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Click to visit their blog!

Click to visit their blog!

DOG BOOKS:The Airedale Diaries: Animal and Pet Fiction Series by P. J. Erickson

Today I am pleased to present to you:

DIARY of an AIREDALE Volume Two

 Where Airedales Rule and Terrier Tales Abound!

“a dog has the soul of a philosopher” – Plato

I had the pleasure of reviewing Volume One in 2015  and Volume Two is equally as endearing and just down right adorable!

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If you look at the above back and front cover of Volume Two, I have the most INCREDIBLE HONOR of being quoted there!


Meet Alf, an Airedale with attitude and a lot to say as he dishes on the secrets of dogdom. Pet lit with humor and advice for your best furry friend It’s a dog’s life, or is it? This unique series follows the adventures, year by year, of an Airedale Terrier pup whose short idyllic life is turned upside down when he is torn away from home and starts life’s journey, learning about love and kindness, pain and terror, joy and despair.

Watch, each year, as he matures from a cute fur ball to a handsome dog experiencing all of life’s ups and downs from comic to tragic and everything in between.

I thought it would be fun to share some of Alf’s wisdom/thoughts with you that I found to be particularly entertaining. These are thoughts that Alf shares in Volume Two:

HUMANS SNEEZING: if your dog is like Alf and Dakota when Dakota’s Dad sneezes, Dakota loses his mind, when I sneeze, he pays it no mind. Dakota isn’t alone about jumping when his Dad sneezes, here are Alf’s thoughts about sneezing and how it takes a dog by surprise! “The sound humans produce is nearly the same as one we make. Sneezes are involuntary for our species too, but we also blow out a specific blast of air to communicate threat and defense. That’s why an expulsion of air like that bothers us. Your four-legged friend will often make a similar noise during play, except he is not sneezing at all, he is snorting, which tells the other dog this is only a lark, nothing more.  People jump at loud noises too. It’s not so strange.”

ON SWALLOWING PAPER: Get aggravated when you are chasing your dog to grab paper before he rips it to shreds and possibly eats it? I do too…here is what Alf thinks about it: ” I swallow paper as often as I can but most of the time one of my people chases me and yanks it out of my mouth. They invented an out of sight game, I make them chase me and I can squeeze into difficult places, like under tables, where it’s hard for them to grab me before I gulp the evidence. COOL. The more aggravated they are, the better the fun.”

The above are just snippets of some of the Alf’s observations, pondering and wisdom that is sprinkled on every page. You will read about Alf’s adventures and thoughts on a variety of topics, stated in a way that only an intelligent and observant Airedale such as Alf can communicate. Alf proves that in many ways, dogs are smarter than their human companions.

Appropriately Volume Two ends on Alf’s second birthday…..there are MORE volumes to come and I cannot wait.  If you are looking for some fun summer reading Diary of an Airedale Volumes One and Two will NOT disappoint!

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She began her writing career with a mystery/adventure series, The Chase Larsen Adventures. After publishing her first two books, Yokche and Kill Devil, a young puppy came into her home and The Airedale Diaries were born. PJ lives with her family in South Florida and is a member of the National Writers Association. In her spare time she loves to travel locally, seeking out unexplored corners of her adopted state.  VISIT P.J.’S WEBSITE!

In full disclosure:I was not compensated for this review/give-away.  I received a copy of Diary of an Airedale Volume Two in exchange for my always honest review.

Dog Book Review: Diary of an Airedale by P.J. Erickson

It is a most pleasant experience to sit down on a quiet Friday night, cup of coffee, comfy couch, my dog and cat resting comfortably, husband busy on his computer, and proceed to open a book that from the FIRST page you instantly KNOW you are going to love it.

That is how I felt when I began reading:

Cover photo courtesy of Alf's Place. Click to visit his website!!

Cover photo courtesy of Alf’s Place. Click to visit his website!!

On the first page:

“A dog has the soul of a philosopher”—-Plato

I was instantly hooked.  That quote happens to be one of my favorites, and, having minored in Philosophy I am drawn to “deep thinkers” and love to ponder all that encompasses life.

From Diary of an Airedale, a quote by P.J. Erickson:

“for everyone out there who knows what others do not, that the four-legged fur baby in their family has evolved into a thinking, feeling, individual character and is no longer-just a dog.

Diary of an Airedale by P.J. Erickson is told in the voice of “Alf”, (for those of you old enough to remember the TV show of the zany alien named Alf, yep, that is who THIS “Alf” was named after!), who just happens to be the FIRST Airedale to EVER pen (or paw), a journal!!!

Remember that I said I am drawn to “deep thinkers?” Well, that would be Alf! Diary of an Airedale is a journal about Alf’s first year of life, as seen through HIS eyes!  Let me tell you, Alf is one intelligent Airedale. He is sensitive, insightful, funny, as well as FUN. And…this dog can WRITE!!!

Excerpts from a sample chapter:

August 12th A journal? Airedales don’t write journals. Well, of course they don’t. I dictated it. Voice to text software has come a long way. Now it can translate any language, taking us into uncharted areas, like my mind. See, all things are possible. So read on, I have lots to say. Hmm, where to start? Well, the beginning might be a good place.


While narrating Diary of an Airedale, Alf is ever-mindful of his own superior intelligence, he is full of sass and spunk and set out to write his journal in a manner which would do justice to his breed, the distinguished Airedale Terrier tribe. Alf is respectful and mindful of the standards he needs to uphold!

Diary of an Airedale trailer


A puppy’s first year of life is chock full of FIRSTS! From the first memories of their surroundings, to leaving their pack, moving to their new forever home for the FIRST time, their first time learning commands, different foods, making friends, the list goes on and on.

All of these exciting “firsts” are told to us with love and the “soul of a philosopher”, in this case, the “philosopher is Alf.”

About Alf’s pack being broken up from the sample chapter:

“Everyone has to live their own life Alf. Some of your brothers and sisters have already left for their new homes. I’m sad because they went far away and we will never see them again, but it’s the way it has to be. Diane makes sure you all go to loving families who have good homes and enclosed yards, so you shouldn’t be afraid. You should look forward to a new adventure. Your dad and I expect you to carry the Airedale standard with you and make your new family proud.” I stopped talking, horrified at this news – to be taken away from my family to a strange place, so soon. I’d barely had my eyes open long enough to explore this place. This was going to be a bad thing, I knew, despite Mom’s assurances. So I said, “But I’ll be lonely without you and what if there aren’t any other pups to play with and how come you guys get to stay here? I don’t want to go.” Mom explained. “In this matter, we’re the same as a human family. We love you all and don’t want any of you to go and that’s why I’m sad but your dad and I and your uncles and aunts got here the same way.”

To read an interview with Alf after publishing his first journal, click here!!!

Photo courtesy of Alf's Place

Photo courtesy of Alf’s Place

Caption for the above photo:“This is my favorite chair. At least it was until I ate the seat. Now I have to sit on the grass. Bummer. How was I to know?”

Diary of an Airedale is PURE JOY!!

There are many things that I loved about this book, and at the top of my list is, it is BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. There is no bizarre dog “baby talk” (translating to words that are unintelligible). Simply put, Diary of an Airedale is pure, honest, from the heart, charming, full of love and a complete joy to read.

As many of you know, I have easily reviewed at least a 100 books, and Diary of an Airedale ranks right up at the top of the list of books that provided me with sheer enjoyment.

I have to be candid, I enjoyed this book SO MUCH that each time I turned the page, I kept waiting for the book to take a turn for the worse, (as in something horrible happening to make this 200+ page book turn into a tear-jerker), and thankfully, that NEVER happened!

It was completely refreshing, surprising and a most welcome treat to read a book that MADE ME FEEL GOOD!  My ONLY complaint….there are NO PHOTOS in the book. For Alf’s next book:photos please!!!

Photo Courtesy of Alf's Place

Photo Courtesy of Alf’s Place

A WORD FROM ALF: Don’t forget to spread the word to all your Airedale friends. I need to sell lots of copies so I can pay my pack back for some of the money I cost them. Then perhaps they’ll get me a playmate.

Visit Alf on his website and on Facebook!

Ebook edition

Available from your favorite online retailer or just click here.

Price: $2.99

Publication date:  June 21, 2014

 ISBN# 9781310518805

ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON (I have the paperback version)

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IN FULL DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated for this review. I received a copy of Diary of an Airedale by P.J. Erickson in exchange for my honest review.