Puppy Mill Stomp Hip Hop Song! Little Girl & Family Fight Animal Abuse!

Hi everyone and wow we have been remiss not posting all week! But…today I have something important to share with you. I was contacted on Facebook by a friend of ours, Buster’s Vision, ¬†who asked if we would please share this most important (and clever) video that showcases STOPPING PUPPY MILLS!!!!

From our friends at Buster’s Vision:Buster’s Vision presents “Puppy Mill Stomp Hip Hop Music Video!” Buster’s Vision is a grassroots movement located in the San Francisco Bay (Silicon Valley) powered by professional volunteer animal advocates. Our goal is to educate people about animal abuse and abandonment. I would like to give special thanks to my family for creating this video. My granddaughter sings and acts in the video with her little brother, mommy, and daddy. Please share Buster’s Vision video. We are purpose driven in help saving innocent animals with our message. Positive, Encouraging, Buster’s Vision! bustersvisionregistry.org

Buster’s Vision Registry for Shelters, Rescues, Fosters, & Transporters