We are HONORED to be included on the “THE TOP 20 PET BLOGGERS OF 2016” List

Ok, now that I have picked myself up from the floor, I can say that while I am STUNNED, I am DEEPLY, DEEPLY HONORED to have been selected by:



(and Dakota is too),  to be in the company of the blogs that are on this list. They are a sampling of a large number of blogs that I hold in high esteem, ( there are MANY, MANY OTHERS that are not on this list but SHOULD BE).

Here is a sampling of the blogs that have made this list, (I am listing those that I know and already follow. I linked to their Facebook pages, but if you click here, you can visit the original blog post announcing the selections and click on each blog from there.)

Fidose of Reality

The Conscious Cat


Golden Woofs

Tenacious Little Terrier

Carma Poodale

It’s Dog or Nothing

Rubicon Days



My Dog Likes

Wag ‘N Woof Pets



Dakotas Den


Here is what they wrote about us and we couldn’t be more HONORED AND PROUD!!!!!

“This enjoyable blog covers just about anything dog-related. From reviews of products and books to pet awareness days, Dakota and Caren will blog about it. There are giveaways and competitions too, so keep checking back for updates! Plus, you’ll find adorable videos of Dakota’s antics. Why not sit back, relax and visit Dakota’s Den with your dog?”


Dakota and I are full of gratitude to whomever selected us to be a part of this list. THANK YOU!!!!!!

So Much Sadness

There has been so much sadness in the blogosphere the past few months.  Too many doggies and kitties have been ill and many have gone to “The Bridge.” (We can’t list them all because we are certain we would accidentally forget some and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.).There has been sadness with human health conditions as well.  We want to take a moment and tell all of our friends that we wish we could make the pain go away. We wish we could bring the furbabies back who have left us, and we wish we could heal those who are hurting, but we can’t.

What we CAN do is tell you that we love you, are  thinking of you and are keeping you in our prayers.

dakota prayers

Three Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

We were happy to be tagged on the:

three day quote challenge

By our friends at a blog that is “newer” to us because I found it just a few months ago. It has quickly become one of my favorites. The blog is called: FOUR-LEGGED FURBALLS:

Click the picture to visit their blog!

Click the picture to visit their blog!

One of many things we LOVE about this blog is the charming artwork that is created by the “Menagerie Mom”. Here is some info about her from the sidebar of her blog: “I love animals, and I always have. My parents first noticed my love for animals when I was a very small child, and I enjoyed a childhood in which I grew up with a variety of pets. My love for animals has remained strong — or grown stronger, if possible — into my adulthood. I earned a college degree in animal sciences, and I worked in the animal care field for years. What’s more, I am the human mother to an adorable clan of four-legged furball rescues, some of which are animals with special needs”

The Menagerie Mom also has recently introduced a “Daily Tip” feature at the bottom of each blog post, check it out because I am sure you will learn some interesting things, (as I have), if you do!

THANK YOU Menagerie Mom and the rest of the Four-Legged Furballs for tagging us!

I am a quote freak, I have been collecting them in notebooks since High School. I have a “menagerie” of books of quotes and my Pinterest board is chalk full of them!

I am looking forward to presenting some of my favorites today, and the next two days.

Now, about the challenge:

There are three rules to this challenge, and they are:

1. Post for three consecutive days.
2. Choose and share one or three quotes each day.
3. Challenge three additional bloggers each day.

For Day 1 of the challenge I chose the quote:


This quote resonated with me the second I found it. One reason it resonated with me, was it was an important reminder that for both of my blogs I must always be true to ME. I attempt to write in a more conversational, less-formal style, and whatever I choose to feature or promote, I strive to make the topics/items that I post here, be things  that I believe in.

It also made me think about how each one of us, when we write, we “paint” in our OWN unique voices, or if we aren’t, we should be! Every blogger brings something unique and special to their blogs, THEIR VOICE. What glorious “paintings” you ALL create for so many of us! So THANK YOU ALL, for being YOU!!


The last rule is for me to challenge three more bloggers each day. I’ve chosen three blogs, but please feel no obligation or pressure to participate in the challenge. (Some of you may have already been chosen, it is hard to keep up with everyone who already did this challenge, so please excuse me if you have already been chosen!) I know that not everyone has the time or desire to partake in blogging challenges, so please know that you only have to join in if you wish to and have time. That being said, here are the three that I’ve chosen to challenge today:

1.) Eva the Sheltie or her Mom from Sheltie Beauties

2.) My special friend at Comedy Plus

3.) My new friend from Lucky Collie

Fall Nutrish Blogging Trip! Austin, Texas! #AustinTrip

austin cow and cactus

Many of you remember that Wednesday, October 14th I flew to Austin, Texas to spend some time with some blogging pals and my great friends at Nutrish!  Sit back and relax because I have tons of photos to share with you from this fabulous trip!

austin me and texas flag

The second I stepped foot out of the airport I was greeted with a blast of HOT, HOT air! That week in October, Austin broke a minimum of three record heat setting days, and both days that I was there it was 96 degrees!


We stayed at the Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel which was  super comfy, attractive and centrally located.

Austin hotel history

The Hotel staff was extremely accommodating, especially Natalia whom I spoke to before the trip and she also made sure that while I was there that my stay was wonderful. Jamiliah was also a gem and always greeted me with a warm and wonderful smile and was extremely helpful.

Austin Natalia and Jamiliahedited

The next shots were taken in and outside of the hotel:

Austin hotel collage

After checking in and getting ourselves oriented, we all met in the lobby to head off to a most delicious dinner at Swift’s Attic. I can’t believe I was remiss and forgot to take photos of the food there! It was superb! We tasted a wide variety of dishes, each more delicious than the last!

Thursday morning we headed out bright and early for breakfast. We ate at Slake Cafe which was just a mere 200 ft from the hotel. I had an amazing breakfast taco called the Mr.Taco. It had  scrambled eggs, a slice of Boar’s Head cheddar cheese, and homemade bacon jam!!! OMG it was so good!

Austin breakfast taco from Slake Cafe

After a delicious breakfast we were off to Zilker Park  where we met up with Amber from Love-A-Bull. Our mission was to walk throughout the park and stop dog owners (preferably pit bull owners, but we only met two), to tell them about the special Pit Bull Awareness Day event that would be taking place on October 25th. at Yard Bar, Austin’s first dog park/beer garden/restaurant.

Zilker Park was simply gorgeous. Here are some photos of some sights that interested me.

Austin park collage

One photo that I loved was this shot that I took of the water under the bridge.

Austin under bridge at Zilker Park

Zilker Park is popular with cyclists, runners, walkers and of course DOGS!!!! There were a number of 4-legged friends that we met and here are a few!

An Australian Shepherd whose name escapes me!

Austin Zilker Park Australian shepherd

Nutrish’s own Nisha makes a new friend!!!

Austin Zilker Park Nisha and friend

Then, one of my favorites was a crazy swimming dog who just could NOT get enough of the water! He was just adorable!

austin crazy swimming dog collage

He would swim and swim, run out, “shake it off”, and run right back in! Enjoy this super short video of him swimming:

In the next photo you will see one of two Pit Bulls that we saw, meet Rebel! He was just adorable and had been adopted the day before we met him. I loved the color of his coat and he was a real sweetie!

Austin Rebel in Zilker Park

After our mission in the park was finished we headed off to Yard Bar, Austin’s first dog park/beer garden/restaurant where we chatted with the incredibly sweet owner. Check out these doors to the restrooms there:

austin yard bar restrooms

We also  dined on  hush puppies, (the BEST I have EVER eaten),  and other goodies in the scorching sun and enjoyed refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade. The Yard Bar’s slogan is  “Good Food, Great Drinks, WIFI, and Dogs” (yes, DOGS are welcome there!!!). If you are in the area you MUST check it out!

austin yard bar collage

If you thought our eating frenzy was done here, well, you thought wrong!!! I think my FAVORITE restaurant of the trip was Black’s BBQ in Austin. Ohhhh myyy God! When we opened the door to walk in, I was lured in by the incredible aroma. I told my blogging pals that if I could wear perfume that smelled like Black’s BBQ I would! When people tell you that you haven’t eaten BBQ til you have eaten Texas BBQ, well, they KNOW what they are talking about! Black’s was the most AMAZING BBQ I have EVER eaten!!! Check out these photos…WARNING…your mouth WILL be watering!

Austin barbecue

Austin Blacks sign

Austin my barbecue

I had Brisket, (yes the fattier cut!), a pork rib, garlic sausage and sweet potatoes!!! I am STILL dreaming about it! I was just visiting their website and discovered a shop there. If they ship out-of-state, trust me, I am going to be all over it!

Our last stop on our culinary adventure was Matt’s Famous El Rancho  (where I also neglected to take photos!)  Probably because I was still dreaming of that BBQ! Matt’s was great, and what was extra special was that I was surprised by a Mariachi band who sang Happy Birthday to me! My only photo came out too blurry to post, but trust me when I say it was a lot of fun!!

If you made it to the end of this photo-laden post, I thank you! I also want to thank Rachael Ray Nutrish for one of the most fantastic trips of my life! I’m STILL trying to lose the weight I gained on it!!!  Austin, it was my first visit, and I fell in love!!! Thanks to every place we visited for the most amazing hospitality ever!!! “I’ll see ya, when I see ya!”



In full disclosure: We were not required to blog about this trip, hence I have not used the word “ad” or “sponsored.” That being said the kind people at Nutrish made this trip possible for all of us. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and are in no way influenced by Nutrish subsidizing our trip.


A Little “R&R”


My Shameful 2014 Annual Report

Hi and Happy New Year All!

It’s Dakota and I have a MAJOR bone to pick with my Mom today!

jerky dakota standing gorgeous

My Mom kept saying throughout 2014 that she was not paying enough attention to MY blog and was paying WAY TOO MUCH attention to Cody’s! Well, after seeing this report, I would say that MY blog had better be at the top of her list in 2015!!!



See what I mean?

I would like to thank EVERYONE that was kind enough to stop by, in SPITE of the fact that often the “lights were on but no one was home!”

I am a WORKING dog and my performance in 2014 was unacceptable to say the least!

I assure you, I will do my Sheltie BEST to change that in 2015!!!

Thank you to:



OF 2014!!!

click the logo to visit them!



Sara, Oreo and Chewy

Jenna, Mark “Husky Crazed” Drady

Easy Rider

M.K. Clinton

2 Brown Dawgs

for being the top commenters!!






dakota smiling may 2014

I will see to it that Mom helps me do my best to keep you hanging around in 2015!

Barks and licks and love,