Book:Snow Valley Heroes A Christmas Tale, Planet of the Dogs Volume 3, by Robert J.McCarty

The Planet of the Dogs series of children’s books tell the stories of the first time dogs came to planet Earth to teach people about unconditional loyalty and love — and to help bring peace from invaders.

Looking for a great bedtime story for your elementary school child  (that you can stretch out to include ALL TWELVE days of Christmas?), or are you looking for a Christmas tale with a lesson for your Middle School child to read on his or her own? Look no more! Your nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, grandchildren, will all enjoy Snow Valley Heroes, A Christmas Tale, Planet of the Dogs Volume 3.

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Of all of the books in the Planet of the Dogs Series I truly think that this one was my favorite. Packed with wonderful imagery, adventure and suspense, Snow Valley Heroes is guaranteed to keep your youngster’s attention.  There are also more illustrations in this book than in the previous two of the series, which adds a magical touch! The wonderful black and white illustrations were done by Stella Mustanoja McCarty.

From Planet of the

Who were the Snow Valley Heroes? Did they really save Christmas? The question has been asked by children and adults for many years. And there have been many who tried to answer these questions.

This is the true story of how the dogs saved Christmas, told for the first time in many years.

It was a few weeks after Christmas when all the troubles began. It had been a lovely day in Santa Claus Village with the winter sun sparkling on the snow. Most of the elves, after enjoying a fine dinner cooked by Mrs. Claus, had gone to the workshop to continue cleaning up and to begin making plans for next year.

Santa, sitting in his favorite chair, had dozed off to dreamland when he was suddenly awakened by Tulip, the elf lady. “Santa! Santa! Wake up! Two of the reindeer are gone!”

This was how the troubles began. And they continued to grow — missing reindeer, stolen sleds, winter storms – until it seemed there could be no more Christmas. 

Will the reindeer be found in time for Christmas?

Can the dogs overcome the cruel King of the North and bring peace to the Ice Castle?

The story has to be read to find out!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Robert McCarty is a producer/writer/director of films and videos on subjects ranging from teenage lifestyles to race relations. His short film, Rooftops Of New York, was nominated for an Academy Award. He is a former adjunct instructor at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and at the School Of Visual Arts, New York City. Planet Of The Dogs was inspired by the many stories made up for his four children and seven grandchildren.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR:Stella Mustanoja McCarty,  painting and drawing for over 30 years at the Vantaa, Finland, Art School. She graduated as a painting major from the Art Academy of Finland and also holds degrees from the University of Helsinki in Education and Sociology and Social Policy.

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“Twas the night before Christmas…”

The Night Before Christmas
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