Book Review:Babette’s Pack by Kathryn Walter

Novel illustrates how lap dogs could actually save lives

From the publisher: According to pets can positively affect their owner’s mood, depression, blood pressure and overall health.

babette's pack

Aiming to raise awareness of this type of therapy, author Kathryn Walter shares a fictional story based on true medical cases in “Babette’s Pack.” Following the spunky Shih Tzu Babette after she is saved from animal abuse, this heartwarming tale illustrates how a family can become a pack.”

“Meet Babette. A beloved family dog who is part guardian angel and part amazing psychic who guides her “pack” (family) through the pitfalls of life with courage and self-sacrifice. This book is one whose time has come as Babette demonstrates newly proven canine abilities like predicting earthquakes, forecasting seizures, heralding low blood sugar levels, and diagnosing breast cancer. Babette joins the ranks of therapy/service dogs who serve their humans as seizure response dogs, dogs who are trained to monitor blood sugar levels and those that calm anxiety to promote wellness and healing. While these remarkable abilities are now well documented, Babette goes a step or two further and is possessed of some almost magical powers. Barbette’s Pack puts committed marriage, mother hood, therapy dogs, and patriotism back on the map. It is a true family book that is hilarious, scary, and inspirational –dedicated to dog lovers everywhere.” 

For the vast majority of this book the above is true. I was engrossed by the stories (albeit fictional), of Babette’s remarkable skills.  Author Kathryn Walter was inspired to write this book from her time spent as a physician’s assistant and as an RN.

Babette is delightful, a charmer, the book overall is engrossing, (I read it in one evening). I found it to be deeply touching, informative, with strong messages pertaining to family, marriage and spirituality.


I am not one that will give a book away at all in a review, as a result, writing this one is tough for me.

When I reached the Chapter XV,  I honestly felt as if I was reading an entirely different book than I had been reading the prior 14 chapters. It troubled me  and upset me so much that I could barely sleep. It was as if the book took a sharp turn, and one that I didn’t enjoy.

I believe it was Walter’s intent to shock, and she did. Some might view that has a highly successful ending, for me? Not so much.

As I said, I don’t want to ruin it for you, you may have a totally different opinion, I suggest you purchase the book and decide for yourself.  It is available on xlibris, amazon and B&N.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Kathryn Walter holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is a certified physician assistant. Over the past 25 years Kathryn was the director of a university student health center, has practiced family medicine as a licensed physician assistant, and is now practicing pediatric medicine for a primary school district. She currently lives in Chino Hills, CA with her beloved husband, daughter and her two adorable Shih Tzu dogs, Esmeralda and the star of the book, Babette.

In full disclosure, I was not compensated for this review. I was sent a copy of Babette’s Pack in exchange for an honest review.