Book Review: Chez Stinky by Susan C. Daffron

One of the MANY wonderful parts about being a member of the BlogPaws Community is the interesting people from all walks of life that you meet there! BlogPaws isn’t just for bloggers, noooo…it’s for authors such as Susan C. Daffron who wrote what I like to call it “a chick book” that is a FUN often FUNNY and romantic read.  If it hadn’t been for BlogPaws, I might have never met Susan, or been afforded the opportunity of reviewing Chez Stinky.

If you live in a climate that is preparing for winter as I am, it is perfect for curling up with a warm, snuggly blanket, a dog and/or kitty (or both!) by your side, and your beverage of choice! If you don’t live in a cooler climate, no worries! Grab your chaise, sunglasses and this book which is perfect for poolside!


I have to admit when I read the title, that is what intrigued me. I just LOVE the title Chez Stinky and when you read this  delightful book you will find out why it is aptly named.

About the book from the publisher

Kat Stevens is a slightly insecure, mostly bored technical writer who likes her cat a lot more than her boss. She hasn’t laid eyes on her great-aunt Abigail since she was eight, so she’s stumped when she inherits Abigail’s house in the small hamlet of Alpine Grove.

Kat’s uncomplicated life gets decidedly less so when she discovers the inheritance comes with some hairy conditions: four dogs and five cats that her aunt wanted her to love as her own. Of course, the house smells like a barn — with a touch of antique skunk — and, naturally, has serious roof issues. And that’s before the three-legged cat gets stuck in the wall and the shower goes kablooey.

When Kat meets Joel, an unemployed techie type with no love lost for his sister, Kat looks past his obvious flaws, given his timely and desirable skill set: a talent for fixing things (and his own tools).

Despite out-of-control dogs, cat fights, dust dinosaurs, massive spiders and an old grizzled hippie passed out in the yard, Kat discovers the tranquility of the forests of Alpine Grove starting to seep into her soul.

And why she can’t she stop thinking about Joel?


MY THOUGHTS: Chez Stinky is the perfect example  of how your life can change with just a phone call. “Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans.”

While I enjoyed reading about Kat and Joel, my favorite character, Maria,  isn’t mentioned above.  It was care-free, personable, adorable, vibrant, bubbly Maria who is Kat’s best friend from the office, who I most related to.  Maria completely enjoys being single and wants to savor her time “sowing her wild oats”, as she says, whatever THAT means! Kat and Joel I had more trouble relating to because of their “techie” personas and quiet personalities, but Maria’s personality bounced off of the pages of Chez Stinky and I greatly enjoyed whenever she made an appearance.

Author Susan C. Daffron is obviously an animal lover. Her often hilarious descriptions of some of the dogs and her knowledge of the silent “language” of cats, is  evident.

If you are an animal lover, a romantic, a techie, a “tree hugger”, or someone who just enjoys a book that helps you to escape the daily grind, then pick up a copy of Chez Stinky, you won’t be disappointed.



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Susan is the president of the non-profit Small Publishers Artists and Writers Network and was one of the organizers of the Self-Publishers Online Conference, the first online conference specifically for “indie” publishers.

Susan founded the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals (NAPRP) an association that offers tools and information to help people working in humane organizations save more lives.

A frequent speaker at events and teleconferences related to both pets and publishing, Susan has been quoted as an expert source on publishing and humane issues in a wide range of media outlets ranging from Reuters toRedbook magazine.

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