Help the ASPCA Celebrate their 150th Anniversary! Join their 150 Days of Rescue Campaign! #ASPCA150

Courtesy of the ASPCA

Courtesy of the ASPCA

On Sunday, April 10th,  ASPCA will celebrate its 150th anniversary, and in honor of this important milestone, they are launching 150 Days of Rescue, a nationwide action campaign that seeks to unite the country in making a difference in the lives of homeless and abused animals. Animal lovers are encouraged to visit and pledge their time between April 10 and September 7 to help animals in need, with the goal of reaching 150,000 actions for animals in 150 days. Ways to participate include volunteering at a local shelter, donating, fostering, adopting a shelter pet, etc. Animal lovers who log their good deed will also be given the opportunity to nominate their favorite animal shelter to receive a grant prize of $150,000!



Pet Talk, First Prime-Time Talk Show For Pet Owners will Premier February 19th on the Nat Geo Wild Channel

CALIF.- Co-host, Dr. Courtney Campbell, on set of Pet Talk, airing on Nat Geo WILD. (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland)

CALIF.- Co-host, Dr. Courtney Campbell, on set of Pet Talk, airing on Nat Geo WILD. (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland)

I love talk shows, and watch many of them. I watch ALL types of talk shows! Most are cookie-cutter versions of each other and none of them are dedicated to pets.  Sixty-two percent of households include an animal family member, but there’s never been a prime time talk show devoted to them, until now!  Pet Talk is a weekly series hosted by two veterinarians, a wildlife expert, and a field reporter who provides the latest pet news, advice and fascinating personal stories.

Pet Talk premieres Friday, Feb. 19 at 10 eastern/9 central on Nat Geo WILD.

Enjoy this clip from one of the segments:



Pet Talk covers topics ranging from health and nutrition to behavior and grooming to the latest pet trends and amazing heartfelt animal stories. The hosts  bring their decades of experience to the toughest cases that walk, swim or slither across the studio floor. Each episode is taped in front of a live studio audience who will ask the hosts their own pet questions, and viewers can Skype, tweet, text and e-mail to chime in with comments, questions and stories. Is that not the coolest thing ever? If you are reading this blog, then you LOVE pets! I MUST check out this show and I think you should check it out too!

CALIF.- Hosts, (left to right) David Mizejewski, Dr. Tina Olivieri and Dr. Courtney Campbell, of Pet Talk airing on Nat Geo WILD (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland)

CALIF.- Hosts, (left to right) David Mizejewski, Dr. Tina Olivieri and Dr. Courtney Campbell, of Pet Talk airing on Nat Geo WILD (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland)

In addition to the hosts, Pet Talk will include recurring experts from around the world including animal behaviorists, biologists, grooming specialists, pet food chefs, authors, and animal celebrities who will round out the expert information.

CALIF.- Co-host, Dr. Courtney Campbell, of Pet Talk airing on Nat Geo WILD (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland)

CALIF.- Co-host, Dr. Courtney Campbell, of Pet Talk airing on Nat Geo WILD (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Stewart Volland)

Dr. Campbell is a veterinarian and surgical resident at the Animal Medical Center of Southern California. After receiving his doctorate of veterinary medicine from Tuskegee University, he worked as a general practitioner at the Connecticut Veterinary Center. He received advanced surgical training in Florida and Nevada. Courtney is a regular guest on programs including “The Doctors,” “Home and Family,” “The Real,” “Dueling Doctors,” and he is the featured veterinarian on the YouTube channel, Ask a Vet.



In full disclosure: I was not compensated for sharing info about Pet Talk. After being contacted, I chose to feature it because I felt it would be of interest to my readers.

BlogPaws 2014:Speakers Galore! Meet the Rescues and more!

BlogPaws 2014 speakers

Hi All! Do you believe that it is just a matter of WEEKS until the BlogPaws Conference? I can’t believe it either! The time is flying by!


For the past few years, I have had the pleasure of being the main moderator of the BlogPaws Conference Newbies Group (your go-to source for answers to your pressing Conference questions!)

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There are a number of active discussions taking place now, and I would like to share those links with you:




















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The Petter™ Planner! It’s an organizer, and scrapbook all in one! Give-Away!

I know this is FAR from the first time you have read about this product, but part of the reason you are seeing it being featured so much around the blog-o-sphere is because it is a MUST HAVE! Today we are featuring:

The Petter™

the petter

Let me ask you this, where do you store copies of vet visits, vaccinations, notes from the vet, etc? I am embarrassed to tell you that I have completely ripped and worn out folders that:

I got at the vet when we got Dakota (SEVEN YEARS AGO)

That I received from Petco when Cody was adopted (ALMOST SEVEN YEARS AGO!)

As you can imagine, they are a MESS!

The other day I was looking for paperwork from when Dakota had his Bordetella shot this past February, could I find it? No! Should I have put it in my Petter Planner? YES!

What’s In The Petter? Glad you Asked!


  • Info pages to keep track of important information (like registration numbers, dietary needs, info for pet sitters, etc.) for up to 6 pets—-If you are going to be going to the BlogPaws Conference or ANYWHERE this is a MUST HAVE! (I plan on using mine for BlogPaws, blogging, appointments and countless other things,  every day!
  • Handy pockets to hold papers—that vaccination info that I had been looking for
  • Pet family tree pages
  • Adhesive notepads and page markers — the larger adhesive pad is removable and magnetic
  • Amazing facts and famous quotes about animals—not just cats and dogs either! I saw a quote about whales! Yes, whales!
  • Important dates and holidays for animals–ATTENTION BLOGGERS! I know MANY of us struggle for blogging ideas or when we see someone else post about a  holiday, we sit back with a look of amazement on our faces and say “Why didn’t I know about THAT!?” Well, if you get this planner, YOU WILL! I am planning on keeping my Petter Planner right with my blogging calendars!

Here is a teaser! Did you know that:

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month?

That March 21 is National Puppy Day?

I didn’t either until I had this planner!

Check out the video below that shows you just some of what the Petter™ Planner has!



There are MANY MORE  things I love about The Petter™ Planner and some of them are smack dab right inside of the handy booklet that is inside of the planner. Here you will find resources/websites for:

  • Adopting a Pet
  • Websites for reporting animal cruelty
  • How to Report a Stray or Injured Animal
  • Medical Resources
  • Pet Supplies
  • Traveling With Your Pet

Our kitchen calendar is not only bogged down with info that my husband and I need to keep track of for ourselves, but info for Cody and Dakota. In fact, I am embarrassed to say that I had forgotten to give Dakota his heartworm pill recently because I had FORGOTTEN to write it on the calendar! With  The Petter™ Planner I can record that, his grooming appointments, upcoming vet appointments, Cody’s allergy medicine schedule that he gets a few times a year, and soooooo much more!

This is a TRULY valuable resource for pet parents, pet sitters, pet bloggers, ANYONE who cares for or who has pets! It is a MUST have resource, that is easily transportable, it can be left out right on a counter or table, (yes, it is THAT cute!), imagine having ALL of this info RIGHT AT THE TIPS OF YOUR HUMAN PAWS!!

Today is your lucky day! My friend at The Petter™  is allowing me to have a give-away for my readers who live in the U.S. and Canada!! One lucky person will win their OWN Petter™ Planner! (A $26.99 value! Shipping is included for those who live and order in the U.S.)  Enter on the Rafflecopter below!!! The winner will be announced on March 21st.  Can’t wait that long? Visit The Petter™ Planner online!   GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway







In full disclosure:I was sent The Petter in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own!

Happy New Year-Wordless Wednesday

Courtesy of Hippie Peace Freaks on Facebook

Courtesy of Hippie Peace Freaks on Facebook

Book Review: Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw by Peggy Frezon

How One Woman Finds

Faith and Hope through the

Healing Love of Animals

The majority of the books I have reviewed are  sent to me directly from the publisher, or in some cases from the author themselves.  Often an author will read a review I have done, enjoy it and contact me. Or,  often an author is referred to me from a friend, of a friend of a friend.

In the case of Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw it was a little different.

I was already familiar with author, Peggy Frezon because I am a follower of her blog, Peggy’s Pet Place.  One day. while visiting Peggy’s blog, I  was drawn to the cover of today’s book.  One look and you will know why:

Yes, that is a Sheltie on the cover, and yes after seeing that I approached Peggy asking if I may review her book.  Peggy informed me that the book wasn’t about Shelties at all, regardless, I was intrigued.

I was even more intrigued when upon reading the first few pages I discovered that Peggy had written this book for and about her mother, Luanne.

It is a story about hardship and courage and about how Luanne’s love of animals helped her get through challenges that would break many of us, but somehow through it all Luanne always had hope.

Luanne didn’t just love dogs. She loved chickens, pigs, goats and cats and her experiences with her furry friends will have you smiling and nodding your head in recognition, and yes, you may even shed a tear or two.

One of a number of things that  I loved in this book, was  when Peggy was relaying a story of a hardship that Luanne was being forced to endure,  she would tie the hardship back to an event from Luanne’s childhood, a flash-back if you will, which enables us to understand  how her love of animals in her difficult childhood laid the groundwork for the woman of strength that she would become.

From Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw:

COMFORT: When Luanne was a young girl, she knew a thing or two about instability. Her real mother died when she was three. Her second mother died when she was seven, and her father and her third mother divorced. She’d lived with relatives and strangers. But a dog, now that was one thing that remained constant. Or at least in the beginning, the desire for one.

I am certain that you have had struggles in your own life that your  love of animals helped to see you through. You will find yourself nodding your head, smiling and even shedding a tear as you relate Luanne’s tale of faith and the healing that SHE received from animals to your own life. You will love this story and appreciate how as Peggy states, “Luanne’s story shares how pets can love, comfort and teach us as we take our own journey through life.”

Luanne’s arduous journey will remind you, as I paraphrase what Peggy so perfectly stated: to be grateful for the roof over your head, the pets under your roof and for the healing bond that exists between humans and animals.

Photo courtesty of

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: PEGGY FREZON is the author of the memoir, Dieting with my Dog. An award-winning writer and pet columnist, she is a regular contributor to Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, and staff writer at Be the Change for Animals. She also writes the popular blog Peggy’s Pet Place.

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LATE BREAKING NEWS FROM PEGGY FREZON!! “As a special bonus, If anyone here buys the book, I’d be happy to send you a signed book plate and bookmark. Just leave me a DM on twitter (@peggyfrezon) or Facebook or email peggyfrezon (at) gmail (dot) com. Be sure to say you found me through Dakota’s Den!”