World Kindness Day 2017

Halloween is Coming! Get Your “BOO!” on with Mirage Pet Products!

Disclaimer: Mirage Pet Products has sponsored this post.

Oh woofies, kitties and humans! It’s Dakota at the keyboard today and It’s no TRICK! I have TREATS to show you today from our furiends at Mirage Pet Products.  If you follow our blog you probably remember the bow tie that I  was sporting for Labor Day. Well, I got it from Mirage Pet Products!

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Mirage Pet Products features the most darling and affordable products for your pets! They have everything from Collars, Apparel, Toys, Grooming items,  Pet Beds and More! They even have event and holiday themed items!

I was like a Sheltie in the proverbial candy store when I was contacted by Mirage a month or so ago, asking if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products. You should have seen all of the Sheltie-spins that I did! The items I chose to review are featured below:

They are from the Halloween Pet Supplies area. (I also selected the bow tie I mentioned earlier, but obviously that was in a different area). I don’t have photos with me playing with the Candy Corn dog toy (it has a squeaker!!) because Mom said I was “uncooperative” (whatever that means!) that day…but it is a terrific size and is super cute! (I just visited the website and don’t see it there any longer, but they have other Halloween toys that are equally as cute!)

I also chose those two adorable bandanas.  I LOVE that they are “tie-on” bandanas, there are no buckles, etc. They come in size small which is a 14″ x 14″ x 20″ triangle, and size large, which is   a 22″ x 22″ x 31″ triangle. They are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Isn’t that just the cutest? Well, here is another! Since Halloween is right around the corner, Mom and I decided to “spookify” this photo of me wearing my orange bandana.

If you are like me, I don’t enjoy dressing  up for Halloween, but I still want  to look festive. These bandanas suit my needs perfectly!

Ok, so I don’t look thrilled in the photo above but Mom LOVES it! I am wearing my new Pumpkin Smoocher from Mirage Pet Products which is also another great alternative for woofies (or kitties) that don’t enjoy dressing up!

Even Cody got in on the action (he looks THRILLED doesn’t he?) The smoocher comes in various sizes too and is super affordable! It also has another purpose! Mom put it on the front door of our condo with my Sheltie sign!

About Mirage Pet Products:

They are a small, family-owned American workshop/factory that produces nearly 100,000 original products – fun pet apparel, strong dog and cat collars, cute pet toys, and more for everyone’s favorite family members.
Mirage is a socially conscious company, giving back to help with social issues facing our world.  From drilling wells for clean water and working to help increase the population of endangered animals in Africa to assisting in tragedies across the developed world, as well as working with rescues and shelters, they are truly proud of their ability to make the world a better place than it was when we got here.
They manufacture nearly all of their products in the U.S. to maintain high standards of quality in their products and fairness and integrity with their employees.  With a legacy that spans six generations in the pet industry,  they look forward to you purchasing their products to see just how great they are yourself!
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“Victorious” Cleveland Indians Historic 22 Game Winning Streak and Second Straight AL Central Title (Picture Me This Photohunt)

I am beyond excited to take Cody’s place in the  Picture Me This Photohunt for this week. When Cody showed me what the word was,  there was NO WAY I was NOT going to participate! (You can participate too! Be sure to tag your entry with #PMTphotohunt so others can find you. and tag @tonkstail on Instagram & Twitter, @atonkstail on Facebook)

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Those that know my Mom and Dad well know they are BIG baseball and football fans. Dad is a Detroit Tigers fan (and so is Cody since he is a feline), but Mom and I are true to Mom’s original team, The Cleveland Indians. (Mom lived in Cleveland for 35 years and was at the World Series twice when the Indians were there and she was at a number of playoff games. The photo below is when Mom was at the 1995 World Series, she is on the right). Why am I an Indians fan? Because I am one of the BIGGEST “Mama’s Boy” Shelties known to man, THAT’S why!! (and because I know who to kiss up to for extra treats!) 

My Mom is on the right, this was from the World Series in 1995


Well, this week the Cleveland Indians, (affectionately known as “The Tribe” had TWO HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. The first is The Cleveland Indians won 22 CONSECUTIVE GAMES, THE SECOND LONGEST STREAK IN HISTORY AND IT WAS THE LONGEST WINNING STREAK IN AMERICAN LEAGUE HISTORY!!


1. It’s the second longest winning streak in history.

Some say it’s the longest winning streak. But, according to MLB, this is the second-longest winning streak ever.

2. Not many of the 22 wins were close.

More than half the 22 wins were decided by at least four runs. Pretty incredible.

3. Their Pythagorean record was 21-1.

Pythagorean record is a fancy term for expected record based on run differential. That plus-105 run differential equals an expected 21-1 record in those 22 games thanks to all those big blowout wins. There is always going to be some element of luck to a 22-game winning streak, but make no mistake, the Indians straight up dominated for 22 games.

4. The Indians had just one walk-off win.

5. The Indians trailed for only eight innings.

6. They swept two doubleheaders.

7. Cleveland won 15 games in 14 days.

8. The Indians had long home and road winning streaks simultaneously.

9. The fans gave the team a big hand after the streak ended.

To read the rest of these amazing stats visit CBS SPORTS (they listed 22 stats in honor of the Indians historic 22 game winning streak.)





What was once a formality is now official: The Cleveland Indians are the 2017 AL Central champions. Saturday’s win over the Royals (CLE 8, KC 4) combined with the Twins losing to the Blue Jays (TOR 7, MIN 2) clinched Cleveland’s second straight division title.

This is the first time the Indians have won back-to-back division titles since winning five straight from 1995-99. Cleveland clinched a postseason berth earlier this week, so their ticket to the playoffs was already punched.

Mom and I are hopeful that the Cleveland Indians will once again make it to the World Series (they lost to the Chicago Cubs in 2016) and that this time, for the FIRST TIME since 1948, they will WIN!! We have our paws crossed!! “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRIBE!!!”






A Poopy Surprise!

Remember on Friday,  I showed you some photos and a video of the nice walk that I took when the weather warmed up a bit?

Well, the walk wasn’t without its mischief!!!

You see, I had already pooped over by our condo so Mom thought I was “poop-free!” She was worried at first when Dad said he couldn’t find a poop bag.  No worries!!! Dad  thought he didn’t have a poop bag, but sure enough, he DID!! ( Even if Dad hadn’t had one on this walk, Dad would have gone back to pick it up. We hate when people in our complex don’t pick up poop!! Mom and Dad are always conscientious about picking up my poop!!)

Hope your Monday isn’t POOPY!!

Barks and licks and love,



Security Sheltie At Your Service!

Hi all! Boy has it ever been a wild week here at my den!

I have been working my tail off 24-7 to ensure the safety of my pack!

You see we have new neighbors in our condo/apartment building, and not just in one unit, we have them in TWO! The new neighbors are in the unit directly across the hall, and there is yet ANOTHER NEW NEIGHBOR located in the unit that is also across the hall, but  to the right!

There were all sorts of strange smells and sounds that I found to be quite disconcerting!

I had to take my post at the door to make sure that they weren’t evil, and to be assured that they would NOT invade my territory!

dakota by door 1As you can see, I take my job quite seriously!

I never leave my post!

If you look at the photo closely, you will see a number of things:

  •  I am NOT taking my eyes off of the door
  • the metal at the bottom of the door has been bent and torn from when two crazed woofies used to live across the hall. They would drive me crazy and charge at my door multiple times per day! No worries, they have since been removed from the premises (they moved to ANOTHER location!)
  •  If you look at the wood by the side of the door you will notice that the thin strip is a mess! (It also has been replaced numerous times) due to the previously mentioned perpetrators!

Now that the former criminals have moved out, and new people are in the process of moving in, I won’t rest until I am sure that all is ok!

Meet Dakota Sheltie, Super 24-Hour Security!

dakota police dogThey won’t get past me!!!

A dog’s work is NEVER done!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

A Book full of Mischief! Bad Dog, No Biscuit by Anthony Smith and a World-Wide Give-Away!!

Being Mischief Monday, I thought it was the PERFECT day to present a cute and funny cartoon book to you:

Click to visit the Facebook page!

Click to visit the Facebook page!

If we are being honest with ourselves, how many of us have a dog (or dogs), that ALWAYS do as they are told? C’mon, BE HONEST, there are NO perfect pooches out there!!

In Bad Dog, No Biscuit by Anthony Smith, you will chortle (quite possibly OUT LOUD!) when you see basic commands such as:

  • Roll Over
  • Down
  • Fetch
  • Stay
  • Sit

and more  depicted through a DOG’S interpretation of what THEY would like to do when we give them these commands and MORE!

Image courtesy of Souvenir Press

Image courtesy of Souvenir Press

Can you ensure that order and sanity prevails or will the anarchic hound get the upper paw?


Dakota is the type of dog that will do what HE wants to do, WHEN he wants to do it, so I MUST keep this book OUT OF HIS PAWS!!!

The illustrations are bright, bold and fun and were created by Anthony Smith who has worked for Marvel and numerous other comics publishers.

You can visit him on Facebook  and on the Souvenir Press website

You can purchase Bad Dog, No Biscuit and Anthony’s other books on the links below:

Amazon: BUY

Book Depository: BUY

But….Anthony was kind enough to offer my readers A GIVE-AWAY!!!! It is open to EVERY ONE!!! ONE LUCKY WINNER LOCATED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WILL WIN A COPY OF BAD DOG, NO BISCUIT. How? Just leave a comment telling me a command that YOU give that your dog LOVES to disobey!! That’s it! The give-away is open now and will end on Tuesday, January 13th at 5pm EST. The lucky winner will be chosen by and will be announced, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14th! GOOD LUCK!!!


In full disclosure, I was not compensated for this review/give-away…I was sent a copy of Bad Dog, No Biscuit in exchange for my honest review.