Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog and Cat Happy and Healthy Around One Another

Having multiple pets is a great way to have a fun and fulfilling household. However, it can be challenging to have pets of different types especially if those pets are a dog and a cat. If you have a dog and a cat at home, fear not. While dogs and cats may not naturally be the easiest of friends, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your furry buddies get along okay, and that they stay safe, healthy and happy around one another. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your dog and cat in great shape under the same roof.

Introduce them Slowly and Safely

The first step to ensuring that your cat and dog live okay in the same space is the introduction. Introduce your cat and dog in a safe, slow and calm way. Make sure your dog is in a space that he cannot escape from, then allow your cat to see, smell and investigate your dog from a separate room. You can allow your cat to go into the dog’s space and investigate him, but you should allow your cat an easy escape if he or she feels threatened or overwhelmed by the dog. This can ensure that he or she doesn’t experience undue anxiety, and that if your dog gets too worked up, it’s easy to de-escalate the situation and calm him or her down.

Hang Out Together With Your Dog on the Leash

After the introduction goes okay, if you’re still uncertain how your dog will react to the cat, spend some time hanging out with the both of them in the same room — but with your dog on a leash. That way, you can control where he or she goes and what he or she can physically do, but he or she can enjoy being in the same space as the cat without a barrier.

Keep the Cat’s Food and Litter Box Somewhere Separate and Safe

Cats are territorial about their food and their litter box. Keep it somewhere where the dog can’t access to ensure your cat  feels like he or she has an escape and that he or she can be safe when eating and going to the bathroom. Consider making a space for your cat that is separated by a baby gate that a dog can’t get over. This isn’t only in your cat’s interest, but your dog’s too. You can stop your dog from eating your cat’s food, which isn’t good for him or her — or from getting into your cat’s litter box and consuming things that can hurt his or her stomach.

Having a dog and cat is a fun way to add love to your family. However, if your dog and cat don’t naturally get along, or you’re worried that there might be tension, fear not. There are some simple steps you can take to protect both animals, and make sure that they help keep your house a place that is thriving, calm, and loving. If you have a particularly challenging animal or you’re worried about how one of your animals might react to a new one being brought into the house, consult your vet during a regular visit — like when to get flea or tick treatment or for heart disease treatment with Vetmedin. If you’re looking for an additional resource that can assist you in heart disease treatment for your dog, look here for how Allivet pet pharmacy can provide more affordable pet medication. Your vet can give you tips about how to best introduce your animals plus you can get more info here for what is normal to expect when they meet a new furry friend.


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