The Luck of the Sheltie St.Patrick’s Day

“Feelin’ Groovy!”

Thank you dear furiends for your care and concern when I was at the Vet for my dental a few days ago!  It warms my Sheltie heart!

Do you believe that Mom had the NERVE to take a photo of me afterwards when I was still  in the “Land of Psychedelic Shelties?” She did the SAME thing last year! I think she started some sort of sick new tradition at my expense!  Well, I wouldn’t let her put up the original photo, my nose was all swollen and my eyes didn’t have their normal Sheltie sparkle. I made Mom touch up the photo in Dreamscope to better depict how I TRULY was feeling! Here you go!


Now this isn’t so bad!

The Vet and Vet Tech said I was a super good boy and took everything in stride! They said I am “sweet!!” Well, OF COURSE I am!! “Dr.Smiley”, my usual Vet, didn’t do the dental because he doesn’t clean teeth, one of his equally “smiley” associates did, and she was WONDERFUL!! They all took such good care of me!  I am completely back to my barking self! Thank you all for your kind words to Mom while she was a nervous wreck! You are all “sweet” too!!

Barks and licks and love,



Pawlympics Freestyle Napping Event


Today I am proud to be pawticipating in the Freestyle Napping Event

which is being hosted by:

Click to visit their blog

Click to visit their blog

Here is my entry!!!!!

dakota for freestyle napping black and white

I say it’s gold-medal-worthy, what do you think?

Barks and licks and love,


PS:We wish “The Man” over at Hailey and Zaphod’s a most Happy Birthday!

Discovering My Inner Fox

Hi my friends! It’s Dakota!!! 

A few weeks ago, our dear friend from Crunchkins, Inc. posted this photo on my Mom’s Facebook page:

sheltie or fox

When I saw this, I flashed Mom one of my winning Sheltie smiles!! Why? Because Mom says that often when she looks at me she thinks I resemble a Fox, and I have heard other Sheltie parents say that their Sheltie resembles a Fox as well.

Then, the other day, Mom was excited to find out that she had won a prize over at one of our favorite blogs:



Mom just LOVES the drawings that are on THE FOUR-LEGGED FURBALLS blog, and she was excited to learn that she had won a  drawing of ME and my kitty brother, Cody………she couldn’t have been more thrilled!!!! Take a look at MY drawing!!!

Dakota drawing four legged furballs

Mom LOVES this drawing but she and I had a good laugh!!!! What do you think was the FIRST thing we both thought of when we saw this? You got it!!! Mom thought that I look exactly like a FOX in this drawing!!!  It is a darling drawing and we LOVE IT!


So, what do YOU think? Do you see a Sheltie or a Fox when you look at a Sheltie?

 Do you see a Sheltie or a Fox in the drawing?


Barks and licks and love, Dakota

A Barking Good Time!

We have been experiencing some wonderful and unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan and we try to take advantage of it every chance we get! I filmed this video a few weeks ago during our first warm spell, and I anticipate after the warm week we had last week, that there are many more fun times ahead!

Dakota loves to play fetch with his Dad and loves to bark to tell him when to throw the ball. I apologize that it is a little fuzzy, I was on the balcony of our second floor condo and had to “zoom”…….

May YOU have a BARKING GOOD TIME this weekend as well!

Sheltie Christmas Dreams

A friend of mine on Facebook shared this darling video with me last week and I HAD to share it with you all today!!!

May you all have a blessed and joyous Christmas!!!!! Sending barks and licks and love to each and every one of you!!!!

Dakota and Mom