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What Is Passover?

The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan, April 10–18, 2017. It commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. It is observed by avoiding leaven, and highlighted by the Seder meals that include four cups of wine, eating matzah and bitter herbs, and retelling the story of the Exodus. In 2017,

In Hebrew it is known as Pesach (which means “to pass over”), because G‑dpassed over the Jewish homes when killing the Egyptian firstborn on the very first Passover eve.

The Passover Story in a Nutshell

After many decades of slavery to the Egyptian pharaohs, during which time the Israelites were subjected to backbreaking labor and unbearable horrors, G‑d saw the people’s distress and sent Moses to Pharaoh with a message: “Send forth My people, so that they may serve Me.” But despite numerous warnings, Pharaoh refused to heed G‑d’s command. G‑d then sent upon Egypt ten devastating plagues, afflicting them and destroying everything from their livestock to their crops.

At the stroke of midnight of 15 Nissan in the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), G‑d visited the last of the ten plagues on the Egyptians, killing all their firstborn. While doing so, G‑d spared the children of Israel, “passing over” their homes—hence the name of the holiday. Pharaoh’s resistance was broken, and he virtually chased his former slaves out of the land. The Israelites left in such a hurry, in fact, that the bread they baked as provisions for the way did not have time to rise. Six hundred thousand adult males, plus many more women and children, left Egypt on that day and began the trek to Mount Sinai and their birth as G‑d’s chosen people.

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  1. Happy Passover!

  2. Happy Pesach, Dakota and Mom!
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  3. Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles says:

    Enjoy all the festivities, Dakota! maybe you can taste test some of those spawsial foods they make fur this time of the calendar.

  4. Happy Passover, Dakota!

    Love and barks
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  5. Chag Pesach Sameach ! and because it is the time to stay united we will have an easter-passover this weekend… the mama bought a challah and we will have latkes together with our common easter food :o)

  6. happy passover, my friend.
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  7. Happy Passover!
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  8. Happy Passover
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Happy Passover, Dakota!

  10. sara, oreo & chewy says:

    Happy Passover! Enjoy those 4 cups of wine 🙂

  11. Will says:

    Happy Passover – hope you get to enjoy with family and friends.
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  12. I hope you have a lovely passover holiday, this is the first time we’ve ever heard the Herbrew term for it from you and someone else. So thanks for teaching us something new! Love Dolly
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  13. Happy Passover.

    Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Dakota. 🙂
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  14. Happy Passover! What an interesting video – thanks for sharing it!
    Cam and Mags

  15. Happy Passover to you, too!!
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  16. Murphy says:

    Happy Passover!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
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  17. Emma says:

    Happy Passover…may the Easter wabbit stop and not pass over your house, though 😉
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  18. Have a blessed Passover!

  19. We are wishing you and your entire family a happy Passover, Dakota!
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  20. Rachel says:

    Happy Passover!

  21. Happy Passover! Hope you are having a lovely holiday. I appreciated reading the story of Passover. I have read it before, but appreciated reading it again. XOXO

  22. Shanna says:

    Happy Passover, and thanks for sharing!
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  23. Happy Passover!
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  24. Happy Passover!
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  25. Although late due to a family emergency, I wanted to wish you Shalom! and Pesach Sameach. Such a lovely video.
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  26. Sharing holiday bunny-love …
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