#ThankAVeterinarian on Veterinarian Appreciation Day™

Hi my furiends!!! Along with today being Father’s Day, is also Veterinarian Appreciation Day!!!   I have always loved my Vet and Mom and Dad are super impressed at the way I am the PERFECT GENTLEMAN when I go there!

Cody and Dakota at Vet

Mom thinks the reason I am so good at the Vet comes from the fact that my breeder was a Veterinarian (well, she STILL is!), and Mom thinks I got used to being poked and prodded from puppy hood. Plus, she thinks I got used to the smells that are associated with being at the Vet.

Now I love our Vet because he is an exceptionally kind, caring, compassionate and honest person. Whenever I see him, he speaks to me and touches me in a way that shows nothing but love. I KNOW he loves me and has my best interest at heart, so I am pretty relaxed when I go there. In fact, my Vet says that I “take things in stride” when I go there! Many times since I am groomed at the Vet too, I get a shot on the same day and Mom and Dad aren’t even there when I get it because they know I am fine there and that I completely trust my Vet.

Mom, Dad, Cody and I are grateful to have “Dr.Smiley” as our Vet. There are MANY, MANY times that he has gone above and beyond, returning Mom’s frantic calls,  even when he was on vacation.

Veterinarians are dedicated, caring people and today is the perfect day to show them some love!

Veterinary Appreciation Day collage

If you aren’t as lucky to have a fabulous Veterinarian as we are, check out the  Four Tips To Find The Perfect Veterinarian . 

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


  1. Angel Foley, Pocket and River Song says:

    We appreciate our vets as long as they are not sticking anything up our butts

    • Dakota says:

      your comment made my Mom LOL out loud!!! BOL!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Kismet says:

    You probably can’t wait for “hug your squirrel” day.
    Kismet recently posted…Harness racesMy Profile

  3. Rachel says:

    We have a great vet for the cats (cat-only vet), but we’ve always bounced around for our dog. 🙁 He’s had three back surgeries and we LOVED the neurologist, though. But she wasn’t a regular vet.

  4. Vets are such special doctors. We love our vet too! ♥
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…It’s the 200th Pet Parade Blog HopMy Profile

  5. I’m more with Cody at that front… but I say thank you too that the vet solved my stomach problem…and that she read good things in the recycled food I gave her 3 times :o)

  6. Having a vet that you love and trust is very important. I’m not as happy about seeing my vet as you guys are☺
    Molly the AireGirl recently posted…Happy Father’s DayMy Profile

  7. Emma says:

    My sisters and cat bro Bert love going to the vet. I don’t know what is wrong with them! They are nice people, but I don’t like what they do to me at all!
    Emma recently posted…Our Own Purple Girl Turns Four – The Party!My Profile

  8. Your Dr. Smiley sounds like the best veterinarian around, Dakota!
    The Menagerie Mom recently posted…Box Bonanza!My Profile

  9. We love our vets, too! We’ve been taking our girls to the same vet for 17 years – since Kissy was still with us – and last year he hired a young we vet to work with him who is just as wonderful as he is.
    Shadow and Ducky’s Mom recently posted…Serene SaturdayMy Profile

    • Dakota says:

      You are deeply, deeply blessed! We have been going to “Dr.Smiley” for almost as long as you have been going to your Vet, we are truly blessed, aren’t we?

  10. What a lovely dedication to you vet! He must be so grateful to have a well-behaved smiling Sheltie like yourself as his patient (and Cody too of course)!
    Rachel & Rooney recently posted…Fighting the Flea and Tick Problem with Only Natural PetMy Profile

  11. I love my vet too!! The only thing I don’t like is the cold counter that I have to stand on. Sometimes they have a rubber mat that helps.
    Mia the Pibble recently posted…Sunday Selfies!My Profile

    • Dakota says:

      that counter IS cold! Our Vet only uses that rubber matt for kitties I think. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Jan K says:

    We are lucky too, but mostly lucky that our veterinarian is so patient with our crazy crew! 🙂
    You are such a good boy, Dakota, and it’s so great for you that you don’t mind going there!
    Jan K recently posted…Please Know Where Your Puppies Come From – Puppy Mills are EverywhereMy Profile

  13. Father’s Day AND Vet Appreciation Day together?! Wow…what are the odds that those two besties shared the day. Canine-grats on having the best day and the best vet, Dakota! 💞
    Monika & Sam recently posted…Monday MoaningsMy Profile

  14. You are blessed to have such a great vet. Our vets seem to change a lot at VCA.

  15. we have a wonderful vet too. and not only because he saved bailey’s life. he is the most caring and dedicated vet we’ve ever had. people who love their jobs are better at their job and you can tell he LOVES his job. before bailey came into our lives, we had kibbles. she had so many problems throughout her life and he got her through every one, until cancer took her from us, but she was with us for almost 15 years! i doubt she would have lived half that long with any other vet.
    bailey unleashed recently posted…pawther’s day #dogdadMy Profile

  16. We are very blessed with our Vet. While there are several vets in the town we live in Mom insists on crossing the border to the Vet her parents used and she is amazing. Dog Dad loves the fact there are no stupid questions she treats ever question as something that should be answered. If you asking it it’s because it is something you don’t know and because you care about doing the right thing for your dog. That attitude makes for a much more stress free experience.
    Sheltie Times recently posted…Hello AgainMy Profile

  17. D’Art used to love going to the vet too. Teddy and Luna are a wee bit more anxious, but nothing huge…they just aren’t convinced that it’s just as fun as going to the park!
    Forest Poodles recently posted…Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!My Profile

  18. Definitely, have to thank all the vets in the world – because that’s a very specialized field!!! Taking care of man’s best friend = VERY important!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Have A Slice Of Air-Fried Birthday Cake… With Story Time!My Profile

  19. I am glad you love your vet! I have a good one too:)
    Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles recently posted…Father’s Day, 2017 ~ This Day Will Be Upon Our Hearts ForeverMy Profile

  20. Veterinarians are very special humans who care for us as much as we care for them! Happy to hear that there is a day to celebrate veterinarians! Thanks for sharing your story.

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