Back by Popular Demand! The #BLOGPAWS Conference Newbies Group! (The 2014 Edition!!)

blogpaws newbies group 2014

This year I am delighted and honored to have rock star,

 Carol Bryant Writer/Blogger at Pet360Marketing & PR Manager at BlogPaws and CEO & Founder at Fidose of Reality , assisting me with this group, which will enable us to provide the information that you need even faster than before!  If I don’t have an answer to your question, rest assured that Carol and I will sniff out the answer for you faster than you can down a bowl of kibble!

:eft to right: Caren Gittleman and Carol Bryant at the BlogPaws 2013 Conference were we I FINALLY met in person!! Just think of ALL of the people, pets and brands,  that you will FINALLY MEET IN PERSON!

(Left to right: Caren Gittleman and Carol Bryant at the BlogPaws 2013 Conference) Where we FINALLY met in person!! Just think of ALL of the people, pets and brands, that you will FINALLY MEET IN PERSON!


Thursday, May 8, 2014


Saturday, May 10, 2014



Henderson, Nevada, On beautiful Lake Las Vegas (30 minutes from the Strip)

Hotel?  Westin Las Vegas Resort & Spa

Register today: BlogPaws 2014

What can you find out in this Newbies Group?

  • Nervous about attending?
  • Want to know what to bring?
  • What to expect?
  • What to wear?
  • Wondering what you will do for breakfast the first day? Wonder no more!
  • Worried you will have no one to talk to? Get outta here!!

 Don’t be shy, ask away!

We were all Newbies at one time,(I often STILL feel like a Newbie!) and there is nothing more comforting, or to make you feel more prepared, than to have your questions answered BEFORE the Conference begins!

You won’t be deserted AT the Conference either! You can count on that!

Anything to make all of you more comfortable and EXCITED ABOUT BLOGPAWS 2014!

Now, sit back and enjoy some of the conference highlights from 2013!!



ATTENTION BlogPaws Veterans!!! You are welcome to join this group as well to share your experiences with our conference Newbies!


Tuesday Tails:Add a pup to your roster!

October is a fall-fledged sports season!

 It’s also Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog-Month. 


So consider adding a pup to your family roster!  Visit the shelter

dearborn animal shelter logo

view “potential players” on our site, or swing by one of our many off-site events

(like our October 19 & 20 Pet Supplies Plus 2-day adoption event).

heart stealer.jpg

Heart stealer Willie

Willie is a spirited young Jack Russell Terrier who is a new draft pick.  With his swift running style, consider him our Austin Jackson.  Austin steals bases; Willie will steal your heart!


Cato is a Prince

The World Series isn’t the only fall classic.  Meet Cato.  He’s a seasoned veteran at the shelter, but still just a pup who loves being the center of attention.  This burly boy is a “Prince” of a guy and will “Field” all the love you can give him.

These adorable dogs AND MANY OTHERS! can all be viewed on by clicking on their names! Please be sure to share them!

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#BlogPaws Celebrates Senior Pets!

BlogPaws Bliss thanks to Nutrish®-Thankful Thursday

Before I write another word, I want to make it clear that this is NOT a commercial.  At the heart of this blog post is the belief in a brand, as well as the person behind it.

click on the logo to visit the Nutrish website for more deliciousness!

click on the logo to visit the Nutrish website for more deliciousness!

Long before I had Dakota’s blog, he was eating  Nutrish®. Why? Because I have been a fan of Rachael Ray’s from the time her first 30 Minute Meal shows aired on The Food Network. In those first shows she wasn’t the star that she is today. She was, by her own admission, a “home cook” NOT a chef. Her first shows were a tad awkward, she seemed tentative and reserved, a far cry from the bubbly, talk show host, magazine magnate and household word in the kitchen that she is today. What I saw in her then, and what I see and relate to now, was that she was and is REAL. She seems approachable, she drops food  “it isn’t a party until the food falls on the floor” and she burns toast. Yes, she burns toast. Just like you and me.

rachael ray

I knew that she used to test recipes on her first dog, a pit bull named Boo,  in her cozy cabin kitchen in the Adirondacks. She COOKED for her first  dog, she cooks for her current dog, Isaboo,  she cooks for her family. She is a home cook, like ME and like  many of YOU.

I own the majority of her cookbooks, I subscribe to her magazine, I watched nearly every episode of every show she has been on, beginning with  The Food Network and beyond.

Dakota became a part of our family in 2007, Rachael Ray began her dog food company, Nutrish®, in 2008.  As soon as  Nutrish® was available in Michigan, it was served to Dakota. He has eaten it ever since, long before his blog began in 2011.  It is the ONLY dog food that he is served.

Did you know that sales of  Nutrish® goes towards Rachael’s Rescue? Rachael’s Rescue was created for “forgotten pets”, for those that have no one to love them. 

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING better than being given the opportunity of representing a brand that you LEGITIMATELY USE,  that you LEGITIMATELY BUY, you BELIEVE IN THE BRAND, AS WELL AS THEIR PRODUCTS.  Yes! I  AM yelling! I will shout it from the rooftops! Writing blog posts about a brand and products that you love  are not  a chore, you aren’t nervous about what you are going to say, or what the brand will think, why? Because you legitimately LOVE THE PRODUCT. When you love and believe in a product, the rest is gravy, whatever you have to say will come naturally, it comes from the heart, it comes from actually being a regular consumer of the product.

BlogPaws is another love that I first discovered in the fall of 2009. Without BlogPaws I wouldn’t know a thing about blogging. When I first discovered BlogPaws it was to me, a gift from the Gods!

BlogPaws 2013 Alyson and I Nutrish

Imagine my excitement when a brand that I LOVE approached me to be a “brand influencer”, and offered to sponsor my trip to BlogPaws 2013. I felt as if I had come full circle. I was ecstatic. It was a dream come true. I jumped on that opportunity the way Dakota jumps on his Rachael Ray Nutrish soup bones. If I had a tail it would have wagged. I wasn’t just on an airplane flying to BlogPaws, I was floating on air!

I took this from the plane!

I took this from the plane!

Meeting the Nutrish®team at BlogPaws was a true delight! They are just as warm and personable as the wonderful woman behind the brand that we are representing.  Having dinner with them and my fellow blogging friends who were also sponsored,  the night before the official kickoff of BlogPaws, was a treat whose flavor will stay in my mouth forever!  Especially due to the delicious Tiramisu we had for dessert!

BlogPaws 2013 Tiramisu with Nutrish

Without Nutrish® I wouldn’t have met and connected with other bloggers who were sponsored by Nutrish®for BlogPaws. Without Nutrish®I wouldn’t have FINALLY met fellow dog bloggers,  Jodi Stone of Heart Like a Dog, Sugar The Golden Retriever’s Mom, Rosalyn,  Jen from My Brown Newfies,  Carrie from Tales & Tails, Aimee and Chuy from Irresistible Pets,  the list goes on and on, and I apologize for not mentioning everyone!

Chuy of Irresistible Pets

Chuy of Irresistible Pets

Without Nutrish®I wouldn’t have experienced all that there is to experience at BlogPaws from the Professional Product Review session presented by Rose Hamilton (Pet360). Carol Bryant (of  BlogPaws and Pet360) and Jeff Davis.  Nor would I have been able to learn from, and enjoy the  down-to-earth and wise Kimanzi Constable who presented his workshop,  The Key to Marketing with Social Media, which I enjoyed immensely.

Jeff Davis, Carol Bryant and Rose Hamilton

Jeff Davis, Carol Bryant and Rose Hamilton

For those who have stuck around to read this blog-post-turned-into-a-tome, I thank you! If there is a brand that you would love to work with, I am here to tell you it is NOT all about the numbers. It is EVERYTHING about “doing more than is expected” (as I learned in the Professional Product Review session and was thrilled to learn that it  was something that I was already doing), and about partnering with a brand that you truly believe in, that you would use NO MATTER WHAT.

BlogPaws 2013 Dakota at Nutrish

Thank you Nutrish® for your wholesome food, treats, and bones, for making my Sheltie smile, and thank YOU for the honor of representing you at BlogPaws and beyond! YOU ROCK!

#BlogPaws Bound!! Wordless Wednesday

flatpets on luggage


Mom wishes that ALL of you could attend the

BlogPaws Conference!

For those that are, safe travels and see you soon!!

For those that aren’t, in the words of

Mom’s Sponsor for the conference:

rachael ray

Rachael Ray Nutrish

click on the logo to visit the Nutrish website for more deliciousness!

click on the logo to visit the Nutrish website for more deliciousness!

“We’ll see ya when we see ya!!!!”

Stay tuned for my “delish” updates

on Twitter @dakotasheltie

Barks and licks and love,


Thank you #Nutrish!!! Mom will SOON be #BlogPaws Bound!

dakota nutrish 1

dakota nutrish 2

Also, it could EASILY mean