the series because it features one of his pals, The Old English Sheepdog!  Old English Sheepdogs and Shetland Sheepdogs have one main thing in common, that is the job of “keeping everyone together and safe, it’s in their blood!!”

About Spaghetti for Sheepdogs

Mona Lassie’s almost lost track of how many grand-pups she has, but they light up her life whenever they’re around. And the one thing she knows they’ll be needing, whenever they’re close underfoot, is GOOD FOOD!

So here’s a sample of some of the recipes you’ll find in her book, dishes she knows her own grand-pups never get tired of:

“Bruno’s Firehouse Favorite: Baked Rigatoni & Baby Meatballs.”


“Nonna Mona’s Luscious lasagna: Vegetable Medley della Modena.”


Don’t you wish you were going over to her house tonight for dinner? Well, the next best thing is visiting her tomorrow, when you and she can cook up a storm– just the two of you– and she can introduce you to all sorts of wonderful Italian flavors and scents! There’s even a gelato recipe to round things out!


All of the  cookbooks in the series are meant to be funny and they are! They are written in the same hilarious manner,  with plays on words, sensational sarcasm and tail-waggin’ humor! If you are a foodie (and what woofie isn’t?), and your human likes to laugh and have fun, THIS BOOK, (AND THE ENTIRE SERIES  IS FOR YOU!!!!) DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL OF THE RECIPES CAN ACTUALLY BE MADE AND EATEN!? Yep, they sure can be! I have yet to try one, but I fully intend to. So many of these recipes look delicious! I think I can figure out the lingo too! I bet “5 paws” of butter means 5 “pats” of butter, and 1 scoop of mozzarella cheese might be a cup?

If you fantasize about slurping spaghetti with your sweetie in some seedy back alley, that’s fine. But Chef Mona can introduce you to dozens of better ways to conquer his heart. And we’re not talking day-old pizza, either!

$9.99 (or less) paperback — $2.99 Kindle

To order the paperback or Kindle version from Amazon, click here:

To order from the CreateSpace eStore (paperback only), click here:



John has generously offered to give FIVE OF MY READERS LOCATED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD their own copy of Spaghetti for Sheepdogs!!

Entering is super easy, just leave us a comment telling us which of the two recipes above you are just wagging your tail to try!

The give-away is open now and will end at 5pm Friday, April 17th. The lucky winners will be announced, Monday April 20th. GOOD LUCK!!

In full disclosure, I was not compensated for this post. I was sent a copy of Spaghetti For Sheepdogs in exchange for my honest review.





Book: Barbeque for Bulldogs by Chef Butch Waddles, World-Wide Give-Away!

Hi all!!  As many of you know who live in the USA, this is the weekend of some serious eating! January 31st is Super Bowl Sunday, probably the only day next to Thanksgiving where  humans do nothing but shovel food into their mouths and plant their butts in front of the TV with some SUPER loud friends and watch football teams (that usually they aren’t fans of), compete to win the ultimate title in football —the Super Bowl!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “bowl”, all I think of is a giant bowl full of FOOD…FOR…ME!

If you are like me, that’s what the word “bowl” means to you too! Woofies! I am here to help you out while your humans are busy eating and screaming at their TVs.

If you are regular readers of my blog you will know that I featured the book, Pastry for Poodles, back in October of 2014.

Pastry for Poodles is the  first in a series of 8 “gourmet” cookbooks  (“Cookbooks from The Canine Cuisine Team”) written for dogs by dogs.  (Yes! I am planning on featuring all 8 books!), Specifically, by the celebrity dog chefs from The Chow TV Network. (Check out their website here!)

While my pawrents are getting ready to make some spicy chili for tomorrow’s festivities, I thought it was only fair that the dogs have something tasty to get their paws  on, so I wanted to tell you about the second book in the series:



Barbecue for Bulldogs Cover

Meet Chef Butch Waddles, who has created  the recipes in BARBEQUE FOR BULLDOGS. 

FROM REAL DOGS COOK:Son of legendary pit king Clarence “Bull” Waddles, Butch is President of the South Georgia Hickory-Pit Cookhounds, and has earned lifetime achievement awards from both the Memphis Guard-Dogs of the Smokehouse and the Charlotte Litter of Inglorious Basters.

You can catch his weekly TV show “Barking for Barbeque” on The Chow Network (naturally), and he also has a nationally syndicated Saturday-morning radio call-in show, “Tell The Neighbors They Can bring Pie!”

If dishes like “Died-and-Gone-to-Heaven Backyard Ribs” (this is an ACTUAL PHOTO from Barbeque for Bulldogs!! Don’t these ribs look delicious???)


and “Drippin’ Chicken” get your mouth a-droolin’, you won’t want to miss his book!

Photo courtesy of Real Dogs Cook

Photo courtesy of Real Dogs Cook

See what I mean!!?? The photos will make you  toss your slow feeding bowl right out the window and dive right in!

Chef Waddles has even included his up-til-now-top-secret “Granny’s Lemon-Pudding Cool-Whip and Crunchies Pie.” Mm, mm, good!

I have to tell you my woofie friends when Mom and I looked through these recipes we were BOTH drooling!

Mom says that the cookbook is meant to be funny and IS funny! It is written in the same hilarious manner as Pastry for Poodles, with plays on words, sensational sarcasm and tail-waggin’ humor! If you are a foodie (and what woofie isn’t?), and your human likes to laugh and have fun, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!!!!

What captured Mom’s attention though, was when she was reading the recipes in Barbeque for Bulldogs, and she realized that they sound like they can ACTUALLY BE MADE! Mom is going to give a few of them a “go” if she can translate measurements such as:

  • 1 scoop brown sugar
  • 2 paws paprika (hmmm…could “paws” be a cup or a tablespoon?)
  • a swipe black pepper

Since I am a dog and understand those measurements, I guess I will have to help Mom out in the kitchen!

Because Mom is a HUGE fan of barbeque, she is going to try these recipes  and we will see if they DO work! is your lucky day!!! We are having a GIVE-AWAY, but if you can’t wait that long you can order:


Amazon paperback – $9.99 (or less) 

Amazon Kindle – $2.99 – 

Createspace eStore – paperback only – $9.99 – 



Amazon Paperback-$9.99 (or less)

Amazon Kindle-$2.99



GIVE-AWAY!! FIVE lucky woofies located ANYWHERE in the world can each win a copy of Barbeque for Bulldogs! Entering is easy! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway












Foodie Friday! Baking For Dogs: The Best Recipes From Dog’s Deli by Friederike Friedel

Last week I presented the book Cooking For Dogs, if you missed it click here . As promised, today I am here to share with you, the first book of the series (yes, I know I am backwards!) BAKING FOR DOGS, THE BEST RECIPES FROM DOG’S DELI by Friederike Friedel.

Book Cover Photo Provided By:

DOG’S DELI is a bakery for dogs’ baked goods in Carlstadt, Duesseldorf, Germany. A brown male Labrador named Billy, was the inspiration for DOG’S DELI.  Billy wouldn’t eat willingly which made him more difficult to train or “bribe”  which made cooking special meals a necessity and earned Billy his title of “official food taster/tester.”

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I love to cook but baking? Not-so-much. I consider myself to be “baking challenged.”

I was delighted when perusing this beautifully photographed book and reading the recipes because there were a number of them that I am definitely going to be trying. Here are a few that are on my MUST BAKE list!

  • Blueberry Scones-this screams Sunday morning or afternoon tea?
  • Cheese Sticks-the recipe for this sounds like a recipe that I have for humans!
  • Yogurt With Fresh Fruit-yes I know this isn’t BAKING, I told you I am baking challenged, remember?
  • Potato Chips With Parmesan-I just might be crunching on these with Dakota!

Now I am NOT one that would ever eat Liver, but Liver seems to be on the I LOVE IT list for many dogs!

Check these out!


Photo by Thomas Schultze, provided by

Recipe from Baking For Dogs



From the author: Baking by following recipes from DOG’S DELI is child’s play. As a matter of principle, neither sugar nor additives, fragrances nor readymade products are used. You probably have most of the ingredients on hand at home. If you should get hungry yourself, go ahead and take a bite of one of your fresh-baked cookies.

I had hoped to make a few recipes and let you know how they came out, but due to time constraints (among other things!) I was unable to. As the months go on and I do make a number of the recipes from both books, I will be sure to share with you!

In the meantime, if you like to prepare wholesome, easy-to-make  dishes for your dog, this book definitely should be a part of your cookbook collection!