Julianne Victoria:Writer, Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Astrologer and Tarot Reader

Since as far back as my High School days, I have been a fan of Astrology. Why? My Mother had my chart done when I was around 17 in an attempt to find out why I was so “impractical.”The reason? All of my planets are Air, Fire and Water, not one planet resides in an Earth sign, but I digress. I became interested in Astrology, Tarot etc., not necessarily for “daily” predictions, but to learn about personality traits of my sign and to get general predictions, such as monthly predictions.

Back in June I had the pleasure of winning a Tarot reading from Julianne Victoria, who is a writer, healer, a spiritual life coach, astrologer and tarot reader who resides in San Francisco, CA.  Her mission is that she “hopes to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their journeys and in this life.”

Julianne has a number of blogs/websites that pertain to all of the services (and books) that she offers, and you will find those linked throughout this blog post and at the end. I HIGHLY recommend her!

I follow all of Julianne’s blogs, but the one I won the Tarot reading on is:

I have been following Julianne  on all of her blogs for a few years now, but my favorite remains, Through The Peacock’s Eyes.

I am not going to post the reading that I won that was sent to me as a video, but suffice it to say it was FABULOUS and SPOT ON, and gave me the encouragement and the impetus I needed for something I hope to be doing mid to late 2016 that is NOT blogging related! (gasp!!!)

As a thank you to Julianne for my amazing reading, I offered to feature her on both of my blogs since she is, along with being everything listed above,  a doggie Mama and a kitty Mama!

One of my favorite things about Through The Peacock’s Eyes are the monthly videos that Julianne unselfishly and painstakingly creates for each and every sign! (They aren’t short either, they are approx 7 minutes per sign and are packed full of info!)  Since Julianne makes such interesting videos, I asked her if she would make a video introducing herself to those of you who may not know her, and she agreed!


Julianne is truly gifted, and I am  in awe of all that she has accomplished and continues to accomplish.

I have provided links below to all the places where you may find and follow Julianne:

Her kitty’s Yoga book (which I also reviewed)

Click to visit

Her dog, Kuruk’s book about his puppy mill rescue & healing journey

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 Animal Reiki & Healing website

For Tarot, Astrology, or Life Coaching
Her Photo Blog



Dog Horoscopes for Sagittarius and Capricorn, December 2014

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Ever wonder what is going on in your dog’s mind when it’s barking after an unseen culprit, hiding in its favorite spot, or letting out a spur of the moment howl? Fortunately some of the unknown can be explained with help from a dog astrology forecast. The stars have a lot to say, and are more than just a pretty light show!

December has a lot of planetary movements in store and there are many unexpected events are on the horizon. Whether they are good or bad is yet to be determined.

The online psychics from Psychic Source are here today to shed more light on what some of the astrological activity this month means for your pet. Since December is the month for Sagittarius and Capricorn, we will focus on canines falling under these signs.

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Sagittarius Dogs

Full of endless energy, these dogs will give you a run for your money. The dog you see running up and down the halls (for seemingly no reason) or playing with the other pets in the house is most likely a Sagittarian. On top of this, they have a tendency to be less than graceful – hopefully you can prevent enough of these accidents before they land themselves in hot water!

Despite all of this, these dogs are full of love – this is all they want from their human counterpart, and they give equal amounts back in return. In houses with kids, their thirst for adventure and fun-loving nature makes for a great complement to the little ones. They also tend to be timid and avoid true confrontation, so while they may sometimes seem intimidating it’s all an act.

What’s in store for Sagittarius Dogs in December?

With Venus in Sagittarius for the first part of the month, you can expect nothing but cheer and love from these dogs. They will want to play more games, go on more adventures, and will also be inclined to better relationships with other humans or animals in the house. Venus is the planet of love – so its presence promotes all of these things, as well as some potential canine-love connections.

The second part of the month will be a bit more understated. Venus will move further along and have less of a passionate effect on these pups. However, their happiness won’t dwindle and they’ll just be a calmer (hopefully) version of themselves in time for the holidays.

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Capricorn Dogs

Capricorn pups seem to contradict Sagittarian ones. They are wise from a young age and can often seem to act older than dogs that are several years their senior. They crave concrete pleasures such as food, their favorite toys, and a comforting pat on the head. And about comfort – Capricorns love it. You’ll usually find them sleeping the day away (while the Sagittarius dog runs by).

However, they are also one of most loyal dogs out of the zodiac signs. Once you gain their trust they will stay by your side for as long as you two are together. Another interesting point is as the years go by, you’ll notice as other signs slow down, Capricorn dogs will almost seem to speed up. It is typically recommended to bring another puppy into the house when your Capricorn dog gets older so he or she will have a playmate to complement the discovery of its own youthful energy.


What’s in store for Capricorn Dogs in December?

The continued presence of Mars from last month will bring the Capricorn further out of its shell and discover new passions, curiosities, and thirst for adventure. After the first part of the month, Venus will begin to also influence these dogs. It will bring about a calmer energy, and it will ignite their desire for affection from others in the house.

However, as the month goes on the presence of Venus may have other consequences. The formation of Venus, Pluto, and Uranus creates a very conflicted energy for the sign in question. And as Venus moves further into Capricorn, this troubling feeling will only increase. The best you can do is to show as much affection as possible to them, and assure them that they still have a place in the household – hopefully that will offset some of the inner turmoil. Be sure to also give them their favorite treats and encourage them to rest. All of the dramatic energy can cause them distress.

Want to know more about what’s in store? The psychics at Psychic Source are available online and by phone to answer any questions you may have about your furry friend for the coming holiday month.


From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment 



Dog Horoscopes:Scorpio and Sagittarius 2014

We can breathe a collective sigh of relief after getting through October. Mercury is no longer in retrograde in November, so we can expect a far less trying month than last. Not only does this bode well for us, but it also provides some relief for our furry canine friends. (Dakota and I sure are happy to read this! October was one BRUTAL month!)

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Psychic Source contacted some talented pet psychics to provide plenty of astrological insights that can help piece together what is in store for our furry housemates. November is the month of Scorpio and Sagittarius, so we will focus on these two sun signs today.

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Scorpio Dogs

If you have a Scorpio dog by your side, you have a companion for life. These pups may appear to be distant at first, but as they grow more comfortable in your home, their devotion will surpass that of many. Deep down, all they want is a steady place to call home with a family unit that loves them.

Once you’ve gained their trust, you will often be surprised at how well they can read you. If you’re feeling off after a long day at work, these pups are most likely to sense it and be there ready to cuddle while you decompress. They know how you’re feeling because of their natural curiosity and need to know what’s going on; don’t be shocked if they wander off on their own investigative adventure, only to show back up hours later as if nothing happened.

What’s in store for Scorpio Dogs in November?

Venus will treat these pups well in November. The planet well be positioned to provide positive and affectionate energy to these typically more passive creatures – you won’t be seeing much of the loner tendencies they often exhibit. They’ll be very interested in anything that comes their way. If we see our first snowfall this month, they will be the first to rush out and run through all of the white powder.

As the month goes on, the positive energy will continue. However, Venus will eventually situate with Jupiter and Uranus – this alignment will focus the joyful energy on more earthly pleasures rather than just an overall feeling of harmony. It would be a good time to stock up on their favorite treats, favorite type of toy, or their favorite type of dog food; this is the time they’ll appreciate it most.

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Sagittarius Dogs

The happy-go-lucky energy displayed by Scorpio dogs this month is the norm for Sagittarius pooches. They have boundless energy and are always ready to play or go on an outdoor adventure. Whether it’s chasing their tail, playing a game of fetch, or just running around outside – this pup has plenty of pent-up energy to burn.

With that being said, Sagittarius dogs need to feel like they are “free” at times. Going to a fenced in area (or not fenced in if your dog is trained and you’re confident he/she won’t run away) and just letting them run around is a liberating and positive experience for this pooch. Just be careful; while they’re off running around, they’re far more prone to accidents and tend to get injured more frequently. Just keep extra close watch on them to help prevent your Sagittarius dog’s abundance of energy from getting the best of him.

What’s in store for Sagittarius Dogs in November?

Unfortunately, Sagittarius dogs aren’t getting as much love from the planets as Scorpio canines – at least in the first part of November. Mercury and Venus will be positioned so that their ability to express sentiment will be hindered. Many signals will get misconstrued and it will leave them frustrated, sad, and lonely. It’s important to be patient with these pups during this time, and be sure to carve out extra time to spend time with them. Whether it be walks in the park, cuddles on the couch, or simply just hanging outside with them – the extra effort won’t go unnoticed.

Fortunately, the tension will be lifted in the second part of November and these pooches will be more able to embrace their normal happy, exuberant feelings. If you can get through the first part of the month, the rest will go very smoothly.

While the cloud of the Mercury retrograde has lifted, there are still always some uncertainties from the planets’ influences. Luckily, you can gain additional insights into what is in store for your furry friend and call a phone psychic or chat with an online psychic from Psychic Source!

From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment 


Dog Horoscopes for Virgo and Libra Pooches-September 2014

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The month of September brings birthdays for dogs born under the signs of Virgo and Libra. Psychic Source consulted top pet psychics to take a look at to the stars to learn a little more about these distinctly different astrological “breeds” and what September has in store for dogs born under these signs.

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 Virgo dogs:

Your Virgo dog is motivated by comfort, routine, and as much affection as you can cram into 24 hours. He probably demands to sleep in your bed, and he’s probably there before you’ve finished brushing your teeth. He probably also hogs the pillow, but Virgo dogs are such sweethearts we find it easy to forgive them anything. Beware the risk of spoiling your Virgo pup, though. Consistency and boundaries are absolutely vital to giving Virgos the sense of safety they need to flourish. Luckily, they love nothing more than pleasing their owners, so a little positive reinforcement and patience are all you need for a well-balanced, happy, trained Virgo doggy.


What’s in store for Virgo dogs in September?

The Sun and Mercury are still strong in Virgo for this month, and they’ll be a solid anchor for your pup whatever the change of season may bring. Your Virgo dog’s self-confidence will be skyrocketing in the next few weeks, so this is a great time to introduce a new experience or a new friend. Hanging out at the dog park as the weather turns crisp is a great way to make the most of this period, with endless opportunities for socialization, training, and especially fun! You may see your Virgo dog stretch herself to new levels of interaction and physical exercise, but she’ll still be checking in with you for reassurance several times a visit: it’s just her way, and you love her for it. The Virgo dog’s confidence in you as the center of the universe is endearing and humbling, and you might find that it makes you grow, too.


Pluto comes into action at the end of the month. (No, we don’t mean the Disney dog, though we have a big soft spot for him, of course.) After being retrograde for a long period, this planet now encourages rebuilding and new beginnings. It’s a time for treating yourself, and no Virgo dog will ever turn that down. This is a great moment to focus on achievement and training by channeling this drive into a few new tricks.

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 Libra dogs:

Libra dogs are charmers who like to keep their sense of playful adventure and love of home and family perfectly in-balance. No matter how many adventures they may have out and about during the day, their hearts belong to their own corner of the couch, their dish of kibble, and their pile of drooly toys. The good news is that, to a dog born under this sign, YOU are ultimately THEIR home, and they will follow you anywhere. This same urge can make Libra dogs prone to possessiveness and jealousy (even though they’re free to beg for belly rubs from anyone and everyone). With this in mind, keep an eye out and nip those tendencies in the bud. For their own sakes, Libra dogs must learn to share: food, toys, and attention are given (and taken away) by your decree, and your decree alone. If it sounds harsh, think again. By taking control of the situation, you give your Libra dog an unshakable sense of security. Knowing that they don’t have to worry or fret about what belongs to whom or what’s fair lets them relax into a blissful state of doggy in-the-moment living.


What’s in store for Libra dogs in September?


The beginning of the month could be a low-energy time for your Libra dog, as Neptune comes into play at the (wagging) tail end of the summer. But this isn’t a time to skimp on walks. Even if he grumbles, your Libra pooch will be better off with his daily dose of exercise, and will probably come back home refreshed and happy.


By the second week of September, Venus, your Libra dog’s ruling planet will be in a very social sector, which will perk up your pup’s desire for doggy play dates. It’s not a bad idea to pile on the snuggles yourself, because this is a time for building up bonds. It’s also a good time to tend to personal maintenance. This is the perfect opportunity to schedule a vet checkup, grooming, nail clipping, a doggy dental appointment, or any of those routine chores we sometimes put off in the lazy summer months. It might also be nice to buy a fun new leash and collar.


The Super Moon’s influence on Libra dogs in September makes it an ideal moment to reflect on long-term goals and projects. For your Libra dog, this could translate as digging all the way under the fence or finally having that sunset showdown with the neighbor’s cat, so pay close attention. Refocusing this energy on more, ahem, positive goals will make you both a lot happier in the end. Libras can be stubborn, but they are easily distracted if you know how. You know how. (Hint: treats. It’s always treats.)


Hope you liked our little online psychic peek into your dog’s future! If you want even more detail or if your pup’s sign wasn’t covered this month, you can call a phone psychic or speak to a pet psychic from Psychic Source for a fully personalized reading!


From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment 




Dog Horoscopes for Leo and Cancer Pooches – August 2014

Last month, Psychic Source consulted top pet psychics to shed (pardon the pun) their astrological insights on dogs born in the month of July. This month, August places the focus on dogs born under the two zodiac signs that crop up this month: Leo and Virgo.

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Want to gain a better understanding of your Leo or Virgo canine companion? Read on to learn more about your pet’s cosmic predisposition, as well as what’s in store for them this month!

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Leo Dogs


Leo dogs are alpha dogs. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. They can be a handful, but with the right owner, Leo dogs blossom into warm, loyal, affectionate family members with a deep trust of humanity. If you can harness their energy by offering them a stimulating environment and a regular training schedule, a Leo dog is one of the most rewarding companions you’ll ever know.


What’s in store for Leo Dogs in August?


As we head into the dog days of summer, your Leo dog is interested in living it up. The sun and Mercury are in retrograde for Leo, which means that the pleasure drive is in overdrive. Leo dogs are never shy about demanding attention, adventures, and treats, but you can expect their already vibrant appetite for life to be even more voracious this month. Pile on the belly rubs and take advantage of this zestful interlude to introduce a few new challenges into your pup’s daily routine. Go for a long hike in a novel location, and maybe even work on a couple of fun new tricks. Just remember to have a pocketful of tasty snacks around to keep your dog’s motivation up. Strong-willed Leos do better with short, engaging sessions instead of grueling marathons.


On the 12th, Venus will enter your dog’s sign, fueling a need for social engagement: time to hit the dog park! As they race around with their friends and burn off excess energy, make sure to call them back at regular intervals to offer cold water: Leo’s don’t always know when enough is enough, and dehydration is a serious issue. To keep things balanced, schedule some chilled one-on-one time to ground and strengthen your bond together.

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Virgo Dogs


Virgo dogs are the cuddly babies of the dog world. No matter how old they may be, there’s always a hint of eternal puppy hiding behind those ears. Virgos are sensitive, comfort-loving creatures, who love soft beds, a constant stream of delicious treats, and endless snuggles on your lap, whether they weigh 10 or 100 lbs. Habit and routine are vital for the Virgo dog, and they depend on you to make sense of their world. Missing a scheduled walk or play session can be devastating, so it’s very important to always keep your “promises”. Virgo dogs live to make you happy, so they thrive on constant training long after they’ve passed their puppy good citizenship test.


What’s in store for Virgo Dogs in August?


This August, your Virgo dog may require even more TLC than usual. Mercury is working on a deep level, which can enhance sensitivities but also offers a special opportunity for growth. Especially if your Virgo is a rescue dog, this may be an important month for healing: long quiet walks, peaceful swimming sessions at the beach, and gentle doggy massage sessions will nurture their hearts and strengthen their trust. Until the 12th, Venus is active in their sign, which means they’ll be looking for extra affection, and more eager than ever to please. Take advantage of the long summer evenings to schedule some quality time to work with your Virgo dog. Mix training with loads of praise and be generous with treats: you might find your relationship climbing to a whole new level, and your pooch could surprise you by learning things you never thought possible.


At the end of the month the Sun will be powerful in Virgo, warming and encouraging your dog’s social and physical expression. It’s a great time to introduce new activities and ramp up the level of exercise in your Virgo dog’s life. Consider joining a flyball, frisbee, or agility club, and watch your dog soar.


Hungry for more? Want to find out what else may be going through your pooch’s mind this August? Chat with a phone psychic or pet psychic from Psychic Source for a more personalized horoscope!

From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment 



Dog Horoscopes: for Leo and Cancer July 2014

At times, deciphering out what is going on in our canine companions’ heads seems to be quite the impossible task. Luckily, the pet psychics at Psychic Source can look to the stars and reveal some insights into our pups’ actions.

dakota fortune teller


Seeing as July is the month for Cancer and Leo dogs, they will focus on the pet horoscopes for dogs born under those signs.


Cancer Dogs

If you have a Cancer dog, you already know that you need to occasionally  walk on eggshells around them – not because they might bite you or are aggressive, but because of their overly sensitive nature. Cancerian dogs are deeply affected by the phases of the moon and depending on the phase, their mood will shift along with the moon. (And sometimes, you just might catch them howling at it!)

Deep down, Cancer dogs really just want to be accepted into your family with love. If you show consistent attention and reassure them of their place in your family, you can throw away those eggshells. Once you have a Cancer dog’s trust you can rest assured that you have one of the most loyal, loving, and affectionate friends you’ll ever know. These canine homebodies will be a permanent fixture in your family’s home.

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What’s in store for Cancer Dogs in July?

Despite these trademark traits, Cancer dogs have been embracing their more adventurous sides for quite a while because of the presence of Jupiter. With the planet-giant leaving Cancer in July, this desire for adventure will subside. Near the middle of July, the presence of Venus in Cancer will bring out Cancerian canines’ sensual side – expect more pleas for petting and jumps on your lap, whatever size dog they may be.

With the itch to explore subsiding, Cancer dogs will be less prone to being stressed out this month. The only time you should be extra cautious is during the full moon, right before the middle of the month. This phase of the moon could potentially make them more susceptible to moodiness.

Leo Dogs

Unlike the coy Cancer dogs, canines born under the sign of the lion are often seen as “leaders of the pack.” Like Cancerian dogs, they also demand plenty of attention from their owners – however to the contrary, they won’t be so passive in their demands. They know what they want and can be a bit finicky and misbehaved if they don’t get it.

Regardless, Leo dogs have just as much love and compassion to give as Cancer dogs. Their demand for attention only comes from a place of love and affection for their owners. However they will need more adventure rather than staying at home as a lap dog. They’ll want to go explore on walks or other adventures. Just be sure to take different paths every so often and to vary up your escapades because Leo dogs despise routine.

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What’s in store for Leo Dogs in July?

Leo dog owners can rejoice this July! The presence of Venus for the first half of the month will positively affect these pups and they’ll be extra affectionate with their owners. In the second half of the month, Jupiter will enter Leo and pave the path for a very positive year. This event will cause Leo dogs to be more successful in their endeavors and generally be in a better, more energized mood.

While the influence of Venus in the first half of the month will lead to more affection, it will also put the Leos’ guard down, leading to lethargy and increased vulnerability and possible bouts of neediness. However, the boost to energy in the second half of the month will help these canines shake that off.

Still want to know more about what is going on with your pup in July? You can always chat with a phone psychic or pet psychic from Psychic Source and get a more in-depth scoop!


From Dakota’s Den:This is a sponsored post. I received compensation to feature it.  I LOVE Psychic Source anyway, (I  have always been interested in psychics and astrology for entertainment purposes),  and it is my pleasure to now have this as a monthly feature!