Pet Loss and Children: “Being Brave for Bailey” by Corey Gut, DVM #beingbraveforbailey #baileybook

“This book is dedicated to

every child who has loved a pet

with their whole heart and 

has had to say


Cover photo courtesy of Being Brave for Bailey on Facebook

Cover photo courtesy of Being Brave for Bailey on Facebook


“Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all”

–Alfred Lord Tennyson

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most heart-breaking experiences that anyone who shares their life with a pet will ever have to face.  It is hard enough for adults to understand,  but how does one explain it to the special children in their life?

Explaining to a child that their beloved pet whom often they have known since they were born is aging, and ill, and that the most caring thing that you can do for that pet is to help them “pass peacefully to a safe place” is a difficult concept for adults to grasp, let alone a child.

Being Brave for Bailey by Corey Gut, DVM,  is a sensitive, touching and beautiful book,  that is written with a great deal of compassion and  in a charming rhyming manner, that is geared towards elementary school children. It was inspired by a true story when Dr.Corey’s niece was experiencing the loss of her beloved pet.

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The video below will enable you to learn more about this marvelous book.

While reading Being Brave for Bailey I had tears in my eyes remembering when I lost my beloved cat, “Bobo”,  nine years ago. Dr.Corey happens to be a Vet at the same practice that has been caring for my pets for approximately 15 years.  We have often written about “Dr.Smiley” who primarily takes care of Dakota and Cody, but we are blessed that the practice has someone like Dr.Corey on their staff as well, who is kind, knowledgeable, caring, professional and loves all fur babies with as much passion as our “Dr.Smiley” does.

Photo Courtesy of Dr.Corey

Photo Courtesy of Dr.Corey

Being Brave for Bailey

is about:

“Remembering the angels who have touched our lives, warmed our hearts and loved us unconditionally in the only way they know how. In memory of amazing pets.”

Written in a gentle, non-threatening way, Being Brave for Bailey will help spur discussions between parents and their children, teachers and so many more. This book is a MUST HAVE for every school, public and home library. It would make a wonderful gift!

Oh the illustrations! Being Brave for Bailey has some of the most glorious and touching illustrations that were created by Dr.Corey’s mother, Jaime Myers.  Simple, yet beautifully done in soft pastels, they are the perfect accompaniment to this special book. There is a sensitivity conveyed in eyes of “Bailey” and the child in the book that being artistic myself, I know first-hand how hard that is to convey.

At the back of the book is a helpful section called “Activity ideas for further support” that lists some wonderful ideas to help a child cope with the loss of their pet, such as:

Make a scrapbook, a photo album or a memory box. I did this when my Bobo passed. I had trouble coping with his loss and I went out and bought TONS of frames that had multiple photo slots. I made a collage for every room (because I couldn’t bear not seeing Bobo in every room.), those collages are hanging now, nine years later.

Plant a tree or a flower bed in honor of your pet.

Write a poem, short story or a song about your pet.

there are more!

Being Brave for Bailey also was voted a “Reader’s Favorite!” 




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Hoping Dr.Corey doesn't mind that we stole this one from Facebook!

Hoping Dr.Corey doesn’t mind that we stole this one from Facebook!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Corey is a veterinarian in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her previous veterinary roles have included international surgeon, wildlife doctor, Earthwatch marine mammal rescue and rehabilitator, veterinary counselor and professor. Although she has loved working in a wide variety of veterinary fields, she finds her current job of caring for pets and their families the most personally rewarding.

After 10 years in practice, Corey wrote this book to provide parents with a tool to broach the difficult subject of euthanasia and pet loss with their children.


In full disclosure: We were not compensated to share this book with you. It is our pleasure to share this beautiful book and the author with a heart of gold who wrote it.

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