To All “Moms” Biological or Otherwise, YOU Matter! Happy Mother’s Day!

Quite often, some of the best Moms

are NOT biological, and 

they don’t have to be female.

Whomever or whatever it is

that you “mother” unconditionally,

YOU matter, YOU rock

We salute you and thank you!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

And to Dakota’s FIRST Mama…..

It’s National Straw Hat Day!

Happy Straw Hat Day All!!!!!!

In honor of this fun day,

I am recycling an old photo, here ya go!

dakota hayride

Enjoy one of Mom’s most favorite Shirley Temple songs!

Have a pawesome day!

Barks and licks and love,


Get Your HAPPY On!!

dakota spring

It’s That Time!!


A Mother’s Day Selfie!

Dakota for Mothers Day selfie


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National Pet Parents Day & Selfie-Sunday

Hi all! I am happy to pawticipate in Selfie-Sunday!

I have to say this is rather embarrassing, normally I have most of my fur “in place”, but today  I don’t think ANYONE would call me a “Glamour Boy”

dakota selfie for april 26

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cat on my head sunday selfies (1)

To see all of the other GREAT SELFIES!

I also want to wish my “pawrents”

and all of the other  pet “pawrents”

A Happy National Pet Parents Day!!!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota