Mom is the same age as Disneyland and the Mickey Mouse Club



Today’s post is mostly in black and white because when Mom was born there was no such thing as color!!!!!  Mom marches to her own drummer and is pretty darned colorful! Mom’s birthday celebration started this past weekend. What grown woman asks for Jimmy Fallon items on her birthday? MOM that’s who! No expensive jewelry for her…Mom is suffering from the “Peter Pan Syndrome!”  Dad knows Mom awfully well,  he arranged for the Detroit Lions mascot, “Roary” to stop by Mom’s seat this past Sunday….Mom was all about singing the Lions fight song with Roary…….hmmm…maybe she and Roary were responsible for the Lions FIRST win of the season? Only the two of them know for sure.

Mom, Disneyland and the Mickey Mouse Club all debuted the same year………Disneyland is still going strong…….the Mickey Mouse Club? Not so much……all we can say is,



A special day!

anniversary 2015

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

fathers day collage

National Pet Parents Day & Selfie-Sunday

Hi all! I am happy to pawticipate in Selfie-Sunday!

I have to say this is rather embarrassing, normally I have most of my fur “in place”, but today  I don’t think ANYONE would call me a “Glamour Boy”

dakota selfie for april 26

Head on over to:

cat on my head sunday selfies (1)

To see all of the other GREAT SELFIES!

I also want to wish my “pawrents”

and all of the other  pet “pawrents”

A Happy National Pet Parents Day!!!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota

A Poopy Surprise!

Remember on Friday,  I showed you some photos and a video of the nice walk that I took when the weather warmed up a bit?

Well, the walk wasn’t without its mischief!!!

You see, I had already pooped over by our condo so Mom thought I was “poop-free!” She was worried at first when Dad said he couldn’t find a poop bag.  No worries!!! Dad  thought he didn’t have a poop bag, but sure enough, he DID!! ( Even if Dad hadn’t had one on this walk, Dad would have gone back to pick it up. We hate when people in our complex don’t pick up poop!! Mom and Dad are always conscientious about picking up my poop!!)

Hope your Monday isn’t POOPY!!

Barks and licks and love,



Miss Me?

dakota close up March 26 miss me

I figured I would show you a large photo of my face in case you see it turn up on the side of a milk carton.

I haven’t been around lately, no one has blogged here since Monday, that’s inexcusable!

Oh, Mom has her reasons for not helping me:

  • She isn’t feeling well (she has to have a bladder scope in April)
  • She is tired
  • Blah, blah, blah!

She sure has the time to help Cody with HIS blog,  so I don’t buy ANY of her lame excuses!

Anyway…a week or so ago we actually had more “Spring-like” weather here in Michigan and Mom decided to FINALLY pull herself away from Cody’s blog to take ME for a walk with Dad, instead of having Dad walk me on his own! I was STUNNED!

 Sorry that Mom filmed the video in the wrong format (typical!)

I did have a good time and wanted to share some photos with you:

dakota march 2015 for walk peemail

There were all sorts of wonderful smells that had been revealed after having been buried in mountains of snow!

dakota march 2015 for walk tree

I had to be sure there were no evil woofies coming that would disturb my walk. If you remember, I am not always a fan of taking walks, (Mom thinks I secretly think I am a cat. She says she thinks that I think that I don’t have to take walks because Cody never goes out and I idolize Cody. Heck NO I don’t want to be a CAT!!), but lately I must say, I have been enjoying myself!

dakota march 2015 for walk looking at lenny

My Dad was super proud of how much I enjoyed my walk and Mom was too!!


dakota march 2015 for walk

I can’t wait til we go again!!!!

Our weather has become cold again, but Mom said as soon as it gets a little warmer we are going to check out a new park that she found. She just has to be sure they accept woofies! Cross your paws that they do!

Have a great day all!

Barks and licks and love,