Our Favorite Dog Treats/Photos in Honor of “Treats For Lexi Day”

We didn’t know our friend Lexi as long as many others, but we loved her just the same. We were in awe of her many accomplishments, and it deeply saddened us when she crossed the bridge.

Lexi’s boyfriend Noodle, created a special day in honor of Lexi:


Here is what Noodle had to say: 

“Before Lexi passed, she told me that the best way her friends could honor her would be to have their picture taken while eating their favorite treats.

As it was always (and still is) my goal to make her dreams come true, I am declaring Sunday, September 18, 2016, Treats for Lexi Day.”

Dakota and I decided that in honor of Lexi we would share some of our favorite treat photos in honor of Lexi.  We hope you enjoy them.

Zukes Dakota Lil Links Love

Zukes Dakota smiling by Lil Links

We miss you Lexi!

Barks and licks and love,

Dakota and Mom 

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Happy 15th Barkday Sugar!!! #Smile4Sugar


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Ok so Mom thought Sugar’s Barkday
was MONDAY, and we were not prepared
 So, we repeated this video, but you know what?
Click here to visit her!
Happy Happy 15th Sugar!
We love you!
Barks and licks and love,
Dakota and Mom
(and Cody too!!)

Napping For My Sheltie Pal, Bailey

I was super sad to hear the news about my furiend Bailey from  Sheltie Times , and today I wanted to join in the tribute to our sweet friend. Thanks to Christmas at Paw Province for organizing:
Nap For Bailey Badge

Bailey, I am dreaming of you my Sheltie furiend,

be sure to bark super loud in Heaven, ok?

dakota nap for bailey

Bailey, I miss you already.

Barks and licks and love,


Thankful for Poodle Friends!!!

Hi all! It’s Dakota and today I am feeling super thankful!!

You see, back on Friday, May 13th (that would be LUCKY Friday for me!!) Mom and I were pawing around the blogs and we were happy to read that it was the FIRST blogoversary of our new furiends over at the cute Forest Poodles blog!!!

They were having a give-away, you can see the items that were given away in the photo below that Mom stole borrowed from their blog!!

Click on the photo to visit The Forest Poodles blog! Photo Courtesy of The Forest Poodles

Click on the photo to visit The Forest Poodles blog! Photo Courtesy of The Forest Poodles

If you don’t know The Forest Poodles, Teddy is the brown Poodle and D’Art is the black Poodle! Mom and I are so happy to meet them! We love their blog!

Anyway, guess who won the prizes!!! A certain Sheltie did! That Sheltie would be ME!!!!!

prize 1 dakota

I won Yorkshire tea for Mom (according to the Poodle’s Mom this tea is the best of the best!! Mom is excited to try it!), Yummy Chummies treats for me and a cool ball from Planet Dog!!!    I have been wanting one of their balls so badly and now I finally have one! Rumor has it that this ball glows in the dark! So cool!

prize dakota ball

Mom and I are so happy that we won, but we are even happier that we made such nice, new friends!! Thank you so much for our great prizes Teddy, D’Art and your Mom!!!!

prize dakota 2

Oh and Mom and I apologize for our blurry photos and my “schmutz” by my eye….Mom took these photos kinda fast and didn’t clean me up first! BOL!!!!

Be sure to go over and visit The Forest Poodles blog!!    Guess what else? June 1st was the Forest Poodles birthdays!  D’Art turned 12 and Teddy turned 8!!! We wish them the happiest of birthdays!!! 

birthday dakota to send out

Showing Texas Pride For Sweet Whitley!

Hi my furiends!!!! Mom took a moment out of her self-described “blogging funk” to help me with a special post today! We, along with many other blogging furiends, are joining in with Dory, at: 

Click on the photo to visit!

Click on the photo to visit!

To honor our furiend Whitley who went to the Bridge on May 5, 2016:


We miss Whitley and we miss seeing her in all of her beautiful dresses that she was known to model like a pro! We also loved when she would talk about all of the happenings in the great State of Texas where she lived. So, we are helping to honor the life of Sweet Whitley with this photo:

honoring whitley

We hope if she sees this while she is playing with her furiends at the Bridge that she will like it and know that we love her and miss her!

Barks and licks and love,

Dakota and Mom

Saying Good-bye To A Little Dog With a “Texas-Sized” Personality

Mom and I are too sad to go into much detail, but we wanted to express our sympathy and love for the family of sweet Whitley.

Click to visit Whitley's Family

Click the photo to visit Whitley’s Family

We will miss so many things about you sweet Whitley. Your “smile”, how you played “pool ball”, all of the delicious food that you ate, and the stories of your adventures.

Thank you for always making us smile and we send special love to your incredibly strong Mama.

Barks and licks and love, 

Dakota and Mom