My Dad is a CHEATER!!!! Camera Day

According to Days of the Year today is Camera Day. I thought it was a great chance to show you how my Dad cheated on Cody and I this past Saturday. You see, Mom and Dad went to Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday, June 24th (their wedding anniversary!), to attend the wedding of their cousin. They rode with my Uncle Bill and my Aunt Judy. Well, as evidenced by the photo below, it appears that SOME WOOFIE who just happens to be our cousin Punky, began celebrating early.

Hey Punky!! Why don’t you just make yourself a little more comfortable and steal my Dad while you are at it? He isn’t supposed to be petting other woofies!!!!

Barks and licks and jealous love, Dakota

(From the Mom: Punky is actually a sweetheart. She stayed on my husband’s lap during the entire  2 hour trip! She slept most of the way there, and was as content as could be!! We love her to pieces!!)

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Dakota’s #Holiday #Dog Party with #Rachael Ray Nutrish!

Hi my furiends! I wanted to send you a bark out about a fun party I had back on December 7th. With my first year as one of the Ambassadogs for Rachael Ray Nutrish winding down, I wanted to invite over some doggies that I know to have them FINALLY taste Nutrish! I asked my Mom if I could have a party and she agreed!

I was spinning with delight about having my friends over, until I saw PART of what the party would entail:

dakota holiday party reindeer ears inside sidewaysedited

 Yep you got it my furiends! We were ALL going to be humiliated by my Mom and be FORCED to wear Reindeer antlers!

dakota holiday party reindeer ears inside looking straight

After hanging my head in shame I decided that having my furiends taste Nutrish was much more impawtant than the shame of wearing some silly antlers, so I BUCKED UP (get it!? BOL!) and forged on!

Mom wished she had read our dog pawty guest post before she pawchased some items for my pawty but over all I would say she did a GREAT JOB! Have a look!

Mom pawchased some great goodie bags at the Dollar Store!

dakota holiday party goodie bags

Mom put some PAWSOME goodies inside of the bag too!!

dakota holiday party goodie bagedited

Of course the Reindeer Antlers were there, and Mom bought tug toys, and these cute bowls for the doggies to eat their Nutrish out of at my pawty!

“Mission Control” at Nutrish provided coupons for food, a super cool water bottle and samples of one of their newest products in their delish line, Zero Grain!

Mom, Dad and I grabbed the goodies and were on our way!

dakota holiday party dakotaedited

I sat like the perfect gentleman waiting for my guests to arrive! I didn’t have to wait long because soon they were there!

dakota holiday party doggies getting readyedited

There was “Buddy” the Black Lab:

dakota holiday party buddyedited dakota holiday party buddy chilling in grass

“Punky” the Bichon mix with her Dad (Bill):


dakota holiday party bill and punkyedited

dakota holiday party punkyedited

“Henrik” a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and his Dad (Aaron)

dakota holiday party aaron and Henrikedited

( and “Miley” (not pictured above because she is a diva-puppy and was late), the adorable puppy Shi Tzu!

dakota holiday party miley running to dakotaedited

dakota holiday party meeting Mileyedited

Originally Mom was going to do a “Gazebo Pawty” at our condo complex but when we got to the Gazebo the sunlight made the shadows CRAZY so we moved it outside the Gazebo. It was CRAZY COLD AND WINDY that day so we had to get moving FAST!!!

Before Mom would let us pawty-down we had to endure the humiliation of the Reindeer Antlers:

dakota holiday party Henrik and Dakotaedited

Being the good host that I am, I suffered too! Dad held on to my leash to make sure I didn’t have any ideas of taking them off!

dakota holiday party he and lenny reindeer antlersedited

Then, it was my friend’s turn!

dakota holiday party henrik reindeer antlers good oneedited


 dakota holiday party Henrik reindeer antlersedited

 dakota holiday party punkey reindeer antlers 2edited


 dakota holiday party miley reindeer ears close upedited

Then, there HAS to be ONE in EVERY CROWD! It was BUDDY!!! Do you believe that he actually LIKED his antlers?

dakota holiday party buddy reindeer antlers

dakota holiday party buddy reindeer antlers 2edited

After the Reindeer antler humiliation, well, it was humiliation for everyone but Buddy! His Mom said he wore his antlers all the way home and wouldn’t take them off once he got home! I am gonna have to have a looong talk with this guy! Mom gave a talk about Nutrish and how it is great for us. She talked about it having no by-products, told the woofies about how it came to be, and she also talked about how all proceeds are donated to Rachael’s Rescue! After we listened to her go on and on, we got to eat!

Punky and Miley LOVED IT!!

dakota holiday party punky eating nutrishedited

dakota holiday party miley eating nutrish 2edited


 dakota holiday party miley eating nutrishedited

So my furiends! That was my HOLIDAY PAWTY!!! What did ya think? I think with the exception of the Reindeer Antlers a GREAT TIME was HAD BY ALL!!!

You can have YOUR own PAWTY TOO!

nutrish family of products photo






 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.